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Outfit Link Up Friday

Time for another outfit link up post with Rachel at Suburban Strut!!

These days I am pretty much a skinny jeans everyday kinda girl. I have a few boot cut jeans but I hardly wear them. To be honest I feel like boot cut jeans make me look bigger and frumpier where skinny jeans seem to be more flattering.

I could be completely wrong, but it's just how I see it when I look through my eyes.

But Sunday I decided to break out the boot cut jeans.

Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Gap
Necklace: Brider Baubles

Monday was the day before our event at work and I knew I would be running around all day so I went for comfy/casual. This is when my black skinny pants come in handy. They are SO comfortable I got them at Old Navy last year before they came out with those skinny jeans that are comparable to paint - they are so dang tight. These have an elastic top and remind me of maternity jeans - minus the heartburn.

Shirt: Gap
Black Skinnies: Old Navy
Shoes: J Crew

I already posted this pic from my event but its the only pic of my outfit I have from Tuesday.

Dress: Gap
Necklace: Ebay
Shoes: Tory Burch
Be sure and link up with Rachel!


Eli's First Year Book

 For about the past year I have been working on a first year book for Eli. I actually started a couple of books through various online websites but eventually went with MixBook. They had the best setup for what I was wanting and were BY FAR the most user friendly (in my opinion). I will use them for all of my future photo books.

I made a lot of my book pretty wordy, but I wanted it to serve as a photo/journal book of Eli's first year. I recorded all his monthly milestones as well as funny stories or family happenings throughout the year.

I referenced my blog a lot while putting this book together. Again, another reason I am thankful that I have this ole blog.

I tried to mix up the layouts as best as I could. I didn't want every page to look the same, but I also wanted some sort of uniformity throughout the book.

I've had the book done for awhile, but with it being 109 pages, I knew it would be expensive. I waited until I had a great offer through MixBook (which they have often) and I had enough money set aside to get it.

I finally got it Tuesday of this week and I've looked at it a million times already. Eli sits down with me and looks through it also, which is so sweet.

Then he tries to grab it and throw it and screams when I won't give it to him.

I need to start working on his 2nd book. I haven't taken as many pictures this year, I need to get better about that!

It was a lot of work and time but I am so happy that I made this book. I know we will treasure it.


A Good Work Week

 This week has been a great week for all three of my jobs.

First with my part-time job at the University Luke and I graduated from we had a big event that has been in preparation for almost a year now.

In my question post some asked what my job is. I work as a "project coordinator" at a University, so basically I help put together events. The events vary of size and importance and this event was the biggest, most elaborate and most important event I have ever been apart of.

There is something amazing about seeing an event come together. Yes, in the days leading up to it I want to vomit, cry and basically just quit living, but when the event comes to pass and everything goes almost perfectly I stand in awe that WE DID IT. I could get all emotional right now.

 This is me with my super important head set. I felt part important, part ridiculous, and part like an Old Navy employee who needed to get a pair of green skinnies from the back

Everything looked amazing, but I don't feel like my phone pics give the room justice

 We had tables that lit up and all our centerpieces lit up!

We also had light up ice cubes for our specialty drinks. These were definitely the hit of the show. We ordered them from Flashy Blinky Lights. Seriously, that's the name.

The "ice cubes" weren't really ice cubes but looked just like an ice cube and lit up when placed in liquid. They were awesome.

Second, with my Scentsy job, my team number hit the "big" number I needed to become director. I am now a Director with Scentsy Fragrances. I am SO excited. I was hoping I would hit director this fall but I had no idea it would happen this early. Thank you to everyone who is a customer of mine, and to my team. I am thankful for this job (as I ALWAYS say, but it is so true). When I first started I never thought I would make director, it wasn't even on my radar, thankful my radar isn't always correct. Actually it is hardly ever correct.

