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Fall is here!!! (sort of)

Fall is here!!!

Well, if "Fall" means 95+ degree temps, which I don't think it really does, BUT everything else around me is signaling the beginning of fall......

Football, pumpkin spice lattes, yellow grass and trees (which are actually dead from the summer heat but we are going for imagery here), the slight chill in the morning. IT'S HERE!

It makes me want to break out my soup recipes, put on my boots and go on a hayride and sit around a campfire eating hot dogs and roasted marshmallows.

Sounds like heaven.

Side note: I'm thinking of doing a link up for everyone to share soup recipes - but don't know if it's been done too much already. I'm still pondering.....

Another thing that signals the beginning of Fall to me is the new Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog. It is full of the cutest warmers, new fallish and christmasy scents and even new layers products such as hand soaps, lotions and more! I seriously love everything in this catalog!

I always like to show you all the warmer of the month and this one is no exception, how CUTE is this??

I seriously love it, and it's on sale for $27 this month!

If you are interested in this warmer or any of the other warmers visit my website, or if you are like me and like to hold a catalog and flip through the pages email me and I will send you a copy no problem!

What is your favorite signal of the arrival of Fall?? I'm watching football with Luke right now and I'm actually enjoying it.....ask me again in November how I feel about it then. :-)


  1. Football definitely signals the beginning of Fall!! Go ahead and do a linky...I'm wanting some soup recipes but am too lazy to go in search of good ones.

  2. Love that! Where does the wax go though? Maybe in the back and I can't see it. I love my Scentsy Warmer....use it 24/7...the plug-in in the bathroom too!

  3. Cooler temperatures, darker nights, and the return of school.

  4. I l.o.v.e. fall. The shorter days, the colors of the leaves, and comfort food. I'm always looking for soup recipes ;)

  5. I am seriously waiting on those cool morning temps here in Middle Tennessee. It's still pretty hot and humid, even at 6am. But it's coming!!!!!


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