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Random Tuesday and a Winner!

1. I've recently started watching Ice Loves Coco on E! I had seen previews for it and thought it looked RIDICULOUS. Until I watched the first episode and fell in love with them. They are crazy and definitely inappropriate but entertaining.

2. Eli is still attached to his little blue bear lovey thingy, but instead of calling him "Bubba" he now calls him "Dadda". We have no idea why.

3. I need more skirts. I have a million dresses and two skirts. I want to change this quickly. Where do you get your cute skirts (assuming you have cute skirts).

4. Don't worry I'm still addicted to Coke and drink it once a day. I've decided one a day is perfectly fine. Please do not pray that God will convict me about this. IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

5. We all know I'm a Scentsy consultant and I love to support direct sales (I even have a blog post coming soon about this) and right now I'm doing a 31 catalog party. If you've never seen the products or want to buy something check out my friend Ashley's website: HERE (click on My Parties and then Shop Now by Megan Tree)

6. I absolutely cannot believe that it is already May. MAY. Insane.

7. Attention boy moms! Kohl's has some CUTE boy clothes for cheap! I loaded Eli's summer wardrobe up the other day for next to nothing. Cute shirts and shorts for $3.99 each?!?! YES PLEASE.

8. We used our grill this week for the first time this year. I love grill season. I found some yummy looking side dishes on pinterest that I can't wait to try!

9. My computer always changes Pinterest to interest. It is annoying.

10. A couple of years ago I was in a friend's wedding and she bought us sandals from Payless to wear to the wedding. I absolutely LOVED them and wore them all the time. So much so that they have become worn out and a little gross looking. I also realized that they were Tory Burch knockoffs, I'm not above a good (or bad) knockoff. I'm looking so hard for these sandals but considering they are 2 year old Payless shoes I doubt I will ever find them again.

And the Weathered Ways Giveaway Winner is Beth!!

Email me and I will connect you with the wonderful people behind Weathered Ways! 


  1. My mom despises reality tv shows (except maybe Survivor and Amazing Race) and she balks at my sister and I whenever we watch shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians.But even she said that Ice and Coco seem really sweet and nuts (in a good way) and like they truly love each other.

  2. Have you tried the jalapeno creamed corn from pinterest yet?? SO GOOD! My kids even liked it :o)

  3. My favorite place for super cute skirts is Boden. They are on the expensive side, but they are very good quality and they last season after season. And you don't see a million other people with the same skirt! Boden also has great customer service. I had a sweater for several months and it got a hole in it after only a few times wearing it, and they fully refunded my money, no questions asked.

  4. I recently saw some really cute skirts at Old Navy and I used to buy a lot of mine when I worked at GAP. Shabby Apple has some adorable ones, but they are $$! I've also had pretty good luck at Target in the junior's section for soft, knit skirts.

    I love Kohl's for kid's clothes! Get stuff on the cheap for my girls all the time there!

  5. I have one bajillion skirts and dresses. Luckily, I've been the same size since high school (and now I'm 25) so I've accumulated things through the years. The majority of my wardrobe comes from Target, Loft, and Banana/Gap Outlets. Most things that I have from Loft & the outlets were either on sale, or I had a coupon. :) Boden (recommended by another commenter) has adorable things, but I can't afford them. Some of my blog friends post about them sometimes and I get a little depressed about my teacher salary - haha!


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