Thirdly my "job" as a mom. The job that never ends and gets no breaks but is the best job by far.  Because the past two weeks have been SO busy I have been with Eli less than normal which has made me sad, but I knew it was just a temporary thing. And during those two weeks my baby boy has FINALLY started calling me mama. For the past several months I have been dada. And also Luke is dada, so it is nice to finally be called Mama. I love that sound.

So that was my week. I realize it is only Wednesday but it feels like the end of the week to me. I'm ready to rest and spend time with my guys.


Ask Away!

Time for a good ole question post.

I am awful, repeat AWFUL about responding to blog comments. I have gotten better but I read them and plan to resopnd and then time gets away and then I forget. Lame I know.

Or I plan to respond and then the person doesn't have their email connected to their blogger name so I can't figure out a way to get a hold of them.

Either way, I figured I would open this post for any questions you may have for me, or may have asked and I didn't answer (real sorry about that by the way).

This is my "Ask me Anything" post!

So go ahead and ask me anything...


Outfit Link up!

Today I'm linking up with Rachel at Suburban Strut for her Outfit Friday link up. 

First of all I have to say that I never thought I would do an outfit linkup - and to be honest it is going a little out of my comfort zone to do it, but I absolutely love Rachel and her blog and her intention behind her blog so I decided to go for it!

I am by no means considered a fashionista (what is a fashionista by the way? Did bloggers make that word up? We need a bloggers dictionary) I have a very normal/basic style and I tend to stay in between the dotted lines - never straying into the "edgy" trends.

Also? I stay simple and affordable. I have expensive taste (what girl doesn't?), but I try and find affordable ways to match that expensive taste. I don't want to spend a ton of money on clothes that I won't wear again next season. It just doesn't make sense to me. Nor to our budget.

Although I would LOVE a pair of Frye boots. I've promised Luke if I got Frye boots I would wear them forever. Even to Eli's graduation if he just gifted me a pair.

We'll see.....

ANYWAYS. All of that to say, I'm not fashionable, I don't wear fancy expensive clothes, but like I talked about in my Masterpiece post I am learning to be confident in who I am, and how I look. Plus I feel like so many outfit posts are people with ridiculously expensive clothes - so I thought it would be fun to show that you can still be cute and stylish and AFFORDABLE. 

Yes to some it seems silly to stand in front of a mirror and take pictures, but Cher on Clueless did it WAY before blogs or Instagram existed. Which obviously means it's normal.

Today I'm sharing two outfits from this week.

The first is an outfit I wore on Sunday. I actually wore white pants after Labor Day which I know is widely accepted these days but I've always been against it. It just seems weird to me. However I thought white pants would go perfectly with this shirt so I did it. And nobody died in the process. 

While wearing my white pants I remembered I have several stains on them from Eli from the last time I wore them. 
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: American Eagle {no longer on site, purchased in summer)

Monday I wore a chevron shirt. I'm a bit late to the whole Chevron fad (per usual) but I love this shirt. It fits great. I ordered it online and was afraid it would be thin but it wasn't at all.

Shirt: Shop Sosie
Pants: Express {no longer on site, purchased in summer}

So those are my two outfits for the week (I wore other outfits but didn't take pics, not ever outfit is mirror photo worthy).

Feel free to join the link up on Rachel's blog!!

Oh and speaking of fashion Kohl's is offering my readers a 10% off code that CAN be combined with any other discount code. This is good through October 24th. Feel free to stack and save!!



One of my favorite verses in the bible is...

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

I am God's masterpiece. You are God's masterpiece. His MASTERPIECE.

I looked up the definition of masterpiece and according to the dictionary a masterpiece is a person's greatest work. Do you know that you are someone's masterpiece? Do you believe it? Do I believe it?

I am not just someone's masterpiece but I am God's masterpiece. He created me. He formed me. He knows me. And yet He still loves me.

Almost everyday I feel undeserving of this love. Not only because of personality traits but also physical traits. How can I be a masterpiece? Between my weird nose, lopsided ears (for real), and tiny eyes I am the farthest thing from a masterpiece.

