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A Good Work Week

 This week has been a great week for all three of my jobs.

First with my part-time job at the University Luke and I graduated from we had a big event that has been in preparation for almost a year now.

In my question post some asked what my job is. I work as a "project coordinator" at a University, so basically I help put together events. The events vary of size and importance and this event was the biggest, most elaborate and most important event I have ever been apart of.

There is something amazing about seeing an event come together. Yes, in the days leading up to it I want to vomit, cry and basically just quit living, but when the event comes to pass and everything goes almost perfectly I stand in awe that WE DID IT. I could get all emotional right now.

 This is me with my super important head set. I felt part important, part ridiculous, and part like an Old Navy employee who needed to get a pair of green skinnies from the back

Everything looked amazing, but I don't feel like my phone pics give the room justice

 We had tables that lit up and all our centerpieces lit up!

We also had light up ice cubes for our specialty drinks. These were definitely the hit of the show. We ordered them from Flashy Blinky Lights. Seriously, that's the name.

The "ice cubes" weren't really ice cubes but looked just like an ice cube and lit up when placed in liquid. They were awesome.

Second, with my Scentsy job, my team number hit the "big" number I needed to become director. I am now a Director with Scentsy Fragrances. I am SO excited. I was hoping I would hit director this fall but I had no idea it would happen this early. Thank you to everyone who is a customer of mine, and to my team. I am thankful for this job (as I ALWAYS say, but it is so true). When I first started I never thought I would make director, it wasn't even on my radar, thankful my radar isn't always correct. Actually it is hardly ever correct.

Thirdly my "job" as a mom. The job that never ends and gets no breaks but is the best job by far.  Because the past two weeks have been SO busy I have been with Eli less than normal which has made me sad, but I knew it was just a temporary thing. And during those two weeks my baby boy has FINALLY started calling me mama. For the past several months I have been dada. And also Luke is dada, so it is nice to finally be called Mama. I love that sound.

So that was my week. I realize it is only Wednesday but it feels like the end of the week to me. I'm ready to rest and spend time with my guys.


  1. Congrats on becoming a Director! What an achievement!

    I laughed out loud that Eli calls you Dada! Ha! My son can say mama but he rarely does. :( I've still never gotten a kiss. No matter what I do. I guess my 19 month old is anti-kissing.

  2. Congrats on all three!!

    The feeling post-event? Yep, I know that feeling. My fun comes about 3/4 of the way through when most crisis-potential situations have passed and we're almost in the "all clear" zone. Then, once it is all over, everyone is gone, and I'm exhausted? That's when I realize, "Holy cow.... I managed to pull that off!!!"

  3. yay for a good work week - and also, you are cute :-)

  4. Congratulations!! What a great week! You look fabulous in that dress by the way

  5. You have such a fun career! Mama, project coordinator, and a scentsy director! Thanks for doing this post! And I love your blue dress! So cute!

  6. You look adorable in your headset! Ha!

    And Lainey calls me dada or baby. Today, she called me mom. And I almost cried.

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