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Eli's First Year Book

 For about the past year I have been working on a first year book for Eli. I actually started a couple of books through various online websites but eventually went with MixBook. They had the best setup for what I was wanting and were BY FAR the most user friendly (in my opinion). I will use them for all of my future photo books.

I made a lot of my book pretty wordy, but I wanted it to serve as a photo/journal book of Eli's first year. I recorded all his monthly milestones as well as funny stories or family happenings throughout the year.

I referenced my blog a lot while putting this book together. Again, another reason I am thankful that I have this ole blog.

I tried to mix up the layouts as best as I could. I didn't want every page to look the same, but I also wanted some sort of uniformity throughout the book.

I've had the book done for awhile, but with it being 109 pages, I knew it would be expensive. I waited until I had a great offer through MixBook (which they have often) and I had enough money set aside to get it.

I finally got it Tuesday of this week and I've looked at it a million times already. Eli sits down with me and looks through it also, which is so sweet.

Then he tries to grab it and throw it and screams when I won't give it to him.

I need to start working on his 2nd book. I haven't taken as many pictures this year, I need to get better about that!

It was a lot of work and time but I am so happy that I made this book. I know we will treasure it.


  1. I love this idea! I need to do one of these!

    Visit my blog! I'm hosting a giveaway!

  2. That's very special, and definitely something he'll appreciate as he gets older.

  3. Can you tell me how much it cost for this size/ length so I can compare to blurb??

    Also here is a tip.
    Shutterfly sends free book codes out a few times per year. Hy are perfect for telling a story of a day or trip and so good for young children. I will blog soon with the ones I just did of a birthday party and a zoo trip. They cost 9 or so de to shipping ehen they are free and then 40 or so otherwise, and really worth the freebie!

  4. Great idea and so much effort that you put in!!
    I think I need to do something similar for my little SJ.

    It is a great memory book for when they grow up x

  5. I wish I were patient enough to put together a book for an entire year!! It looks AMAZING!

  6. I used Mixbook for my wedding album and LOVE it! I also waited for a discount code :o) SO worth the money in the end, though. Eli is so adorable!!

  7. Oh I so need to get started on this for Elyse...we have tried to take at least one picture every single day of her life & we want to make a book out of it.

    I'll definitely check out Mixbook when I get ready to start!

  8. i really want to do something like this for aiden too. except he'll probably be in high school before i get around to it! started doing a blog book for just this year, and yeah, it was ridiculously pricy. but i think its a great idea! yours turned out so good!


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