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2012 Olympics

The Olympics will always hold a special place in my heart.

Not just because I can remember watching them growing up. I was on a giant road trip with my grandparents during the 1996 Olympics and I remember with each stop at a hotel each night we would watch the Olympics.

I also remember us missing the opening ceremonies because I pushed a button on our hotel wall that cut out all electricity.


I still wonder that to this day.

It forever scarred me to not touch random buttons. My grandparents and I still laugh about it to this day.

Although they weren't very happy at the time when they missed Celine Dion singing.

The Olympics between 1996 and 2008 are kind of a blur. Those were also my teenage years so I'm sure I was much busier watching recorded performances of N'Sync and putting the VCR on slow motion to watch them dance than to watch the Olympics.

Priorities people. Priorities.

But out of all the Olympic seasons of my 28 years of life, the 2008 Olympics stand out the most in my mind.

Luke and I had just gotten married that summer and we were beginning our life together. At that time it was just normal, mundane life. Go to work, come home, cook dinner, eat, watch the Olympics.

But looking back those were such sweet, special times together. Learning each other.

We were in our rinky dinky ole apartment that I later hated, but at that time it was our little nest, and I loved it so much. I was finally married to Luke, finally living married life, sitting on the couch watching the Olympics with him. Ordinary? yes. But oh so special to me.

Last night we were watching the Olympics and Eli was running around in just his white Pampers diaper throwing his football, and ever so often stopping and screaming at the top of his lungs.

Everytime he does this Luke and I look at each other and just laugh. How did this little running, jumping, screaming, throwing temper tantrums thing come from us?

As the night went on Eli drank his nightly milk, ran around some more, tackled his dad, got tickled by his dad, slapped his dad and was then put in time out, drank some more milk, slapped his mom, all the while the Olympics played in the background.

And looking from the outside in it seems ordinary, and right now through my "can't see past the moment" eyes it seems ordinary. But one day I will look back and remember the 2012 Olympics and how we watched it while our toddler ran around us.

And it will be oh so special to me.

I love the competitions in the Olympics, diving, gymnastics and swimming are my favorite comps to watch, but Eli running around throwing a football at us beats those any day!

And for the record, this post is proof that becoming a mother will make ANY moment in your life a sentimental mushy moment. Including simply watching the Olympics. It's a talent.


Last Week

Last week Luke had a class to attend in Tulsa, so Eli and I went with him so we could hang with family and friends while Luke sat in class all day.

Poor Luke. It doesn't sound like a fair trade-off when you read it in writing like that.

We had such a good time and the week flew by so fast.

We got to my parents late Tuesday night after Luke and I worked all day. It's nice to drive at night cause Eli sleeps the whole way but once we got to my parent's house he was wired and just wanted to stay up and play. I always feel bad putting him to bed when he is WIDE awake and wants to play. But I did let him stay up WAY later than he usually does so I figured he would go to sleep easily. He didn't and screamed at us for awhile. 

Because Eli stayed up so late I thought FOR SURE he would sleep until 8:00 maybe even 8:30. So when I woke up at 6:00am to a 16 month old jumping up and down in his pack and play gleefully screaming ready for the day, I wanted to cry.

Luke left for class and I tried to keep Eli quiet while everyone else slept. I also tried to keep myself free from bitterness. Neither task was easy.

Eventually everyone woke up and we began our day. I met a friend for lunch while my mom kept Eli so he could play with his cousin Maxton.

Luke's instructor let them out of class early which was a nice surprise! After he got home we met some college friends for dinner at where else? Chick Fila. I'm pretty sure half of our monthly income goes to that place.

Jodi and I were pregnant together but because of distance our kiddos aren't together much. It was fun to see them together watch them some-what interact. 

The next day started just the same; expectations of a sleeping baby, waking up to a happy ready for the day child at 6:00am and Luke leaving for class.

My only plan on this day was meeting some friends later in the afternoon so I hung out all morning with my mom and sister, while Eli played with Lily my sister's golden retriever. He used to be scared of her but now he likes her. As long as she doesn't touch him, come near him or hit him with her tail. All of which happen often.

Then I met Sarah, Lindsey and Megan at Chick Fila (again). I'm holding Sarah's baby Maeva, I didn't randomly have a baby and not tell y'all. But that would be fun wouldn't it?

Thursday was also our wedding anniversary so Luke and I went on a little date. It was nice to have free babysitters!

