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Too many Recipes

Remember that time I was all "Hey I made this really cool and cute menu planner and through its cute magical powers it is going to turn me into a pro menu planner cause it hangs all nice in my laundry room and I will practically be leaping out of my seat to plan meals just to put it on my cute board"?

Well, yeah. That didn't happen.

First summer happened. And summer is insane. We were out of town at some point almost every week, that left no room for menu planning (or so I told myself).

I longed for routine and structure and {ahem} menu planning once again.

And then routine and structure returned and my cute and apparently not so magical menu board sat all lonely in the laundry room. I still didn't menu plan.

I think the problem is I have TOO MANY OPTIONS.

Seriously, between every recipe blog, my own recipe binder, cook books, tweeps tweeting recipes, and then pinterest I am complely overwhelmed. I look at something and think oh I'll make that and then I pin it or print it out and then I do it again about 200 times.

I go to the grocery store with a list and get things I need and then I will come home get on pinterest find another recipe that needs some of those ingredients and with one pin my entire weekly menu is messed up.

So tonight I was having one of those nights where I had a pound of ground beef in the fridge and not one recipe in hand. And not a whole lot of ingredients in the kitchen to use. 

Instead of whipping up some goulash of some sort. I decided to peruse the internet for a recipe. 

I went one of my favorite recipe blogs and found a recipe where I happened to have all the ingredients. Woo too!! Taco Pie, it was amazing! 

Also while searching for possible ingredients to use tonight I came across some Frank's Red Hot Sauce 

WHY do we have this many bottles of hot sauce? WHY? And for the record Luke hates hot sauce. This, my friends, is why it is important to look through pantry/fridge and make a list of what you DO have before you head to the grocery store. 

Has anybody else been hit with the feeling overwhelmed with so many recipes?

Probably not. 

Try the recipe I linked. It's yummy. 


  1. No because we just eat the same stupid things over and over. Nevermind that I have hundreds of recipes. I prefer to hit repeat on the recipe cd. Maybe I am overwhelmed . . .

  2. UGHHHH. Menu planning is the thorn in my side. Seriously, I cannot get it together. I also want to make one of those cute menu planning things but I just can't make myself be dedicated enough. I have a dry erase thing that I've tried to write on, and the last time I wrote on it was around 3 weeks ago. Uggghhhhh.

  3. I've been an uninspired cook as of late. It's all so bleh. I mean, the other night I made mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner. WHAT?! I never make that crap!

    I've been wanting to write down all our fav meals to put into rotation so I don't have to think about it. Then try 1-2 new recipes per month {if that}. When dinner time comes I'm always at a loss for what to make lately. This is why a menu is so important. I'm too tired to figure it out at the end of the day.

  4. I can't remember the last time I made a meal! How's that? :)

    Over 50 hours a week in the office, no children to feed and a busy summer! I'm ready for Fall so I can get back to cooking, baking and my every faithful crockpot!

  5. Ugh, I get SO overwhelmed by too many recipes and options. And the fact that I look up everything NEW every time I cook. Why can't I just save recipes?

    Ugh, meal-planning is stressful.

  6. I agree - meal planning is stressful! I feel like my husband and I have the same conversation every Sunday afternoon. He can't understand why I can't find something to cook out of the piles of magazine clippings, my binder of family recipes and entire shelf full of cook books! I get overwhelmed too!

  7. Sometimes I can come up with a week's worth of recipes with no problem, and other times, it takes me forever! I stare at the computer for far too long and then I end up not jotting down any ideas. To make things easier, I made a recipe spreadsheet in Google Docs, and I also try to limit myself to only looking at a few websites or cookbooks at a time.

  8. I am totally guilty of doing the same thing! I'm horrible at planning and the nights never go as I planned for them to! So, you're not alone.


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