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Beach Trip Day One

**Thank you so much to everyone who commented on  yesterday's post. I love this community and I'm thankful that we can share our stories, relate to one another and help each other. If you feel more comfortable emailing me instead of commenting please feel free to do so!** 

Time to start recapping our beach trip. I hate to do this because these pictures make me LONG for the beach - but I also want to record all the memories. I can't believe this time last week I was soaking up the rays on the beach (well as much as you can with SPF 70 on while wearing a hat and sitting under an umbrella).

Because our beach trip was so quickly planned Luke didn't have time to find someone to fill in for him at church, so Saturday night I worked all day to get everything packed and set aside to be loaded up on Sunday to leave directly after church.

Sunday we went to church just like normal but instead of standing around and talking for about an hour and a half like normal we bolted out of church and headed home I got Eli fed and put us in our "riding in the car" clothes. Then I made sandwiches for me and Luke and put all our luggage and bags in the car.

Luke got home, changed clothes and we hit the road for our 14 hour car ride.

I had a bag of snacks ready to go and then a bag of diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream and a themometer just for safe measure.

Eli did well almost the entire trip. He had moments of screaming for absolutely no reason (see video below) but other than that he was good.

I also kept a stash of snacks in his cup holder for easy access.

We arrived at Orange Beach, Alabama around 3:30am where my dad was waiting to help us with our bags. We got in our condo, set up Eli's pack and play and went to sleep, all the while praying Eli would sleep in.

Eli woke up at 7:00 ready for the day. My mom woke up and offered to stay up with him but Luke and I were already awake and ready for the day. So after breakfast we went to the beach for our first day.

And then Eli started hating his life.

The sun was too bright, his hat got on his nerves, he didn't like the feel of the sand, and the water bothered him. I spent a lot of my time that day worried that he was going to hate the beach his whole trip but thankfully he warmed up to the sand and sun, but never the water.

It was such a fun day!

We had such a good setup on the beach. Two big umbrellas, chairs, a tiny chair for the baby boys and some layout mats.

After spending the morning on the beach we went back to our room cleaned up and then went to Lamber'ts for linner (lunch+dinner). I love this place. We've eaten at the Springfield location many times. If you've never been you should go. It is famous for being the "home of the throwed rolls" and it is just downright delicious.

We then ventured to the outlet malls for a bit of shopping.

We had so much fun that first day and went to bed early in anticipation of another full day!


  1. Aww, that video is so cute! And so are all the pics! Love how happy your sweet smile is!

  2. how eli is lunging for the food in the restaurant pic. he knows what's up.


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