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New Business Venture?

It's no secret that I love Scentsy. Not only do I love their products but two years ago I chose to become a consultant and now I'm able to work part time because of that decision.

Scentsy has started doing something that no other direct sales business has done before. Scentsy has now become Scentsy Family with three different brands under the umbrella; Scentsy Fragrances, Velata, and now Grace Adele.

I am SO excited about the newest brand Grace Adele, a fashion line of high quality purses, clutches, jewelry, and various accessories.

Check out the website here to get a glimpse into this awesome new line.

And watch the video below to get an idea of Grace Adele and how it works. Bags can be styled differently using the clutches, clip ons and various accessories. It really is such a neat concept!


If you've ever been interested in direct sales and you are a person who loves bags, jewelry and fashion this might be just your thing. Everybody who signs up now will be on the ground floor of this direct sales business, but will still be under Scentsy Family a thriving business that is moving forward everyday.

All products go on sale August 1st but if you want more information about starting your own Grace Adele business email me and let's chat!


  1. Thank you for this post. I am seriously considering becoming a rep!

  2. I. Am. So. EXCITED. :)

  3. Nice and cool post about Fashion Accessory mostly all woman like it.

  4. Hey, Pretty Girl!! I feel like I haven't said "Hi" in ages, so I wanted to pop over and send some love!! Wow, a bag line with Scentsy?! I am SO proud of you and super impressed to the levels you have taken your Scentsy business! You are inspiring!! I hope you and your precious family are doing well!! Hugs!

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