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Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend Luke's brother got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on land at his parent's house.

I always wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but the possibility of having mother nature screw everything up always scared me too much to take the outdoor wedding plunge. Thankfully the weather cooperated 100% for this wedding and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.

We spent all weekend outside getting everything ready for the wedding. From hanging lights, to hanging grapevine and

Torre, the bride (and my new sister-in-law) went with an outdoor/rustic theme for the wedding and everything came together beautifully. I can not wait to see the professional pictures, but for now here are some pics I've rounded up (see also: stole off Facebook)

The setting was the pasture next to my in-laws house. My father in law built the arbor that they stood under (pictured below). The day before the wedding they wrapped grapevine around it and waited until about an hour before the wedding to add the hydrangeas.

Pictures after the ceremony:

 Reception setting

The cake. Her dress was amazing!

 The candy "barrel" (bar):

 This is the head table: The centerpieces were logs with squares cut out and then filled with hydrangeas.

The beautiful cake (you can see the wedding setting in the background)

I was looking forward to the wedding, but I was SO NERVOUS about how Eli would act during the wedding. We were sitting outside on the very front row and I knew once he saw Luke he would want to go straight to him, which was not possible since Luke was a groomsman standing at the front.

I had packed a bag full of food, which entertained him for about 2 minutes and then Eli melted down. Which is obviously NOT COOL during an outdoor wedding. I took off as fast as I could while maintaing my I'm-a-calm-mom-I've-got-it-under-control look on the outside while inside I really wanted to die of embarrassment. I ran inside got him a bottle and came back out just in time to listen to Luke sing.

I know he shouldn't have a bottle anymore but I couldn't find a sippy cup quick enough and he easy lying on the floor screaming. IT WAS A DO OR DIE MOMENT.

Luke with Eli and his mom after the ceremony, this pic completely cracks me up because Eli looooooves his bottle:
I spent the first half of the reception enjoying time with my husband and visiting with friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time.

And then I spent the second part of the reception inside with a tired, worn out, DONE baby boy:

It was such a fun weekend, filled with a beautiful wedding and welcoming a new member to our family! 


  1. Beautiful wedding! The back of her dress is absolutely amazing!

  2. LOVE this. Such a beautiful wedding!

  3. What a beautiful wedding! Love the bride's dress.

  4. gorgeous wedding. i love the idea and look of outside weddings. however...bugs and wind and allergies are out to get i went with the indoor route!

  5. Wow, that wedding could not be more stunning!!! The setting is PERFECTION!

  6. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I love all of the rustic details she incorporated into it. So pretty!

  7. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I love all of the rustic details she incorporated into it. So pretty!

  8. What a gorgeous setting! The arbor was beautiful.

  9. Luke's mom looks so young! I thought you were going to say she was his older sister at first. What a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding, I love the theme!

  10. I love outdoor weddings maybe I will have one for my vow renewal one day :)

  11. I love the wedding pictures! Simple yet very elegant! Congrats to them both!

  12. The wedding looks absolutely beautiful. I love an outdoor wedding. And I love the necklace you are wearing. :)

  13. okay..what everyone else said about the wedding..STUNNING!

    but i just have to comment on the pictures of you and eli at the end during his melt down...i probably shouldn't laugh.. but its how you captured the moment that looks funny! poor guy tho! hope he got some sleep that night and was happier than a teletubby the next day!

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