Friday Luke went off to his last day of class and I went to hang out with my best friend, Kara. Eli and I spent the morning Kara and Isaiah. It was so much fun. Whenever I'm with her I wish so badly that we lived in the same city. Maybe one day.

 We concluded our busy week by going to Luke's parent's house on Friday night for a get together for our Sister in law Torre for graduating from college.

We headed back home late that night. We wanted to spend a day at home before the craziness picked up again.

It was such a fun week! Glad I got to catch up and spend time with family and friends!


New Business Venture?

It's no secret that I love Scentsy. Not only do I love their products but two years ago I chose to become a consultant and now I'm able to work part time because of that decision.

Scentsy has started doing something that no other direct sales business has done before. Scentsy has now become Scentsy Family with three different brands under the umbrella; Scentsy Fragrances, Velata, and now Grace Adele.

I am SO excited about the newest brand Grace Adele, a fashion line of high quality purses, clutches, jewelry, and various accessories.

Check out the website here to get a glimpse into this awesome new line.

And watch the video below to get an idea of Grace Adele and how it works. Bags can be styled differently using the clutches, clip ons and various accessories. It really is such a neat concept!


If you've ever been interested in direct sales and you are a person who loves bags, jewelry and fashion this might be just your thing. Everybody who signs up now will be on the ground floor of this direct sales business, but will still be under Scentsy Family a thriving business that is moving forward everyday.

All products go on sale August 1st but if you want more information about starting your own Grace Adele business email me and let's chat!


Four Years

Four years ago today I woke up ready for the day.

I thought I would wake up nervous, or anxious, or worried about the event that the day held, by far the biggest event in my life to date,  but really I woke up with a calmness that KNEW I was ready for the day. This was the day I was going to get married.

It was such a wonderful day filled with so many emotions, the biggest being joy and relief .

Part of me can't believe it's been four years, but then again I feel like I've known Luke my whole life and can't imagine life without him. Things haven't gone exactly as we planned (ahem, wait 5 years to have a baby, get rich, etc) but we are happy, in love and full of peace.

We are not without arguments and annoyances. believe me NOBODY on this green earth can annoy me like Luke can, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual, but funny thing is there is NOBODY else I would want to annoy me more. He is my half.

Happy four years to my sweet, loving, patient, kind, forgiving, hott, husband. Without you my sky would fall.


From Routine to "Me Time"

I never cherished the joy that is taking a shower until after eli was born.

Pre-Eli a shower was just a mundane, routine task; get in, wash hair, body, shave if necessary and then exit.

Day after day.

Then Eli was born and I found myself yearning for a hot shower. As the mom of a newborn you are at their every beck and call. I was Eli's source of food, I was his sole comfoter from the hours of 8-5 and I also served as his place to throw up on, pee on and ocassionaly poop on.

Never in my life had I needed a shower more than I did those days.

Eli has gotten older and I'm no longer his entire source of food, nor does he throw up on me or cover me with his bodily fluids (most of the time) but I have maintained my love for a hot shower.

In fact I've even switched shower times. Before Eli I took all my showers in the morning, it was part of my routine. Now? I LOVE a long hot shower at night. I put Eli to bed and head for the shower.

When I get in the shower I can shut that glass (usually dirty) door and shut out the world. It's just me, some hot water and my thoughts. I plan blog posts in my head during a shower, I pray, I think about the day and look forward to events in the future. It's just my little ole time to get away.

I was recently sent a bottle of Dove visible care renewing creme body wash to try and I was so excited about trying it. Maybe a little too excited.

After Eli went to bed that night I hopped in the shower to try my new body wash.

I've been using it for a week and I LOVE IT. As someone who has very sensitive skin it's hard to find the perfect body wash but I have had no problems with Dove. It leaves my skin soft, there is none of that yucky residue and it foams up nicely which is a rule of mine. Body wash must be "foamable".

Can you relate to your showers going from routine to "me time"? Do you use your shower time as "me" time?? Do you prefer Morning or night showers??

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My Perfect Pasta Salad

If our summer this year had a theme it would most definitely be pasta salad.

Last year our theme was most definitely chicken salad.

Not sure why our summer themes need to be a food, but it fits, we love some good food.

Now I know pasta salad isn't some extraordinary meal, nor is it difficult to make, but everybody does it differently so I thought I would share my own version of the perfect pasta salad.

  • Tri colored rotini pasta
  • green pepper
  • cucumber
  • red onion
  • cubed colby jack cheese
  • Italian dressing
  • Shredded Parmesan cheese
  • McCormick's Perfect Pinch Salad Supreme
The last thing is my "secret" ingredient. I recently discovered it and I love it!! It adds the perfect touch to my pasta salad!

