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Time Management

Why is time so hard to manage?

I remember in college listening to a man speak about prioritizing your time. I had horrible time management at that particular time in my life. I put social time and TV before homework, sleep and time with God.

My freshman year of college a friend and I would stay up until around 4:30 in the morning just talking about NOTHING and then we would go to class at 8:00. That is awful time management. But I did it, and successfully lived through it.

I thought time management was hard back then, but as I continued to get older and got various jobs that required not only my time, but also my mind power I realized I needed to prioritize my time, including going to sleep early - something I still haven't mastered.

And now, the Megan who is a wife, mom, employee of a university, Scentsy Consultant, Velata Consultant, active church member, friend, and housekeeper of the Tree household LAUGHS at the Megan in college who thought she had a lot to do.

Not only do I have to fulfill the duties that the above roles require but I also try and find time to maintain physical exercise, have a devotional everyday and spend time with my husband.

I guess right now would be a good time to say that my biggest pet peeve is when people complain about being busy. We are all busy, some busier than others yes, but each one of us is busy. And we ALL have a lot to do.

Yet here I am complaining about it all.

And really, I don't want to complain, I just want, no I NEED to figure out how to manage it all.

All of these thoughts started today because I decided to go to the library and check out some books. And then I tried to think about when I would read them. And I couldn't figure out a time. The only time I could think of was at night in bed, but when I try and read in bed I fall asleep.

I know, I'm complaining. I will stop now.

I'm just wondering if anybody else has problems with time management. Anybody have any solutions for me other than SUCK IT UP, which is what I'm telling myself right now.

And don't worry , if you are rolling your eyes at me right now I'm rolling my eyes at myself.

I'm also rolling my eyes at my 19 year old self who thought it was strenuous to walk to class sit there for an hour and then go back to the dorms and hang out and eat the rest of the night while laughing and talking with friends.

Lesson Learned.


  1. I get SO ANNOYED when people complain about being busy but only when they act like they're busier than I am. I always say "we all get 24 hours a day!" I think no matter how well you manage your time you're always going to come up short somewhere.

  2. I am sooo with you on this! My mind goes into a tail spin daily trying to be efficient with my time and on days when I think I've mastered it, DH comes home and asks me if I remembered to do such & such...and of course, I hadn't. Ugh. I've even tried timers and rewarding myself with something I want to do after completing a task I don't really like to do. Also, I even tend to procrastinate on things I WANT to do.

  3. I struggle here too. I have been praying through Proverbs 31 and to be more like that woman but at this point, I am far from it and still quite selfish. When I put Anne Margaret down for a nap its like I check out and claim it as me time. Then later on when I "have no time" I complain. I need to get way better on prioritizing too. UGH.

  4. I was just talking to my husband about this tonight. I was telling him that there just aren't enough hours in the day. You may have heard this quote already, but I say it to myself a lot. "Moms can do it all, just not all at once." Not sure who to give credit to for that quote, but it's so true! I think we all struggle with it from time to time. :)

  5. Hmmm...right now the best advice to freeing up time would be - move to D-town. Ha!

    But, wait! If you move here then I would have a good friend to share my time with on the days I don't see you already...and there goes the extra time I have just freed up by moving to the land of nod...rats!

    But seriously, you need to find the "me" time. Don't feel selfish and don't worry about dishes piling up or toilets going unscrubbed. Let Mr. Eli nap and you read (or do whatever makes you focus on you)! Healthy, happy mommy = healthy, happy family!

  6. This is a constant struggle for me. And the blasted Internet doesn't do anything but add to the nightmare. Great post. Love your hilarious honesty.

  7. I'm pretty sure all Mom's struggle with this. It is just the nature of the game. My house always looks like it should be condemned and I sure would love it if it looked like everybody else's!

    I am finding that I feel better if I go to bed earlier. Even if I don't fall asleep right away. I'll read or tweet on my phone but at least I'm in bed. I usually fall asleep by 11pm. Baby wakes at 6am. But this past week I keep falling asleep at 9pm. NO idea why? I must be more tired than I think.

  8. I have this problem too but my husband (while gritting his teeth) has told me time and time again I need to drop off the UNIMPORTANT small things I or anyone else can do without....lessen your load...there are so many things I WANT to do, or think I HAVE to do, but I don' getting rid of those helps alot. Also ask for help. I have a HUGE problem with that...but surprisingly when I do put aside pride and do I feel lots less stressed.

  9. Yes, everyone is busy and i get annoyed at people who complain, but only if they blame their shortcomings on being busy. Busi-ness is a valid complaint, but not an excuse. And I read a ton and do it while working out or on my lunch at work. I go through one to two books a week and it makes me look forward to working out!

  10. There is never enough time! I feel like I work harder on the weekends trying to run around and get everything done in 2 days. I a working harder at being appreciative, slowing down, and chilling the heck out!

  11. Getting my 7/8 hours of sleep every night seems like such a huge dream I will never accomplish. None-the-less I try every week. One thing I've noticed that helps me is not setting a specific bed time but going to bed a little earlier than the day before. It's hard to change something instantly so if I just try to be a little better than the day before it helps me to eventually get to where I want to be. Baby steps!

  12. Something I did NOT do when I wa your age was make it a priority to go to bed early. I do that now and get up early. I move mountains before 7:00 am. No young person likes to get up early but going to bed early is the key. DVR the shows you can't live without...though I don't have DVR so I just miss a lot of them. Get up early, do a devotion while the clothes are washing. Read while the clothes are drying. Do your treadmill workout while watching tv. Then take a shower and get Levi up. You will feel so energized! I know this doesn't sound doable for a busy, working mom. But, it is. The key is early to bed....9:00. Get hubs on board with that. Both of you go to bed early and read/fall asleep together. I know you are rolling your eyes at this old NONNY, but, try it for two weeks! :)

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