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Weekend Fun

We had such a fun and low-key weekend, it was much needed!

Friday's have been fun this summer because Luke and I are usually both home so we get to have a full day together. Early Friday morning Luke woke up early to meet a friend for breakfast and all morning I anxiously anticipated what he was going to bring me home for breakfast.

Sadly he did not bring me anything, it seems we had a bit of a communication breakdown. The breakdown being the fact that I never communicated to him that I wanted him to bring me home breakfast, I just assumed he would know this. 

Alas, he is not a mind reader. I'm still learning this after almost four years of marriage. 

I spent a tiny bit of time pouting about the fact that he DIDN'T READ MY MIND and then we went on with our day. (he offered several times to go get me breakfast but I told him the moment had passed)

We spent the rest of the day pout free, hanging out. We had lunch at Eli's favorite Chick Fila (well it might be my favorite but I pretend it is Eli's). Luke deemed it as way too chaotic and he doesn't know why I go there so much. It made me laugh. 


We grilled burgers that night and enjoyed them with Doritos. I always crave Doritos in the summer. 


Saturday we went to visit with my family. Eli spent some time coloring with his cousin. 

He also helped my Pop pick up apples, so sweet.

Luke and I had a wedding to go to Saturday night so Eli stayed with my family. It was fun to get dressed up and go on a little "date night" (is it sad when a wedding becomes a date night?)

I once loved going to weddings but now when I go all I can think about it how one day Eli will get married and leave me. 

Please help, I've become a crazy mom.

When I wasn't mentally crossing off the years until Eli leaves me in my mind Luke and I enjoyed the photo booth:

Sunday my day was all about C's

It started with Coffee. I stopped at Starbucks on the way to church. I always get SO NERVOUS at Starbucks. In fact nothing freaks me out more than going to Starbucks and going to the post office. Both places are extremely scary and have their own language. I'm afraid I'm going to say the wrong thing.

Today I ordered a Tall Mocha with Hazelnut, which I guess was supposed to be a Tall Hazelnut Mocha? Who knew?

Then we went to Church where Eli SCREAMED when I dropped him off at the nursery. Breaks my heart.

We came home where I  did some Cleaning and Crafting. More Cleaning than Crafting. I wish it was the other way around.

I also did a little Cuddling with Eli. He took a late name and was still asleep around 5:30 so I went to wake him up so that he could eat dinner but instead I spent about 20 minutes just holding my sleeping baby.

Then I remembered that one day he will get married and leave me. And I whispered "can I keep you forever?" into his ear.

And immediately entered the contest for the world's creepiest mom.

Minus the creepy mom stuff it was a wonderful weekend! Now time to get this week started!


  1. That isn't creepy. We all want to keep or babies forever, it goes so fast :( I love chickfila too but my daughter has a peanut allergy and they fry their chicken in peanut oil. So, I just drive by and think about how good it used to taste.

  2. I had to laugh at your first blip about breakfast. I am CLASSIC for hoping my husband will just read my mind and then getting all upset when he doesnt. He tells me to just communicate the needs and I get that, BUT HOW MUCH MORE SPECIAL IF HE JUST READ MY MIND AND SURPRISED ME?!?! (I know I'm crazy) also, 5 years of marriage as of aug 4-still a reoccurring theme for, me. Fail! :)

  3. You looked gorgeous for the wedding! I love that dress on you! That communication breakdown over breakfast sounds familiar. haha.

  4. My husband and I have been together over 25 years and oh boy do I remember the days of getting mad (or having hurt feelings)at dh for not reading my mind! I kind of miss the newlywed days.
    I also miss holding a baby and watching them sleep. Would it be too creepy to ask to borrow yours? :) He is adorable.
    Our son passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago and our sweet daughter just turned 25! Now we are just waiting to be "Nana and Poppa" Give that baby boy a cuddle for me!

  5. totally pouted one time when Hubby didn't bring me breakfast from McDonald's after he met with the guys in our small group...definitely an understandable pouting experience!

  6. Well I don't know if I'm glad or not that the 'read my mind' problem doesn't go anywhere. At least I know I'm not alone. And Ryan and I went to a wedding Friday that had a photo booth and now I'm trying to work it into our wedding budget. So fun!

  7. You always make me laugh and you are not a creepy mom at all. Those thoughts go through every moms head. :). Breaks my heart too when they scream when you drop them off. We had that experience this past week with MDO. Seriously..i can't take it. Love the wedding pics..precios!!

  8. You'd think after years of being together husbands would know to bring back breakfast. I've had that exact moment with B, pouting included. Glad the rest of the weekend was pout free. And just for the record sometimes being a creepy mom just means you're a good mom:)


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