Oh and while I'm spilling secrets let me tell you another original Megan secret

Soak it in they don't come often.

Cheese is my most prized possession....besides my son and husband, so for me a pasta salad MUST have cheese cubes, but those bags of cheese cubes are kinda expensive and don't come with a lot of cubes.

So I buy a thing of CHEESE STICKS and then just cut them into cubes.


You're welcome.

And the secret was cutting the stick of cheese, NOT that cheese is my most prized possession. 

So after chopping up all your veggies and cheese add it to your cooked pasta.

I always wash my pasta with color water and get it nice and cold before adding the veggies and cheese.

After adding the veggies and cheese I mix in the salad dressing and seasoning. I don't measure either just a dib and dab there with the seasoning and I squeeze about half the bottle of dressing on the 

I know this isn't anything special but I love it so  much and have made it about once a week this summer. Sometimes we use it as a side dish, sometimes we use it as our main dish and sometimes I make it to take to lunch at work. It goes with anything! 

And even the youngest of food critics approve!

New Blog Design!

I am SO excited about my new blog design by Munchkin Land Designs.

Jenn was amazing throughout the whole process and even though I felt like I was incredibly difficult she worked with me every step of the way to achieve just what I had pictured in my mind.

I've been needing an update and something to make my site a bit more "reader friendly" and this new look puts together everything I wanted in my new design. I still need to update the "Links" (websites I visit) and "Popular Posts" pages but for the most part the new blog is good to go!!

I realized last night when Jenn and I were working on the final touches of the design that I am getting a new design the week of my 5th blogoversary. Which is beyond corny that I would even figure that out or verbalize it, but it sort of made me all giddy and nostalgic that it happened like that. Nerd alert.

Five years later and I'm still going strong, recording my memories, making friendships, and just enjoying using writing to connect with others.

Whether this is your first visit or you are a frequent visitor and a sometimes commenter thank you for visiting my blog!

And if you are looking for a new blog design of your own contact Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs!


Megan's Garage Sale {minus the garage}

Trying to get rid of a few items in my closet. If interested in any of the items please email me at:

{SOLD} Red dress purchased from Francesca's
Size: small
Asking price $24 shipped

{SOLD}Dress purchased from Francesca's
Size: small
Asking price: $24 shipped

{SOLD} Turquoise jacket (no idea where it is from)
Size: small
Asking price: $12 shipped

{SOLD} Turquoise lace dress with royal blue underlay purchased from Francesca's
Only worn once
Size: Medium
Asking Price: $30 shipped

{SOLD) White dress with black lace around top purchased from Charlotte Russe
Never Worn
Size: small
Asking price: $10 shipped

Gap tan shirt
Only worn once
Size: Medium
Asking price $15 shipped

{SOLD} Gap white shirt
Size: Medium
Asking price $10 shipped

Skirt purchased from Francesca's
Never worn (except for that pic but didn't wear outside the house)
Size: medium
Asking price: $12 shipped

{SOLD} Gap black strapless dress
Size: 0
Asking Price $12 shipped

{SOLD} Banana Republic Capris 
Size: 6
Asking price $15 shipped


A Fourth Year in Pictures

Every year during our anniversary week I like to recap a picture a month from our previous year of marriage. It's fun to see what we've been up to the past year and the memories that it holds. 

Previous Years:

I will admit a picture of just the two of us is not very common these days and for the first time since I started this I have two months where we didn't get one picture together. Which obviously isn't a huge deal but it does mess up my flow for my blog post!!! :-)

Our fourth married year:

At a friend's wedding with our not so happy baby

Headed to a marriage conference

No picture

At homecoming at our alma mater, we were pretending to be in a rock band :-)

The wedding of our good friends where Luke was a groomsman (I'm not sure why we look so stiff here but it cracks me up)

Headed out to dinner with the staff of our church ( I think I might be over the arm pop, it looks awkward)

No picture

A lazy Sunday afternoon watching some football

Walking around in the was cold!

Easter Sunday!

Headed out on a date night! Dinner and a movie! (Hunger Games)

Trying to get a new family picture and all Eli wanted to do was go play in the fountain (what he is point to)

What a fun year it has been. I went back through our previous years and it is so crazy to see how we have changed. Not only have we gained a bit of weight and age (ha) but we also gained a sweet baby boy and of course many more memories. I love not only looking back but also looking ahead to the journey before us.