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{Review} New Blue Glasses ~ Glasses USA

When I was in 8th grade I realized that I had a slight eye problem. I knew I probably needed glasses, but first I had to convince my parents that this was not some elaborate scheme just to get some cool glasses. I do recognize that I am a bit of a hypochondriac and from the time I could talk I would try and convince my parents something was wrong with me - I used to dream of the day I could wear a retainer or pray that I would need a cast one my arm, so the notion that I would pretend to need glasses didn't seem so far-fethced.

But, indeed, I did need glasses. I had horrible vision and at 14 years old I became a full time contacts and glasses wearing person!

It has been a couple of years since I got a new pair of stylish glasses and here lately I've been thinking of how badly I needed new glasses. My current glasses are not very nice looking and would not be suitable for public. It is beyond time for a new pair.

So when Glasses USA contacted me to review a pair of glasses from their site I jumped at the chance!

Considering my last glasses purchase was several years ago I had never purchased any glasses through the Internet. After my experience with Glasses USA I can say that I would definitely use them again in the future.

They have SO many options, styles, and colors in very affordable prices. The website was user friendly and I was able to navigate through it easily, choose various frames to compare to each other and even try on some glasses!

They have this super cool virtual mirror that allows you to upload a picture or take a pic using your computer and then "try on" any glasses that you want. I had SO much fun with this.

Trying on several different pairs.

You can even try the virtual mirror yourself!

I eventually decided on a pretty pair of blue prescription glasses. After entering in all my information, I received my tracking number and anxiously watched my package as it made its way to me!

They arrived and as soon as I opened my box I knew they were perfect. They were stylish, fun and very durable. I am going to have so much fun with these glasses!

If you are in need of some new eyeglasses, or maybe you just want to add a pair to your collection you should definitely check out Glasses USA and buy glasses for yourself!
You can find all current sales and coupons here to make their amazing prices even lower AND you can take 10% off any order using the code BLOG10.

Don't miss these good deals with a site that offers you excellent customer service, they have a 110% lowest price guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction!

Place your order at today!!


  1. Those glasses are so cute. I have a pair of dark blue glasses that I love. Most days I wear my contacts but it's nice to have a cute pair of glasses handy. And I always wanted braces and glasses growing up. Both of which I ended up needing and I was beyond thrilled. Clearly I had (have?) some issues.

  2. The blue glasses look so good on you! I'm loving your green shirt, too.

  3. Do you wear your wedding ring on your right hand? Just curious - I see a lot of people doing that in the blogworld??

  4. I had the same problem with my parents when I needed glasses! I couldn't see the board in 5th grade and told my mom I needed glasses. She thought I wanted them because someone else had them. One night when we were at the football game I asked my mom why the band was carrying balloons. She said those aren't balloons they are tubas, I guess you do need glasses! Ha!

  5. Love the glasses, and I actually do need a new pair. My husband has been pushing me to get a bit more stylish with my glasses. I'll have to check out that site for sure. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Love your blog & Really cute glasses! I love your shirt! Where is it from??
    -Jamie =)

  7. love the blue glasses! good choice!


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