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4th of July

The 4th of July this year was so weird since it fell in the middle of the week. I kind of enjoyed it though because we had several days of celebrating the holiday.

We began on Sunday with my family's annual 4th celebration. Every year we get together and eat hot dogs and the fixins enjoy a good turtle race followed by a sack race and do some swimming and lots of talking. Then we cap off the night with some fireworks.

I love this time with my family every year.

My youngest sister and Eli enjoying the fireworks (yes we did fireworks while it was still light outside)

I love this picture of Eli. He looks like a little old man. He sat in this chair and watched all the kids swim, but had NO desire to get in the water with them.

Monday was a normal day. Luke and I both went to work and Eli stayed at our house with my mom since our baby-sitter was closed for the week.

Tuesday I worked half a day and spent the afternoon with Eli.

That evening we met our friends Sarah and Patrick downtown for some Mexican food. It's always an adventure going out with the kiddos but they did really well.

After we ate we walked around downtown. Got some gelato, candy and had fun.

Manny wanted to push Eli in the stroller. Eli was cool with it.

As the sun started to go down we made our way over to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. Before the fireworks started we got a text that Luke's cousin got engaged that night (I'm reading the text) we are so excited for them!!!

Trying to get a pic with my little guy. Pretty much impossible.

We ended up being RIGHT NEXT to where the fireworks started and they were very loud and pretty much scared the living daylights out of Eli. He was not a fan and ran around screaming until we decided to leave. We'll try again next year!

The next morning on the 4th of July we woke up and decided to go to our local parade. We first made a pit stop at Daylight Donut's and got some yummy donuts, milk for Eli and coffee for mom and dad and then made our way to the parade.

As long as Eli is in his stroller he is content so he had a pretty good time at the parade.

That night we once again got together with Sarah and Patrick and watched the Super Bowl together.

Luke still has it on our DVR and Patrick still hadn't seen it so we ate pizza, pie and brownies and watched the game. I'm afraid the game might "accidentally" get erased off our DVR now....

It was really a great holiday! We were of course supposed to be in Colorado but this was a good backup plan.


  1. haha! Love that pic of Eli sitting like an old man!

    And I definitely think the DVR needs to malfunction and the game just disappear! It might be good for your family's sanity!

  2. Eli is adorable! Glad you enjoyed the 4th -- and YAY for gelato! :)

  3. The one of Eli in the chair makes me laugh out loud. He is such a cute boy. And you look fab, Mama!


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