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Change of Plans

For the past two months Luke and I were planning a little trip for our 4th of July week to spend the week in the mountains with his family.  I got all three of us packed last night ready to go.......and then we had to cancel.

WHAT?!?! We have a very busy July coming up and decided it would be best to just stay here this week. I let myself have a pity party for a good 30 minutes (5 hours?) and then decided there will be more trips in the future.

So now we are at home living out of suitcases. I don't have the energy to unpack yet. I usually love unpacking but that's when it is at the conclusion of a fun memory-filled trip. This particular unpacking will only be filled with the memory of a regular Monday, and there is not too much good in a regular Monday. Except for two free samples I got at Starbucks. That pretty much rocked my world.

Unfortunately I had already mentally checked out for the week. You know "vacation mode"? I a was 100% in it.

Now I have to get myself back in "regular week" mode which is not fun. For two months I thought I wasn't working the Tuesday before the 4th of July, and now I'm working the Tuesday before the 4th of July. Lame-O. I'm having a hard time convincing my mind that it needs to get into "regular week" mode.

I wasn't planning on working, blogging, cooking, cleaning or pretty much thinking all week and now I have to do ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I feel a pity party coming on again - time to move on.

Eli has lots of "lovies" in his life. He has several blankets he loves to walk around with and "bubba" his little blue bear is his love, but recently he has taken a liking to this giant bear:

He carries the bear around which is kind of freaky because the bear is as big as him and looks like it will start talking at any moment. I swear sometimes it blinks at me.

He wants it to sit by him while he eats, and this morning he wanted the bear right up there by him while he drank his morning milk and enjoyed a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Such a little cutie in the morning (Eli not the giant life-like bear)

Maybe I'm so scared of the bear because Luke will use it like a puppet and will randomly make its head turn a corner of a room I'm in so all I see is a bear starting at me.

It doesn't sound too scary but in the moment IT IS TERRIFYING. Believe me.

Well we may not be globe-trotting this week but I know we will still have a good 4th of July weekend.

Me, Luke, Eli, Bubba the blue bear and the freaky giant bear. One big happy family.


  1. boo for you having to stay home...but I'm sure you guys made the best decision for your family, even if it doesn't feel like it at the time!

  2. We just changed our plans for the same reason! It happens, but it is always so sad :(

  3. That kind of sucks :( especially when you are ready to get away from it all.

  4. You admitted ARE a globe-trotter!! :)

  5. Sorry you had to cancel your trip! We cancelled our annual trip to Disney World last year August after we found out my FIL had cancer (he's doing better now!). It's SO hard to adjust but it also makes you look forward to the next vacation so much more! Good luck!

  6. No fun having to change plans! Especially after you packed up. That IS a big bear! :)

  7. that really sucks about the last minute cancellation...esp working! and gwennie is the same way with blankies and stuffed anials...the bigger the better!


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