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Leaving the Beach

We just got back from an amazing four days at the beach with my family.

Sunday we loaded up in our car and drove 14 hours to Orange Beach where we met my family for lots of fun in the sun.

It was a random trip, my parents called me last month and said they were putting this together would we want to go? I of course knew I wanted to go but with it being so close to the beginning of the school year for Luke I didn't know if we could get it to work.

But after lots of thinking it through we decided to go for it, so we did and it was a blast!

I took my laptop planning on writing some blog posts and working on Scentsy stuff but I never touched it.

I took some books for entertainment, spiritual growth and my Scentsy business and didn't pick one of them up.

I was too busy laughing with my family, eating, chasing Eli, or just enjoying the scenery.

And now after 14 MORE hours in the car we are back home and I am unpacking and I'm sad.

I HATE that post vacation feeling. Vacation can't last forever - and if it did then it wouldn't be special but it is so hard to leave.

I already miss my family, sure we fought and got on each other's nerves all living together in one condo  for the week but the moment I'm away from them I miss those times.

I keep laughing out loud thinking about the various funny things that happened. I might be biased but I think the people in my family are some of the funniest people ever. That's a big statement!

I'm sure I will be in a bit of a post-vacation funk today, but I will remember to be thankful for the memories we made. It was great!

My little family on the beach.

Lots more beach pictures to come....


  1. Stop it now...look at Eli's face! He is so cute and precious. We are leaving the beach tomorrow. There is nothing that says FULL TIME JOB than taking your baby to the beach. Hope you had fun :)

  2. great family snap. loving the new look of the blog!

  3. Love Eli's head tilt in tbe pic. Super cute.

  4. so glad you had a great time...I'm counting down the days until we get to head to the beach with my family!

  5. Oh, that boy of yours...look how sweet he is with his little head tilt and smile! :) I am jealous of all beach pictures because we are still. waiting. to. go. on. vacation. I'm glad you had a good time!

  6. I had the same feeling when we got back from vacation last week. Wish time would stand still sometimes :)

  7. OH MY GOSH. Great picture! Eli is too cute for words!!!

  8. Eli looks way too cute in that picture!

  9. Eli's face is THE SWEETEST in this picture! Glad you had fun!

  10. Oh my cuteness, I LOVE that picture of y'all! Eli's little face is just perfect!!!

  11. I love Eli's face in that picture!

  12. Oh my goodness, LOVE that lil surfer boy's FACE!! What a sweet expression!

  13. I hate coming home from vacation :( I stay in the biggest funk for a week at least. I'm super fun when that happens.


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