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Outfit Link up!

Today I'm linking up with Rachel at Suburban Strut for her Outfit Friday link up. 

First of all I have to say that I never thought I would do an outfit linkup - and to be honest it is going a little out of my comfort zone to do it, but I absolutely love Rachel and her blog and her intention behind her blog so I decided to go for it!

I am by no means considered a fashionista (what is a fashionista by the way? Did bloggers make that word up? We need a bloggers dictionary) I have a very normal/basic style and I tend to stay in between the dotted lines - never straying into the "edgy" trends.

Also? I stay simple and affordable. I have expensive taste (what girl doesn't?), but I try and find affordable ways to match that expensive taste. I don't want to spend a ton of money on clothes that I won't wear again next season. It just doesn't make sense to me. Nor to our budget.

Although I would LOVE a pair of Frye boots. I've promised Luke if I got Frye boots I would wear them forever. Even to Eli's graduation if he just gifted me a pair.

We'll see.....

ANYWAYS. All of that to say, I'm not fashionable, I don't wear fancy expensive clothes, but like I talked about in my Masterpiece post I am learning to be confident in who I am, and how I look. Plus I feel like so many outfit posts are people with ridiculously expensive clothes - so I thought it would be fun to show that you can still be cute and stylish and AFFORDABLE. 

Yes to some it seems silly to stand in front of a mirror and take pictures, but Cher on Clueless did it WAY before blogs or Instagram existed. Which obviously means it's normal.

Today I'm sharing two outfits from this week.

The first is an outfit I wore on Sunday. I actually wore white pants after Labor Day which I know is widely accepted these days but I've always been against it. It just seems weird to me. However I thought white pants would go perfectly with this shirt so I did it. And nobody died in the process. 

While wearing my white pants I remembered I have several stains on them from Eli from the last time I wore them. 
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: American Eagle {no longer on site, purchased in summer)

Monday I wore a chevron shirt. I'm a bit late to the whole Chevron fad (per usual) but I love this shirt. It fits great. I ordered it online and was afraid it would be thin but it wasn't at all.

Shirt: Shop Sosie
Pants: Express {no longer on site, purchased in summer}

So those are my two outfits for the week (I wore other outfits but didn't take pics, not ever outfit is mirror photo worthy).

Feel free to join the link up on Rachel's blog!!

Oh and speaking of fashion Kohl's is offering my readers a 10% off code that CAN be combined with any other discount code. This is good through October 24th. Feel free to stack and save!!


  1. You look fabulous! I love that these are outfits anyone can afford as well. All my clothes are bought on the cheap as well!

  2. I love that chevron shirt, very cute on you

  3. Adorable outfits!!! And I'm not sure if you done a post before on how you curl your hair...if you have can you tell me when or if you haven't, would you care to do one?? It's always so cute!!

  4. love both of these tops! i need to work colors and patterns into my wardrobe!!

  5. i love love LOVE that chevron top! .. off to creep it now ;) you look great!

  6. Thanks Megan! You are adorable!!!!


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