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My Perfect Pasta Salad

If our summer this year had a theme it would most definitely be pasta salad.

Last year our theme was most definitely chicken salad.

Not sure why our summer themes need to be a food, but it fits, we love some good food.

Now I know pasta salad isn't some extraordinary meal, nor is it difficult to make, but everybody does it differently so I thought I would share my own version of the perfect pasta salad.

  • Tri colored rotini pasta
  • green pepper
  • cucumber
  • red onion
  • cubed colby jack cheese
  • Italian dressing
  • Shredded Parmesan cheese
  • McCormick's Perfect Pinch Salad Supreme
The last thing is my "secret" ingredient. I recently discovered it and I love it!! It adds the perfect touch to my pasta salad!

Oh and while I'm spilling secrets let me tell you another original Megan secret

Soak it in they don't come often.

Cheese is my most prized possession....besides my son and husband, so for me a pasta salad MUST have cheese cubes, but those bags of cheese cubes are kinda expensive and don't come with a lot of cubes.

So I buy a thing of CHEESE STICKS and then just cut them into cubes.


You're welcome.

And the secret was cutting the stick of cheese, NOT that cheese is my most prized possession. 

So after chopping up all your veggies and cheese add it to your cooked pasta.

I always wash my pasta with color water and get it nice and cold before adding the veggies and cheese.

After adding the veggies and cheese I mix in the salad dressing and seasoning. I don't measure either just a dib and dab there with the seasoning and I squeeze about half the bottle of dressing on the 

I know this isn't anything special but I love it so  much and have made it about once a week this summer. Sometimes we use it as a side dish, sometimes we use it as our main dish and sometimes I make it to take to lunch at work. It goes with anything! 

And even the youngest of food critics approve!


  1. YUM! We love pasta salad! I need to find that seasoning. My pasta salad looks pretty much the same as yours, except I also do cherry tomatoes and pepperoni!

  2. I love pasta salads on hot summer days. I need to try this! I've never thought to cut cheese sticks. What a great idea!

  3. I want this in my mouth right now. Mmmmm those cheese cubes. YUM!

  4. Mmm...that sounds like the perfect side dish! I've used the cheese stick secret in the past as well...because seriously, why are bags of cheese cubes so expensive?!?

  5. I add some halved cherry tomaotes along with some pepperoni to mine. Yours looks wonderful!


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