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Beach Recap Day Two and Three

Continuing my Orange Beach trip recap from here.

Tuesday morning we woke up ready for our second day at the beach!

We got all our approrpitate swim gear on and headed down to our spot.

Eli did SO much better on Tuesday. He played in the sand and really enjoyed his time on the beach which was a relief to me.

We played and tanned and swam (well everyone else I don't like the water) on this day.

After we left the beach we ate some lunch at the condo and then headed to a local pier. We were able to see a lot of sea life (My dad claims he saw a shark, the rest of us were skeptical) and saw a lot of people fishing.

Some of the men fishing caught some BIG fish. We watched one boy reel the fish in and I almost teared up. I have issues.

After the pier we went back to our condo and started furiously getting ready for our family pictures on the beach which I blogged about here.

We then went and had pizza for dinner which is tricky when wearing all white, but we managed to leave the restaruant unstained.

It was another fun day!

Day three we woke up and realized that all of our stuff that we left on the beach had been washed away by the tide. It was completely our own fault for leaving it so close to the shore, and we all thought it was funny. Well maybe everyone but my dad who paid for it.


We hung out in the condo that morning and then went to the beach for awhile, and then went on this neat "dolphin cruise" that my dad had booked for us.

The dolphin cruise was really neat. We got to see a ton of dolphins in the water. Everybody loved it except Eli. This is how he felt about it:

Eli hates his life when he has to wear a life jacket. NOTED

Eli in happier times:

The fam:

Yay for beach trips! I want to go back now. well unless the hurricane is still there.


  1. Eli reminds me SO much of Wyatt!! We were in Gulf Shores all of 2 days before we had to leave because of Isaac so I definitely feel ya on wanting to go back!

  2. OMG...I am still laughing at the picture of Eli on the dolphin cruise. I know it was anything but funny at the time, but you are going to laugh at the pic every time you look at it. Looks like you guys had a wonderful vacation though. I want to steal all your clothes. And accessories.

  3. Aww, so fun! Such cute pics! That first pic of you two is so cute! :) We almost did a dolphin cruise this year but all our poor littles were too sick, maybe next time! And we'll see how they feel about life jackets! ;) I am super impressed that you left a pizza restaurant in white, unstained! ;) Good job, my friend. Good job.


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