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Random Thoughts

Never too early in the week for random thoughts!!

1. Thank you so much for all of your input yesterday in regards to our pictures. I was really leaning towards picture #3 myself but so many said I should print picture #2. Now I'm really confused. #2 definitely looks more natural but I think we all look better (especially Eli) in #3. Oh decisions decisions.

2. I absolutely hate when I'm not at home and I pull my hair ready to put it in a pony tail and reach for my trusty black pony tail holder that is usually on my right wrist and find that it isn't there!!! AHHHHHH! It drives me crazy. I try and remember to put it on my wrist every single morning even though it may not be the cutest addition to my fashion attire.

3.We recently bought Eli one of those picture book beginner bibles and he LOVES it. We read several stories from it every night and he cries when we put it up - maybe because he knows he is about to have to go to sleep but either way the boy loves the bible. I also love how it leaves out all the murder, adultery, hardcore stuff. And every time we read it I find myself wanting to go read my bible. If you don't read the bible much you really should - there are some great stories in there (among other things).

4. Don't forget if you want to order Scentsy almost all products are 10% off this month (which obviously ends on Friday). Be sure and get your orders in!!

5. I feel like I haven't been blogging as much lately, I need to up my game!

6. I started watching Switched at Birth on Netflix. Anybody watch this? It's pretty good and I think the girl that plays Bay is so cute.

7. I wonder why I don't read anymore? Oh yeah I WATCH DUMB SHOWS ON NETFLIX.

8. Luke and I bought a temporary TV stand when we first got married. I think it was $80 at Target. Four years later we are still using that "temporary" stand! Do you have anything that was supposed to be temporary that turned permanent? I am LONGING for a new TV stand but it is something that will have to wait. It is teaching me patience and that material things do not define my happiness.

9. Only things like lame teen soap operas and Chex Mex Muddy Buddies define my happiness.

10. Oh we haven't talked about Chex Mex Muddy Buddies? ONLY THE BEST SNACK EVER. You're welcome.


  1. I LOVE Switched at Birth. It also happens to start on my birthday this year. You know random factoid for ya and all.

  2. Sounds like my life. I love to read but have been slacking lately due to my addiction to tv shows on netflix. Switched at Birth being one of them. Didn't give my input on pictures previously. Love #2 and #3. I don't think you can go wrong with your beautiful family. And the ponytail holder thing happens to me too. All the time.

  3. Your posts like this just make my day. I feel like I can relate to so many things you write about here on your blog. I love that you are so genuine. :)

    Kelly F.

  4. I love some Muddy Buddies but you know what's just as delicious lately? Plain Chocolate Chex.

  5. I always have to have a ponytail holder on my wrist at all times too... to make sure I'm covered, somedays, you'll find anywhere up to five on my wrist. I can whip up a crazy do if I need to :)

  6. I always have to have a pony tail holder on my wrist at all times too!

  7. Chex Mex muddy buddies???? What have I been missing out on! I need a new tv stand too, but there is always something else that we'd rather spend our money on.

  8. first thing that came to mind after reading #8-

    i thought CJ was going to be temporary! he was my "summer loving" boyfriend that i swore i'd never get serious about...3 years of marriage and one kid later, i guess i'll keep him!

  9. the pony tail thing? makes me nuts if i don't have one on my wrist. absolutely nuts.

    and i to watch too many dumb shows on netflix. major time suck.

  10. Ugh-hate when I can't find a ponytail holder! I liked picture 3 myself. I think for a canvas you want something where you can see all of you really well. I don't think #2 is more natural-how often do y'all really walk like that? ;). It's still cute though!


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