But that is the beauty of it. No matter how I view myself I AM a masterpiece. No matter what mistakes I make, or issues I develop, or habits that I try and break but always come back to, I am still His masterpiece.

His greatest work.

Created anew in Christ Jesus. His perfect son.

It is unfathomable to me that I am lumped up in that sentence. In that verse. But there I am. And there you are.

I've been focusing on this verse more and more. Just thinking about it. His masterpiece. His masterpiece. And I find myself having more confidence. Not because of some magical power, but because I see myself as I was intended to see myself. As a creation. A person who is called to something bigger than the day in and day out. The comparisons and the self analyzing. The reflection in the mirror and what I think I see.

Through focusing on the verse, the confidence has come. Not because of clothes I wear, or jewelry I buy or what color I decide my hair should be that month, but instead because I choose daily to believe that I am a masterpiece.

And don't get me wrong, I love a great new outfit, or shoes, or styling myself with jewelry and a new hair style...I'm not saying anything is wrong with those things (as long as I don't become obsessed with those things which is a whole other post) but I cannot find my confidence and worth in these items. I must keep my focus on Him and his purpose for me.

I wish I could tell every young woman how much God loves her for her and how she is truly a masterpiece. A masterpiece. A masterpiece.

So this is my attempt...

No matter who you are today, where you are today, what you have done, or who you think you are YOU are God's masterpiece. Repeat it. Believe it. And repeat it again.

I will be doing the same.


How to Cherish Without Being Obsessed

The other day I saw this on instagram and I instantly took a screen shot of this so I would have it in my phone to look at all the time, I really love it:


I love this so much and I kow it is so true. I've never for a second had a problem with cherishing every minute I have with Eli. But really it kinda of makes me sad.

I'm not sure if it's because I know how fast my own childhood went by or because I've watched and heard my mom speak of those years with your babies and how they go by in the blink of an eye, but for whatever reason I went into motherhood with a keen understanding to enjoy every single moment.

But lately I have found myself going overboard. Becoming obsessed with making sure that I cherish every single second with Eli. If he is awake I make myself feel guilty for one second spent looking elsewhere thinking "I only have this day, September 17th, 2012 with him, I don't want to waste it".

Typing that out makes me realize just how crazy those thoughts are, but I do have them and feel them. It's hard for me to go on a date night alone with Luke because I think "what would it hurt if Eli came along" Yes I know Luke and I need our time alone but I feel like we get plenty of it when Eli goes to bed.

And there are times when Eli is going C.R.A.Z.Y in front of me. I'm talking full blown toddler fit, hitting me and screaming and I think "I need to cherish this moment because he won't always throw fits"

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "whoa, now I know why she needs those little blue pills, girlfriend has gone crazy'.

Yes, these are probably crazy thoughts, but admitting it is the first step.

So I'm currently trying to find a balance between wanting to be with my child every waking second and taking in every breathe he breaths (creepy) and just being a regular mom who enjoys every moment.

And honestly, maybe I'm like this because I do work 20 hours a week. So when I'm with Eli I want to enjoy every. single. solitary. moment with him. But I have never regretted working. I feel like it gives us both the time we need. I LOVE that he is at a safe, loving place where he has fun, does way more crafts than I ever would and is probably smarter because of his time there.

But maybe this is the trade-off? Because I work 20 hours a week I become oddly wrapped up in cherishing every moment, so much so that I become a little like that creepy mom in the book I'll Love you Forever.

I hearby commit on this day to not climb into my son's room once he is married with children and rock him while he sleeps.

But the book does make me cry like a teenager girl watching Titanic for the first time.

Basically I just need to find balance. I do not want to quit cherishing every moment with Eli, but I DO want to quit feeling guilty when I don't spend every minute with him.

But even typing that makes me feel guilty.

Can anybody relate to these feelings? Does this get easier with the second one? Do I need to up my meds?

