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A Year of Learning

Today I got a message from Time Hop telling me what my Facebook status was on this very day last year:
It then made me realize it has been one year since I went back to work part time.
Going back to work was so weird for me, not just because I never thought I would be working as a mom, but because I had just been through my biggest life-change to date and then I went back to my place of employment just like everything was the same AND IT WASN'T. I was now a larger, exhausted, lactating Megan. It was all just weird to me. Postpartum hormones were also partly to blame.

It was an adjustment at first, I seemed like the same Megan, but my heart was now with someone else. My every thought was with him and I became that crazy mom showing off pictures of my child sitting and staring at the wall because HE LOOKED SO DARN CUTE AND EVERYBODY NEEDED TO SEE.

And not only was I adjusting to being away from Eli, but I was also trying to figure out a new routine for our family.  I only work two days until 5:00 but it was still tricky figuring out a routine. Figuring out everything that needed to be done the night before, getting dinner ready ahead of time all that good stuff.

Throughout this past year there have been good days and bad days, days where I felt stressed and flustered like I can't do it all, and days where I enjoyed away for a bit and allowing Eli to spend some time playing with other kids and being taught from people other than me.

Although I haven't been a full time stay at home mom I can only assume that if I was, I would have good days and bad days just like I have while being a part time working mom.

Through good days and bad days the feeling that I've experienced the most this past year is thankfulness. Thankful for a job that I enjoy, thankful for the opportunity to work part time, thankful for a husband that makes it work financially when it looks impossible, thankful for a good babysitter that loves our baby boy, and thankful for this learning experience.

And the number one thing I've learned is that the title "part time working mom" does NOT define me. I am a mom. Plain and simple. Mom is my title - there doesn't need to be any "explanation" in front of it.

It has been such a fun year full of lots of learning experiences that have helped me to grow as a person, wife and mom. And learning how to make lots of crock pot meals.

Lots and lots of crock pot meals. 


  1. What a way to look at the past year! God is so faithful and so good to bless us beyond what we can imagine! And Eli continues to grow to be so darn cute!

  2. "Mom is my title - there doesn't need to be any "explanation" in front of it"

    Love that!

  3. This post was encouraging to me. Thank you. I am about to journey in your footsteps... 1st baby due in a few weeks and then I will return to part time work. It will be a learning experinece, I'm sure!

  4. I'm so proud of this year for you!! You did it! :) And you're a huge inspiration for me. Currently pregnant and will definitely have to go back to work. And I foresee a LOT of crock pot meals in our future! Have a crock pot website/blog you use?? LOL could use some tips!

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