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I Quit Reading

When I was a young girl I fell in love with reading.

In fact, still to this day I pride myself in the fact that I was in the BLUE reading group in first grade. That was the top group.

I tend to block out the fact that I was in the red math group. That was the lowest group.

My love for reading only grew as time went on. I would finish books at record speed, not because I would race through them just to finish them, but I would race through them because I wanted to know what was going to happen. It would be so hard to pause from this world that I had my nose in and go back to the regular world.

My senior year my best friend and I would just sit and read books together. Maybe not our coolest moments of life but it was sure entertaining to us!

Throughout college my love affair with reading continued. The library was my friend and I read like a fool.

But now I am sad, because somewhere, somehow, I have lost my love for reading.

It might be that life is obviously much busier than it was when I was a young girl and in college, but there are plenty of times that I have spare time and I use it to waste time on the internet.

I blame my reading loss on the internet It seems like I spend my free time on the internet Whether it is for entrainment or I am working, after Eli goes to bed I usually spend all of my time until bedtime on the internet.

And I miss reading. I miss it a lot.

So last week I set a schedule for myself at 10:00 I would turn off ALL technology. That meant no TV, no internet, no texting, nothing after 10. Monday night I did amazing. At 10:00 I closed up shop and opened my book.

And that was the only night I stuck to it. Self control is not my finest attribute.

But I need to have grace on myself and give myself a second chance.

So on Monday I will begin again with my no technology past 10 rule. I REALY want to start reading again.

I started the Voice in the Wind series by Francine Rivers, and I love it, I just never read. It's so weird. WHY would I not do something that I love?

Is the internet/being busy stealing anybody else's reading time? How do you combat this?

I'm hoping to get into reading again, and if I do I may need book suggestions!


  1. I LOVE that series by Francine Rivers!! I would definitely recommend any of her books

  2. I read while I work out and I read while in the car (Steve is driving, I'm not advocating reading and driving) and I read on my lunch at work. I go through 1-3 books a week. I basically work to pay for books! :)

  3. I have this problem too.. internet..a toddler.. and a household to run.. i don't read as much as I should. I found that reading on a tablet doesn't work for me because then I get tempted by the internet. I still buy old fashioned books. A part of our day with my little man I make sure he plays independently where he can't use technology, tv, etc and play on his own. I sneak in a a chapter or two at a time.

  4. It's so hard because the internet gives you instant gratification - whether tweets or comments or whatever. The "reward" for reading comes later - and it does take time.

    Plus, I sometimes feel like blogging consistently is a job - a deadline, something that I want to do but also HAVE to do... so doing it feels productive, whereas reading is purely for pleasure.

    Either way, love your 10 PM cutoff idea. I'm breaking it right now :)

  5. I have a hard time making myself start a book because I never want to stop and put it down. It's so much easier to stop and put down/stp away from the Internet/blogs.

  6. Working full time and taking care of Miss G when I'm not at work has put the kabosh on my reading, so I've recently started a routine (which I'm not following tonight--boo!) where I go to bed at 9:30, read for 30 minutes, and turn off the light at 10. That ensures I get 30 good minutes of reading in a day, which is enough to keep me satisfied for now.

  7. I read 3-4 books per week on my Kindle and I freaking LOVE it. It is easier on a kindle. I don't know why. Maybe it's kind of fun thinking I'm reading on a super cool device. Plus it is easier to read in bed. No page turning. No awkward position to sit in. Easy. I like this.

    I usually go to bed around 9:30-10pm and open up my book in bed. I'll read for an hour or so. If the book is good then I'll read during the baby's nap!

    Good luck with your new routine! I hope you read many good books! You need a super duper awesome book to help you get into your routine. Something you can't wait to keep reading.

  8. I am the same! I used to read all the time and I miss it a lot. I tend to blame my lack of reading on becoming a Mummy but actually I think I could make a better effort.

  9. wow - you always remind me to be intentional with my time! I too adore reading & seeing what books others are reading is so interesting to me! I'm currently trying to read the 2nd book in Deborah Harkness' trilogy.

  10. My solution for not having enough time to read (basically the internet being so distracting) is audiobooks. I love them! I listen to them in the car when driving/commuting to work. I get them free from the library and put them on my phone. Most libraries have free 'rentals' online.

  11. I am the same way! I will waste hours and hours on the internet or watching TV (but mostly on the internet) when I should be reading or sleeping! And I am right there with you about the whole self control thing. :/ It's frustrating.

    One of the first things I try to do is pray for self control. That seems to get my head in the right place. Then I try to only spend the amount of time something takes on it. (Does that make sense?) Like, I read the latest blog post and comment, then move on instead of reading the archives. But I think your 10:00 "curfew" is a great idea and something I've tried before. I don't always stick with it, but there's always tomorrow!

    Um, longest comment ever! Sorry!

  12. I could have written this post! I have even had the idea to cut myself off from technology at a certain time so I can get a chance to read, and I have yet to do it. Maybe I will start tonight! Good luck!

  13. What a great idea! Ironically, I blame college for the fact that I don't read as much anymore -- with all the required reading for my classes, I fell out of the habit of reading books that I chose and enjoyed. Today, while I still love getting lost in a great book, I often find myself choosing facebook, twitter, or other mindless social media since I rarely have more than a few minutes free here and there. I love your idea of setting a time at night to "unplug" though -- I'm definitely going to try this!

  14. I'm having the same problem, and I'm trying to read more often. It's hard though, and I have a similar problem with self control. Not just with reading but with all kinds of things...from working out, eating healthy, saving money, finances, etc.

  15. I, too, read during my lunch break. I just finished 'Mrs. Kennedy & Me' and it was fantastic! Best of luck tonight! Stay strong!

  16. the iphone totally steals time, including reading time! but, if you make yourself put it down, it's even harder to put down a good book! I listen to books on tape while I run/workout. I also try to read in the car if we're on a trip and hubby is driving. of course, this is life without a kid! So i bet it's harder for you to find the time. book recs... depends on your interests, but definitely get on if you're not already, it's a great way to see what others are reading and make your list.

  17. I'm not good at self control either. Doh! So, I wouldn't be a good friend to keep you reading-accountable. Haha!

    I have a theory that if you are reading the right book, you will MAKE time to read it.

    I recommend, anything by Francine Rivers, ESPECIALLY the Mark of the Lion series. You NEED to read that series. I just read Ruth and Rahab by her, which are retellings of the bible stories, and I wasn't super psyched about them beforehand, but I absolutely loved them both.

    Blink and the Circle Series by Ted Dekker are awesome, and Blink is one of those NEED to read kinda books ;)

    Those are all Christian fiction I know realize, haha, I don't only read Christian fiction, but they are encouraging. And I promise, it's good literature. Divergent and the Hunger Games are awesome... but I feel like you've probably read those, most have.

    Anyhoo, there's SO much out there that you will find you make time for. I'm always happy to suggest more! Happy reading!


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