I don't want to muddy my cherished memories with my son with feelings of guilt and worrying that I'm spending enough time with him. I just want to be in the present. Is it possible?


{Re} Organized Linen Closet

I really love a good organizing project.

I am constantly organizing various closets and spaces in our house.   So much so that once I finish a project I'm ready to start the next project even if it is something I have already organized, I figure there is some way I can make I can make it better.

Luke has asked me (in the kindest way possible) "why can't you just leave things where they are?" It's not that I can't leave things where they are, its just that I want to make sure that we are maximizing. every storage space to its greatest capacity in this house.

I love our house, but I HATE that it has no storage space. NONE. We have one linen closet. That is it. No coat closet, no utility closet. Nothing.

So I feel like I am constantly fighting a battle of not having too much junk and clutter and using every storage space possible.

In the process of ensuring we don't have too much junk and clutter I have collected A LOT of Scentsy "stuff". The problem is I need all of this stuff to help run my business.

I've been trying to brainstorm the perfect way to store all my stuff and I think I found the perfect way.....for now.

First I took our only closet, our linen closet, and dumped everything out of it and tried to figure out where these towels and blankets could go to better maximize the space.

I moved the red towels under our guest room bathroom sink. I took the pillows and put them under the bed in our guest room. I always forget about all the wonderful storage space under beds.

I moved the luggage to a far corner in Eli's closet that wasn't being utilized. And moved the blankets to a shelf in his closet also.

Currently I keep all my Scentsy stuff in Eli's closet which wasn't working because I find that I need that stuff the most during his nap time, plus it was at an awkward angle that would work better for stuffed animals and those blankets that aren't used on a daily basis.

So I moved all my scentsy stuff to this closet that is in the hallway and I love it so much more!

I feel like now I'm really maximing the space in this closet.

In the middle shelves I have my tubs with all my various Scentsy needs.

At the bottom I moved this plastic drawer thing that was just taking up space in Eli's closet and filled it with Scentsy related items that needed a home. It fit perfectly in this closet.

I also love that I have extra space to put completed orders that need to be delivered. Usually they just sat on our dining room table but now I have the space for them.

Above the tubs I put my warmers that I keep on hand in case anybody needs a last minute order (or if I want to open one and just keep it for myself)

And above my warmers are my own personal decorations that I use around the house that don't have a home right now.

I am so happy with my new Scentsy closet space. I hope one day we can build a house and build me a whole Scentsy room - but for now the linen closet will do!


Recycling Puppy Tricks

When I was growing up we had the best family dog. Her name was Mitzi and she was a poodle and shih tzu mix. I loved her so much, she was just another member of the family.

When we first got her and she was a very active puppy. Whenever the back door opened she had a habit of running out and running away as fast as she could.

Part of me thinks she was running for fun and to get her active puppy energy out, and the other part of me thinks she was running for her flipping life from my sister who was three at the time and treated our new puppy like it was her personal baby doll.

Poor Mitzi.

We lived in St. Louis at the time of the great (multiple) puppy escape and we had this giant backyard. She would bolt out running up the hill and we would take her box of dog treats and shake it, shake it and pretty soon here would come Mitzi BOLTING out of nowhere. She could hear those puppy treats miles away and it was her call to come back home. It worked every single time.

Fast forward many years later. I am now married and don't have a dog but instead have an active 18 month old who has lots of energy to burn and enjoys the great outdoors. Almost as much as Mitzi did.

Tonight I was having so much trouble getting my active boy inside. We were in the garage and he was going insane. He was screaming, {fake} crying and doing everything in his power to stay outside. I needed to go inside to get dinner in the oven and instead of just picking up the screaming kid and taking him inside I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea.

I ran inside, found a box of Cheez-It's went to the door and shook that box of wonderfully yummy, addicting cheese squares.

Eli quit crying and looked up at me. There was a small moment when I stood shaking the box and Eli stood staring at me that I had an outer body experience and realized that my grand idea was not so grand but was something that worked for my dog, not my CHILD.

