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My New Friend

I honest to goodness might have finally beat my Coca Cola addiction that has been plaguing me.

It has been a year now since I gave up the poison also known as diet coke and in that time SO many symptoms went away that I had been dealing with for awhile - I blame the aspartame found in diet coke.

Since I was no longer drinking diet coke I needed something else in my life to fill the void - so I turned to Coke and all of its 154568 calories. Plus I'm sure we've heard all the talk about how Coke is awful for you, but as long as it didn't have aspartame I was fine with it.

I could listen to stories all day about how Coke was used to get blood of asphalt, or how a penny will dissolve if you leave it in a cup of Coke. Really all I heard was blah blah blah Coke blah blah blah. And then I was thirsty.

But then I started gaining a bit of weight from all the Coke I drank. And we all know ain't nobody happy if mama is gaining weight. Plus I think it made me feel more sluggish and gave me stomach aches. I tried unsuccesfully to quit drinking Coke for a couple of months now, but I think I FINALLY quit.

How did I quit?

Well maybe the answer should be WHY did I quit? Well I found an amazing substitue.

Meet my new friend Zevia

Zevia is a natural soda made from a natural sweetner called Stevia.

I had seen this product in the grocery store but I was SO skeptical, I felt like nothing could replace my love of Coke.

But one day on a whim I decided to try them and I am SO GLAD that I did. So far I have tried the Cola flavor, grape and black cherry.

Does anybody remember Clearly Canadian? That's what these remind me of, but they are much better than just flavored water - they still have that kick that I crave from Coke.

If you've been wanting to try and quit drinking Coke give these a try!

I bought mine at Super Target but according to their website they are sold at variouws places including amazong. Our Super Target only has a few flavors, I wanted to get my hands on all of the flavors.

If you try them or currently like them let me know!!

And P.S. This is NOT a sponosred post, at all.


  1. My husband and I have desperately been trying to find something even close to Clearly Canadian!! We LOVED it growing up! Definitely going to try these :o) Thanks!!

  2. Oh my, definitely going to check them out! Thank you for sharing! I finally stopped drinking DC and switched to regular Coke too, but oh the calories and everything else you said! But same, at least it didn't have artificial sweetener ;) "And then I was thirsty," haha ;)

  3. I am addicted to Dr.Pepper 10. It tastes so yummy! However, I found a coupon for Zevia and now can say that I love Zevia. Artificial sweeteners cause problems for me but because Zevia has stevia it's a better option. My only problem is that I can only find it in one flavor in a little space in the health/organic section of a local store. We don't have a Super Target but I will look on Amazon. Thanks Megan!

  4. Interesting! I'll have to give them a try. What other ingredients are in them?

  5. YAY for you! I do have a slight Dr Pep addiction myself but now that I went off the sugar, I can't exactly have it anymore. But you're right, the aspartame is so bad for people. It's better to have a coke every once in a while than filling yourself with chemicals....yuck. Go you!

  6. Hi! I haven't seen you in so long. Sprouts on 2nd (used to be Sunflower Market) has a ton of flavors. I like the grapefruit.

    Mel Lawrence

  7. Good job!! Once in a while I cave and have one but I feel much better when I dont'.

  8. YUM!!! I definitely have to check this stuff out :-)

  9. I really need to try this! Hubby & I have recently given up any pop (or sweet tea for me) unless we're eating pizza! ha!

    I remember drinking Black Cherry Shasta Soda as a little was my favorite!

  10. Blogger ate my comment so I hope I don't post this twice....

    I saw today they have a bunch of flavors at Sprouts/Sunflower market (and they even have them in the refrigerated section! yay for drinks on the go!)

    I grabbed a black cherry since I'd just seen your post, can't wait to try it!

  11. Does the cola flavor actually taste like Coke? I'm addicted too!


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