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Flashback Friday - Going to the Chapel

Flashback Friday!

I wrote this post back in 2008 the day after Luke and I got engaged. It's weird how that day seems like yesterday but also it seems like Luke and I have been married forever. Weird how that works.

Going to the chapel.....

And we're gonna get maarrried!!! After four years and some-odd days Luke and I are engaged!!!!!
It happened on February 29th - Leap Day!! It was perfect in every way that it could have been. I am so thankful for him and all of the memories that we have together - including this new one that we got to add!

When you date someone for more than 2 years you start to get a lot of questions as to why you aren't engaged yet - and they just continue through the years. A lot of people have made the comment that we are "finally" engaged, but right now all I can say is that this happened in the absolute perfect timing. God's timing is perfect! I am thankful for every year that we dated and learned how to do this thing called a relationship and I am so excited (and prepared) to move into the next level with him!! Thank you to everybody who has called, texted, or wrote on our FB wall's to congratulate us! It means a lot!

This picture was taken right after he proposed....we were just a little happy!!! :-) I think that I jumped up and down the entire night. It was beautiful!

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  1. seriously no one commented on this? lol great post. its encouraging to know there are still people out there who don't take relationships/dating/marriage ever so lightly. and yes, God's timing is most def perfect! :)


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