Lesson learned. Just because it worked for a puppy does not in fact mean it will work for a child. They are not interchangeable.

Although it did make him stop long enough that I was able to scoop him up and take him inside and give him a graham cracker to keep him distracted, and he stayed quiet long enough to gnaw on it like a bone.

So maybe there are some similarities between a dog and a child...


Weekend Update

This weekend was one of those picture perfect weekends. I have said it before; our lives are not perfect but they are full of perfect moments.

I am so thankful for my life and all the ways God has blessed us and also all the ways he has grown us and taught us.

Friday we did just what I planned on doing. We had Paula Deen Taco Soup with Garlic and Cheese biscuits. We then watched the Shark Tank and just had a good time hanging out at home.

Saturday morning we woke up and decided to try a new donut shop that opened up by our house. It was packed which made me happy, I love to see new family businesses doing well. Eli and I shared a cheese and sausage roll and a chocolate sprinkle donut. Eli loved the donut - go figure.

We then drove around town for a bit. It was rainy and chilly. Perfection.

The rest of the day was spent together. I also ate a lot of leftover Taco Soup. I love that stuff. Add a little cheese and tabasco. YUM.

Sunday was super hero day at church so Eli wore his new batman shirt. I told him to say cheese and this is what he does:

 Luke wore his "super hero" shirt; Rocky. We have to watch that movie EVER SINGLE TIME it is on TV. So annoying. But my boys look cute:

Me and my baby boy at church. I wore a shirt with stars cause I thought it seems to fit the super hero theme. A Wonder Woman outfit seemed a bit inappropriate. 

After Eli's nap we went with Luke to measure some land. We walked around the neighborhood twice which was good exercise. Eli took turns riding in the stroller and walking with dad.

Now I'm eating Nutella and watching some Real Housewives, great ending to a great weekend!


Random of Sorts

I didn't intend to go all week without posting but starting Sunday I started feeling under the weather and it was all downhill after that. After a trip to the doctors office, not getting any better and then a trip to the ER I am finally feeling much better. Thank goodness. So even though I feel like I do these posts waaaay too often, here's a little brain dump:

1. I own a ridiculous amount of boots. Boots are my weakness I love them so much. I got an awesome new pair of boots last weekend and I already want another pair. But see the boots I got are ankle boots and I want a new pair of tall boots. Makes total sense!!! Does anybody have their eye on a pair of cute boots out there? I found a pair I really like at Kohl's but I'm open to options:

2. My new favorite Scentsy scent is Apple Press. It is new this fall and it is AMAZING.

3. I need to know which show you prefer: The View on ABC or The Talk on CBS. Important issues here people.

4. Luke was Mr. Mom while I was sick and he did a fabulous job. Except for cleaning. My house is a pit after my 3 day sabbatical in bed, I'm slowly trying to get it back in shape.

5. My friend Sarah is selling some awesome cosmetic/travel bags that are perfect for Christmas gifts or just perfect for YOU.

6. The high tomorrow is 69. SIXTY NINE. I am so excited to make some Paula Deen Taco Soup, cheddar biscuits and something yummy for dessert. Snuggle on the couch and watch Shark Tank. Sounds like a perfect Friday night.

7. I am really loving Katie Couric's new show. And think maybe it's the new Oprah?

8. Whenever I get Scentsy orders they come with a TON of butcher paper. So today I let Eli color on the paper. I thought it was brilliant until he came to me with his milk and a crayon in hand. It was a nice snack. Also? I'm finding crayon all over my tile. Apparently the tile was more fun to color on than the paper.

9. I should be cleaning

10. I'm excited for fall tv to start back up? Any shows you are looking forward to watching? I'm looking forward to Revenge.


Weekend Update

We had such a great weekend and it actually felt a little bit like fall.

