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Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts going around in my head....that's always scary.
1. I am so excited that the new season of Big Brother has officially started. Every year I'm afraid that I'm not going to like the new people and then by the end I equally love and hate them. It is amazing the amount of dislike I can feel for people I don't even know but watch on TV. Any other BB fans?
2. Remember when I was doing "flashback Fridays" on my blog? That didn't last long. I need to quit committing to things on my blog because I either lose interest or forget (menu Monday anyone?)
3. I've had an Instagram account for awhile now, but only recently discovered that EVERYBODY can see those pics that I edit on there. I had no idea I thought it was just a picture editing program. Good thing I didn't put any nakey pics on there, not that I would ever take nakey pics I've had a baby remember? But if you are on Instagram you can find me on there: MeganTree
4. I'm in full planning session for my Scentsy business in the fall. It is always such a crazy time but I love getting prepared and organizing everything and getting all my "ducks in a row" if you will. It makes me so happy. OCD much?
5.  I need new running shoes but I would rather spend the money I do have on cute clothes and not running shoes. Dilemma.

6. I could eat a box of Lucky Charms in one sitting. This is why I need to get new running shoes. 

7. I can't decide which house chore I hate more, cleaning toilets or ironing. It could be a tie.

8. I saw a sneak peak of my new blog design today and I am getting so excited!!!

9. We have been talking about getting rid of cable for two years now and I think we are really going to pull the plug this time. I'm scared. How will the housewives survive without me watching their every move??

10. I'm really excited about the new Batman movie coming out. Does that make me less girly?


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  2. Just go for it on cutting the cable!!! It will be an adjustment but after a few weeks you will wonder how you ever had time to even watch TV! We havent had it for a few years now (I never had it growing up and only had it for a few years in college - dorm and then a year or so after). For football season, we can get all of the games online and then we have a cord that runs from our computer to our TV so we can watch it on TV. I can find anything I want on the computer so that is good if I HAVE to see something. Between Netflix, XBox and other stuff out there, if you have to have tv connections you can do it without cable! Its a great not having it and we save lots of money!

  3. I LOVE Big Brother...and I feel the same way about the people on takes me a few episodes to decide if I like/love/can't stand them. AND...I'm excited about this Fall and Scentsy too!! Can't wait!!

  4. Batman is for cool chicks. You're safe.

    We've been talking about getting rid of cable too. You can catch episodes online the day after they air on their respective channels website.

    I'll clean your toilets if you do my dishes.

  5. Getting rid of cable?! Yikes, this is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

    Also, I need a new blog design. And my regular blog designer just had a baby, so I'm screwed. Hmm, tough decisions ahead.

  6. Ironing wins in my house as the worst chore ever!

  7. I promise, getting rid of cable isn't that bad! We got rid of it a month after our wedding, and you really get used to it. We still have Netflix and we can hook up our laptop to the tv, so we can watch hulu through that.

    Also...lucky charms....I am totally and completely obsessed these days. I eat a giant bowl (or two) every morning.

  8. Get rid of the cable! We did it two months ago and are saving $80 a month. It was weird at first, but now I feel like I have a lot more time. Good luck!

  9. Big brother fan. Admittedly not as worried about being shut in with a newborn soon because AT LEAST i have that show 3x a week, bahaha.

    Also it cracks me up when people don't realize IG is public in that sense---my one friend that happened to and she was SO embarrassed when she found out. No nudey pics or anything--just, really weird stuff she was posting. LOL. ;)

  10. I second you on the Lucky Charms, my *slight* love for them has me banned from the cereal aisle.

    I would rather clean the toilets than iron a single item.

    I would love to do away with the cable BUT my hubby has a love for TV like my love for Lucky Charms. Only his doesn't add to his waistline so I cannot use that as a bargaining chip to do away with cable.

  11. I LOVE BB!!! Love it! I'm sure you already do, but follow Big Brother Leak on Twitter.

    I would rather iron than clean toilets. That is the worst chore EVER. I saw on Pinteret that you can put apiece of a magic eraser in the toilet overnight and it cleans itself. I'm skeptical, but I'm going to try it soon!

  12. I am ridiculously obsessed with BB. I even read the blogs that update you on what is going on with the feeds.... and, have been known to watch Big Brother After Dark.

    Also, I love Batman. Ever since I was a child, I've loved the movies and get overly excited when a new one comes out. Except for 'Batman Returns'..... the Penguin grossed me out and scared me.

  13. Toilets hand down here. I'll someday need to buy new running shoes, but I'll pay for cleaning services instead because I hate toilets THAT BAD.

    And you can't give up the Housewives!! You're willing to walk away from Teresa??? NOOOO!!!

  14. My husband and I have "thought" about getting rid of t.v. completely but the winters up here are looong, and we are both too technologically deficit to figure out that fancy Netflix,etc. :) It would definitely save us a huge amount of money though.
    The chore I can't stand the most? Picking up dog doo, yuck!!
    Lucky Charms is soo good,but the cereal I would buy the store out of (if given half the chance) would be Cocoa Puffs. LOVE the chocolatey goodness! I have to avert my eyes when I'm down the cereal aisle and I go past that beautiful brown box.

  15. Get rid of the cable! We did just a couple of months ago, and we are actually really happy. I NEVER thought I would be able to be TV-free, but it's not that bad! Once you dont have them anymore, you realize how silly it was to be so dependant on watching nonsense shows. Life really dosent end if you cant watch next week's episode, LOL. Ours was actually a moral choice, more than financial, but that's nice, too. We started really considering all of the programming we subscribed to, all of the shows that we didnt necessarily watch but still paid for, and realized how much of it promoted an un-Christian, immoral lifestyle. It might not make a difference in the long run, but we feel better not supporting these types of shows and not allowing them in our home. And honestly, we do so much more now, we are definitely more productive. I never though we watched too much TV to begin with, but when it's not there anymore you cant just sit down and waste an hour. We still watch movies of our choice, to rent through Netflix or Blockbuster to watch a couple of times per week. To wrap it up, I love being anti-cable =)


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