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Library Criminal

I have always had a deep love for the library.

I assume it began at an early age. From as far back as I can remember my mom would take me to the library where I would partake in story time and the beautiful thrill of looking at book covers, picking which illustration stuck out to me and was worthy enough of going home with me.

I love the smell of books, the feel of books and the excitement you get knowing there is a world waiting for you in between those two covers.

As I got older I would venture to the local library and pick out research books to look at. I loved researching the Titanic, meercats (this was after Lion King came out and I had a strange obsession with Timon) and any other topic that struck my fancy.

Obviously I was the most popular kid growing up, you should be jealous.

I was even a summer volunteer at the library for a few years during my teen years.

Again, coolest kid ever.

I have maintained my love affair with the library as I've gotten older. I got a library card after Luke and I got married and moved into our apartment and have enjoyed the thrill of checking out books since then.

Two years ago Luke and I moved into our house and I never changed my address with the library. Our house was in the same town as our library, same zip code but different county, I saw no reason to notify the library. Who knew a simple county change would be so important to the library gods?

One day in preparation for my beach trip I decided to check out some books. I began looking of rmy library card and realized it was missing. I searched high and low to no avail. I knew I needed to go to the library and get a new card, which meant I would have to tell them I changed addresses.

While getting my new card the man helping me asked if I lived in the same county, realizing that this was obviously an important factor in my relationship with the library I simple gave a nod of my head. It isn't lying if I don't verbalize the lie...right?

Three minutes later I walked out of the library, card in hand, happiness in heart. I passed the "county" check and I had a new card.

A week later my library days came to a screeching halt.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I received the call. A lady was on the other end and asked to speak to Megan. Not knowing this call held the future to the end of my library days I gleefully responded that she was speaking to Megan.

She then told me that I was no longer able to check out books from their library,

It was traumatic. I actually, ACTUALLY begged and pleaded with her. Trying to find every reason in the book to let me check out books. I explained that I was a good citizen, that I loved the library, that I lived in the same ZIP CODE as the library just not county.

It didn't work. She apologized and said my library card had been revoked.

Revoked? Those are some pretty strong words for a library card!

A couple of days later I got a message at work that I needed to call the library.


So I called thinking maybe, just maybe they were going to tell me they looked up my past criminal record, discovered it was NON-EXISTENT and I was free to check out books.

False hope.

I was being called by the man who issued me the card to remind me I cannot check out any books.


I had a nice conversation with him and asked if he got in trouble for issuing me the card and he said yes he did indeed get "his hand slapped".

Snap. Our library takes itself seriously.

I'm sure there is a library located somewhere in our county that would accept me as I am, but for now I will sulk and pout about about how I was revoked from my library were I spent so many faithful years of my life.

Good thing I have about 200 books on my bookshelf that I bought but never read.

Thank goodness my own personal library accepts me as I am.


  1. Sometimes those Librarians are a bit scary! They mean business! What an odd thing to happen.

    There will be a library in your county. But who has the time to find it?! Enjoy those 200 books on your shelf!

  2. I freaking hate library rules. Librarians are really just honest-citizen haters. Ugh, hate that place.

  3. I had no idea they would do that! That is nuts. :/

  4. crazy! Can't you just go to the library system in your own county? I joined our local one when we moved but then once they didn't have a book I wanted. They told me I could get a membership to the neighboring county library system since it's a joint thing sorta. I'd just check around.

  5. I still remembering laughing my butt off about this when you were posting about it on Twitter. This is seriously too funny :-)

  6. I made the mistake of not updating my new address when we moved three miles across town back in March.

    Just last week, I was at another (better) library to register my card so I could check out books. The librarian there had to call my "home" library to verify I was a cardholder. That's when they found out I hadn't updated my address. The librarian at my home library asked to speak to me, and she then proceeded to scold me over the phone and threaten to "block my account" if I didn't update my records with them within a week. Librarians can be scary folk!

  7. Like you, I've always had a love affair with the library. That's just nuts that they wouldn't let you check out books anyway! They should be happy people still USE their library, with Kindles and all. Grrrr!

  8. Seriously?! They were that upset about it? Dang, remind me never to lie to our librarians!

  9. We have a very old library which smells....strange. But I am obsessed with books in general. I can't seem to donate any of my old ones. I take the written word seriously I guess :)

  10. That's a hilarious story! I also have a ton of books that I haven't read because I have a problem with buying books at Goodwill. It's a sickness, but much cheaper and more educational than buying a lot of other things.

  11. We moved 10 miles away to a new town where I will have to pay $75 to join the library. I am wondering how long I can use my old library before getting caught!

  12. We moved 10 miles away to a new town where I will have to pay $75 to join the library. I am wondering how long I can use my old library before getting caught!

  13. crazy! I'll check out some books for you :)

  14. you always make me laugh! :)
    i too am a book nerd and fellow library go-er.
    my days came to a halt when i received a certified letter stating a warrant could be issued if i didn't pay my (rather large) outstanding library fine.
    guess they take those kind of things pretty seriously.
    i ended up paying more in fines than if i were to buy every one of those books brand new. live and learn, right? ;)

  15. No fun! I suppose as an actual librarian I should comment - most librarians I've worked with would be as upset about this as you! The reason that this happens has more to do with taxation and funding than anything else - the county will put limits on who they'll allow the library to check books out to, etc, so they have to be careful about making sure to issue cards only to people living within their county.

    There might be a work-around though: even though you'll still have to get a new card, I would recommend maybe bringing your card back and seeing if they can register your card from the other county to use in your fave book spot. (that's how all the libraries in the state of MN work - your card has to come from your county's system, but can register it at any library system in the state). It's our little librarian way of beating the silly system some administrators put on us... ;o)

    Oh, and also - we don't mean to be scary! We're all just a bunch of introverted bookworms who have for some reason decided to get a job where we are constantly working with strangers - we're probably more scared than you are!

    Glad to hear you're all so excited about your libraries, by the way! YAY!

  16. I still can't believe that! I can't believe that after your begging due to a love of books!, they still said NO! :) We love libraries too! Storytime for the babies and they love checking out books and I LOVED it especially when I was younger too! And btdubs, I'm pretty sure Hubby's cousins had a nickname for another cousin that involved something about a meercat, hahaha ;)


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