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Hits and Misses

Since I first started perusing Pinterest I have tried various crafts, outfit ideas, recipes and even hair colors that I have found while looking around on Pinterest.

Some of these have turned out great.....and some not so much, so I thought I would share a couple of Pinterest hits and misses from my own experience!


1. Boo Frames
I saw these cute frames with B-O-O spelled out in them and wanted to create something like it for our house. I went to Hobby Lobby got the materials and made these frames:

I love how they turned out and I'm excited to use them again this fall!

2. Witches Hat Cookies
I tried these cookies last fall for a Scentsy party I threw in my home and they were SO easy and looked so cute!!

3. Highchair birthday pic
When I saw these pics on Pinterest I KNEW I wanted to try this, I just had to come up with a high chair, spray paint, cute hat and a balloon. I found all of the above and took these pictures in our back yard (Actually I took about 100) I LOVE how they all turned out.

4. Menu Board

I used various linked sites on Pinterest to put together my menu board that I STILL LOVE.


1. More volume hair
I saw this on Pinterest and definitely wanted to try it for my straight hair days. Ummmm it did not work on me at all, and I followed each step TO A T. I had my laptop on the bathroom sink counter the whole time making sure I did everything right.


And I tried it again the next day. Still didn't work. The hair looks super great on that girl though.

2. Smores Dip

In theory this dip sounds AMAZING. In reality it was eh. It wasn't horrible by any means, but I think I will stick to making smores in the microwave. 

3. Letters wrapped in Yarn

We tried this for our church pinterest party and all thought it was going to be great. It was not. It was hard to do it without getting glue everywhere including the outside of the yarn. I ended up throwing mine away cause it was so bad.

4. Any picture of nicely painted nails
I am astonished, I mean truly astonished at people who can PAINT THEIR OWN NAILS and make them look so good. I've been painting my own nails more lately but it is a disaster every single time.

Have you shared any of your hits and misses on your blog?? I would love to see them.

I have a few crafts and new recipes pinned that I want to try soon, so I will do another "hit and miss" post in the future. Hopefully more hits than misses!!


  1. LOVE the BOO sign! I can't wait for Halloween and the whole fall season!

  2. I recently did a similar post to this regarding recipes I've found on Pinterest. Some were huge hits, others huge flops!! :)

  3. Megan...consistent reader, first time poster. Forget that smores dip, try this one instead It's the Pampered Chef Rocky Road dip and it's delicious!!!

  4. Haha! This is a fun post! I have SOOOOO many Pinterest fails (mini banana split bites anyone?) and several really great Pinterest hits. I should try to put together a post like this soon. It's fun seeing what actually works...and what does not :-)

  5. I tried that no peek chieckn and chocolate cobbler- not good. However, the Lousiana crawfish casserole was AMAZING! Also, I found a curly hair tutorial that was really helpful.

  6. I am glad you posted your misses then I know what to not try! I have tried a few things- I found a lot of the cleaning ones to be EHHH. I recently tried the pin about baking soda and cleaning vinegar- didn't do ANYTHING to my bathroom.

  7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip = Awesome.

    I tried to do these salt dough hand print ornaments with my then-18 month old. Not awesome.

    Would you consider selling your menu board? I LOVE it.

  8. I meant--would you consider making them to sell.

  9. I have the yarn and the letter H and am really tempted to just drop it in the goodwill bin. Looks like a big pain in the you know what.

    Please! Your nails look fine! I do mine at night, and then the soap gets the paint off the edges the next day.

  10. I have the yarn and the letter H and am really tempted to just drop it in the goodwill bin. Looks like a big pain in the you know what.

    Please! Your nails look fine! I do mine at night, and then the soap gets the paint off the edges the next day.

  11. Great post! I know just what you means about some pinterest ideas turning out awesome, and others leaving you saying, "this seriously worked for someone else?" I've used a few different cleaning methods on there that have been a total bust.

    I did make a cute wreath last week that I found from there, I posted about it: That's probably my biggest hit!

  12. I pin things all the time but hardly EVER do them...ugh!

  13. I have LOTS of Pinterest wins... Making a headboard, recipes, a frame to stick pins in, etc... I have them on my blog:

  14. I think your nails look great - mine look like a 5 year old tried to paint them. And, I love your wedding rings - I have the same set (or very very similar). :)

  15. OOOOOOH! This is so much better than just a "hits" post, because now I know what isn't worth putting tons of effort into! I've had quite a few fail moments where things just were NOT as easy as it seems!

    Also, I totally couldn't wrap yarn. I would probably fall asleep/ get my fingers tangled beyond fixing.

    Also also, I can't paint my own nails. Or anyone else's. Ever. At all.

  16. I make smores at home all the time too. Under the broiler in the oven for a couple of minutes is better than outside on a camp fire to me. :)

    And I can't paint my nails to save my life. Looks like my two year old did it.

  17. I made the Southwest chicken recipe from Pinterest on Sunday night. My husband didn't care much for it, but I thought it was awesome and was secretly glad he didn't care for meant lunch for me the next day!

  18. I did a yarn wreath that actually turned out great, but I didn't use glue... Maybe I missed a step?! Or did the lazy man's way by just tucking the yarn in.. Hmm...

  19. I think your nails look great, you meerkat, you.

  20. Cute witch cookies! Looks delicious!

  21. I love painting my nails BUT only if I take the proper time to do it! That rarely happens. I shower and scrub my feet/nails before hand so my cuticles are soft... Then trim and shape then paint! I also make sure i have an OnDemand show on so i dont have to touch the remote. And, a good top coat is a must. I actually prefer to do them. I'm just lazy. :) I like this post and want to find more like it!

    PS you say you aren't crafty! Your crafts are great!


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