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Random Thoughts for the Week

1. We still have the Super Bowl on our DVR. I won't tell you how many times Luke has watched it since that day in February. It makes me sad for him. And me.

2. What is the deal with all the new Oreo's with flavored cream in the middle? I'm not complaining by any means, I enjoy a good Oreo, it's just so random to me.

3. I have been an ORGANIZING FOOL again today. My closet looks spectacular.

4. I found this pic on Luke's computer and now I want to color my hair dark again.

5. If the day ever comes when we have extra money I will hire a house cleaner in a LICKETY SPLIT. I can only imagine that is the best money ever spent.

6. I have been working with Jenn at Munchkin Land Designs to come up with a new blog design for this ole blog. It's time for an update. I'm SO excited to see it. It will be sometime in the next month when it is revealed!!

7. Are you a past Scentsy customer of mine? If so I now offer a Refer a Friend program. If you send a friend to my website and they order something you will BOTH get a free gift. I can't give details here but email me for all the details!

8. Also....ALL scentsy orders on my website receive a free gift this month.

9. Caillou might be THE most annoying kid's show ever. I would rather be trapped on an island with Barney than watch one minute of Caillou.

10. We are SO nervous for the Thunder/Heat game tonight. THUNDER UP.

11. Eli is 15 months old and I STILL have that gross black line on my tummy. I guess it is here forever.

12. I'm so excited about my new blog design coming soon!

13.  Luke and I have started watching Mad Men. We are now in season 3. It's no Friday Night Lights (nothing will EVER compare) but it's good.

14. I think this is enough random for one day. Or one week.


  1. So glad you're watching Mad Men. You need to watch Parenthood next since you loved FNL. :)

    Oreos should always be plain.

    Yay for new blog design!

    I love your dark hair and your highlighted hair. And I love squishy baby Eli.

    Todd still has both Gamecock baseball national championships and our Gamecock football bowl game from last year saved on our DVR. It's insane. But I have the entire season of Glee from last year, so whatever... ;)

  2. I can't wait to see your new design!!

    I feel like flavored Oreos are ruining a good thing. I'm of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" Oreo mentality!

    I said this on twitter already but you look great with dark hair!

  3. The "birthday cake" edition of oreos was the bomb. Just sayin. I bought a bag of them for our road trip to Colorado a few months ago and they were inhaled. ;-)

  4. Dark hair or light hair you look beautiful!

    Eli is adorable!

    Can't wait for the new blog design!

    I'm nervous about the game too. It's not looking good for the thunder and I keep getting up to leave the room! :(

    How come you're just now announcing free gift for scentsy orders this month and the month is almost over? Haha

    I can't believe you guys are still watching the Super Bowl!

  5. Um, Caillou and Max and Ruby. I hated those stupid rabbits when I nannied.

    And I wonder if the oreo thing is because of their 100th anniversary?

  6. No thank you to the flavored creme in an Oreo. Regular double stuffed all the way.

    Amelia loves Caillou. LOVES. I've been trying to manipulate...I mean encourage her to watch other shows. So far it's working. Doc McStuffins is her new favorite and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. sweet Eli in that picture!!

  7. Oh nails on a chalk board. Have you ever noticed that the mother and father look very similar? It weirds me out a bit.
    My son is pretty much over Caillou and has moved on to Kipper. I will take British accents over Caillou's whiny voice any day.

  8. If we ever have the money, I am so getting a house cleaner!

  9. Did you ask for a vote on your hair? Lighter. Oh, you didn't ask???:) You are gorgeous no matter what!

    I'll have to check out Munchkin Land. I would love a makeover too!

    PRECIOUS pic of you and Eli!!!

  10. Mad Men, soooo fun!! Mr. RH and I are catching up on that and lost.

    I like your hair both ways, you look pretty with either color!

  11. I'm in total agreement with you about Calliou!

  12. Caillou. Oh my Gawsh. WORST TORTURE EVER! And WHY is he bald? His little sister has hair and she's a baby. It makes no sense.

    Also my son is almost 14 months and I'm still rockin the dark line. I have a feeling it will go away as soon as I find out I'm pregnant with #2.

  13. I may need to buy a package of oreos this weekend. yum. Can't wait to see the new design! I have a faint line. I thought it was supposed to go away...Oh pregnancy.

  14. I've seen the birthday cake oreos and have been dying to try them...but I'm guessing they aren't Weight Watchers friendly. Boo.

    Glad I'm not the only one with a husband who re-watches sports games. Don't get me wrong, I love me some college football...but I have no desire to watch a game I've already seen. I also don't care to watch a "classic" from the 70s. BEFORE I was even born. Men.

  15. I really want a house cleaner too. Bad!

    Hey, I'm wanting some summery scentsy bars. All mine are more Fall or Wintery. Any recommendations?

  16. Every time you mention your passion for FNL, we bond just a little more :) I've looked, but I just can't find anything to replace it. Did you see that Tami is going to be a country singer on some new show this fall, "Nashville"? I'm not sure how I feel about it...

  17. I might ask to hire a house cleaner once a month for my birthday this year! Although it sounds kind of blah, I think it would be the best gift ever!

    Ugh! Caillou...I'm hoping to avoid him at all costs.

    My little guy is 13 months old and I still have that line too...wonder if Mederma would work on it?

  18. I tried to watch Mad Men but I kind of found it depressing. But I haven't even finished the first season so maybe I should push through. I can't seem to find a series I can stick with.

  19. I think #9 might be a slight exaggeration, but no one would ever accuse you of being dramatic, right? ;) Cue the snake post. Anyhoo, I do think a house cleaner is money well spent. We've carefully budgeted so that we can have someone come every other week. It's life changing. Did I sound dramatic?!?

  20. My son is just one week shy of a year and I too still have the line on my stomach! I really hope it goes away but I fear it won't!


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