Well just a tiny bit. The high was 84 and we were acting like it was going to be 50 degrees. We are SO ready for Fall....and it's starting to feel that way!

Friday (before the cool front of 84 degrees) I spent the night alone with my iPad. Luke had a music gig so after Eli went to bed he left to play some music and I enjoyed the night with some Velata chocolate, trashy magazines and Dawson's Creek. It was pretty nice, but I was ready for Luke to get home after a couple of hours.

I always think I want alone time and then when I have it I really miss Luke.

Saturday we went to a football game with Luke's family. The weather was just perfect. It did get a little hot later in the afternoon but nothing close to the triple digit temps we have been experiencing.

Hanging at the game:

(Luke's pulled up jeans crack me up, I told him not to wear jeans that he would get hot!)

 Sunday was our normal day of church. Our church is doing a circus type series this month so every Sunday after church there is a fun activity. Today we had a petting zoo. Which would have been fun if Eli wasn't scared of every single animal ever.

Eli tried to put him on a pony for the pony rides and Eli freaked out. We're still working on that animal thing. 

It was a great weekend and we got a taste of fall! I don't know what it is about fall but I anticipate it more than any other season!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


Beach Recap Day Two and Three

Continuing my Orange Beach trip recap from here.

Tuesday morning we woke up ready for our second day at the beach!

We got all our approrpitate swim gear on and headed down to our spot.

Eli did SO much better on Tuesday. He played in the sand and really enjoyed his time on the beach which was a relief to me.

We played and tanned and swam (well everyone else I don't like the water) on this day.

After we left the beach we ate some lunch at the condo and then headed to a local pier. We were able to see a lot of sea life (My dad claims he saw a shark, the rest of us were skeptical) and saw a lot of people fishing.

Some of the men fishing caught some BIG fish. We watched one boy reel the fish in and I almost teared up. I have issues.

After the pier we went back to our condo and started furiously getting ready for our family pictures on the beach which I blogged about here.

We then went and had pizza for dinner which is tricky when wearing all white, but we managed to leave the restaruant unstained.

It was another fun day!

Day three we woke up and realized that all of our stuff that we left on the beach had been washed away by the tide. It was completely our own fault for leaving it so close to the shore, and we all thought it was funny. Well maybe everyone but my dad who paid for it.


We hung out in the condo that morning and then went to the beach for awhile, and then went on this neat "dolphin cruise" that my dad had booked for us.

The dolphin cruise was really neat. We got to see a ton of dolphins in the water. Everybody loved it except Eli. This is how he felt about it:

Eli hates his life when he has to wear a life jacket. NOTED

Eli in happier times:

The fam:

Yay for beach trips! I want to go back now. well unless the hurricane is still there.


Conditon That Hair!

I was recently sent a bottle of Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner to review, and I was extremely excited. I have always been a conditioner girl, and I will admit sometimes I use a little too much conditioner. I try to only put it on the end of of my hair, but sometimes I find myself putting it all throughout my hair just because it makes it so soft.

In the past some conditioners I have used have left my hair feeling all greasy. But I'm happy to say that is not the case with the Dove conditioner. When I use this conditioner I swear my hair feel fuller, and softer without feeling greasy or yucky.

I like to wear my hair both straight and curly (at different times not at the same time) and I've found that when I'm using this conditioner my hair works well either way. If I'm wearing it curly my hair holds the curl and if I'm wearing it straight it stays straight and doesn't go all frizzy on me.

The conditioner is nice and creamy and smells good, an important factor when your hair blows in your face all day in this Oklahoma wind. You want it to smell good!

I'm glad I was able to try this conditioner and that it worked for my hair no matter who I choose to wear it.

How do you typically like to wear your hair? Straight or curly??

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Sometimes it is funny to me how one of the biggest blessings in my life is also something that I feel insecure about and sometimes judged for doing. 

I'm talking about Scentsy and the role that it plays in my life.

Obviously, it is no secret that I am a Scentsy consultant. I have been since 2010 and the way that it has impacted my life has been priceless. I have met some amazing people, I have connected with people I NEVER would have connected with outside that business, I am able to work part time because of my monthly Scentsy pay check and let's not forget I took a FREE vacation thanks to Scentsy.

Yet, I am no fool, I know that for some people any direct sales company comes with a negative stigma. "Pushy sales people" and "pyramid scheme" are some words that come to mind. Believe me before I was in direct sales myself I heard them all.

I know that I am one person and I cannot change every person's point of view, but I wish that people would stop being so negative when it comes to direct sales. I know there are pushy people out there, I know there are people out there who make sure every FB status update is about their business and come across as annoying but why judge an ENTIRE group of people off what these people do?

And yes, as a consultant I make more money the more my team grows, but that does not make it a pyramid scheme. There is a big difference. And if you have a boss don't you think that boss gets paid because of work that you do? Everything is a circle. It all comes back around. I have to work hard every month to ensure that I will get paid that month. It's not a free ride by any means.

I am thankful for every single person who has ever been a customer of mine. Because of my customers I was able to buy maternity clothes when I was pregnant, we were able to purchase all of our Christmas presents last year, we were able to put money into savings when we thought we had none. I'm thankful for good friends who take the time to host a party because they know that it helps me to gain new customers.

I know those things are very "me" centered but I wanted to share my reasons for doing what I do. I do work very hard and put a lot of hours in the week towards my business and my team. And I love every minute of it, I wouldn't be able to put the energy in it and go to parties and be excited about the product if I didn't truly love it. I love encouraging my team mates. I love coming up with creative things to do at parties. I get a thrill out of organizing my business stuff and creating calendars with my events. It just fits me.

I'm really not trying to prove some big point here, I just remember the feeling I had when I first signed up wondering what others would think and how they would judge me and now I'm so glad I didn't care. And there are times that I STILL feel judged by some of my friends for what I do, but I have gotten to a place where I don't care at all. Direct sales is not for everyone and maybe it's not for you, so if you get invited to a party simply RSVP that you won't be going. The end.

I know me saying these things may not change set opinions people have but maybe it is a small glimpse into why I do what I do and why I love it. I first fell in love with the product, and then the company. And I'm a mom and wife who found a way that works for me to bring extra money into our home.

I guess all I really want to say is if you've ever wanted to try something (not just direct sales but anything) but you're afraid of what people will think, stop and think to yourself: WHO CARES.
Go for it. It could be something that changes and enhances your life or it could be something that doesn't work out but you will know that you tried!

And thank you to all my dedicated customers. I truly appreciate every order. 


Fall is here!!! (sort of)

Fall is here!!!

Well, if "Fall" means 95+ degree temps, which I don't think it really does, BUT everything else around me is signaling the beginning of fall......

Football, pumpkin spice lattes, yellow grass and trees (which are actually dead from the summer heat but we are going for imagery here), the slight chill in the morning. IT'S HERE!

It makes me want to break out my soup recipes, put on my boots and go on a hayride and sit around a campfire eating hot dogs and roasted marshmallows.

Sounds like heaven.

Side note: I'm thinking of doing a link up for everyone to share soup recipes - but don't know if it's been done too much already. I'm still pondering.....

Another thing that signals the beginning of Fall to me is the new Fall/Winter Scentsy catalog. It is full of the cutest warmers, new fallish and christmasy scents and even new layers products such as hand soaps, lotions and more! I seriously love everything in this catalog!

I always like to show you all the warmer of the month and this one is no exception, how CUTE is this??

I seriously love it, and it's on sale for $27 this month!

If you are interested in this warmer or any of the other warmers visit my website, or if you are like me and like to hold a catalog and flip through the pages email me and I will send you a copy no problem!

What is your favorite signal of the arrival of Fall?? I'm watching football with Luke right now and I'm actually enjoying it.....ask me again in November how I feel about it then. :-)