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Lessons Learned on Mother's Day

Today was my 2nd Mother's day. When I woke up I was greeted by my baby boy sitting next to me in bed staring at me.

Luke had gotten him from bed, got his milk ready and brought him to our bed to greet me for Mother's day.

As I slowly woke up and wiped the sleep out of my eyes I thought of how lucky I was and how this was going to be a wonderful 2nd mother's day.

I was then hit with Eli's milk as he threw it at me. Reality check. And as the day progress I realized that I had many lessons to learn on this mother's day.

Luke left for church and Eli and I began our usual Sunday routine. I was making the bed while Eli was playing in the closet. He loves to play with my shoes and stack them. I finished making the bed and walked into the bathroom to find various styles of my Toms thrown in the toilet.


Lesson #1: Keep all toilet lids closed

Later we were in the kitchen where I was emptying the dishwasher. I remembered something I needed to take to church and knew if I didn't grab it right then I would forget. I ran from the dishwasher to get said item. A couple of seconds later I was greeted by Eli proudly carrying a large kitchen knife in hand.

Lesson #2: Make sure dishwasher is closed at all times

I soon realized Eli had a dirty diaper on and was in need of a diaper change. I took him to his room to change his diaper, like normal. As I was attempting to fold the diaper into a tiny ball so no smell would seep out I somehow lost all grip of the diaper and it fell onto the carpet. Dirty side down. I MEAN WHAT WAS GOING ON TODAY?!?! I just sat and stared at it for a minute in shock. I was always told dirty diapers aren't bad if they are your own child's dirty diaper. IT WAS A LIE.

Lesson #3: Potty train Eli

Somewhere between the dirty diaper and 10:00 the normal Sunday morning time-suck happened and I was running late as usual. I was running around trying to get everything together. I dug into my diaper bag to find my keys and instead of pulling out my keys I came into contact with a cup full of moldy fruit that I left in there from Friday's lunch. Complete with those little fruit fly things flying all around my bag. I gagged for the second time that morning.

Lesson #4: Clean out diaper bag nightly

We managed to make it to church, and when Luke greeted us at the car to help me get everything in the door I was somewhere between a crazy laugh and tears. It had been an exhausting morning, and it was supposed to be MY SPECIAL DAY doggone it!

After sitting in church for about an hour and basically having a "debriefing" with myself, I felt much better.

And really I found humor in the whole morning. I know there are going to be MANY more crazy times as Eli gets older and other children are added to the mix. If I don't keep a sense of humor I will end up being a boring, negative mom.

And isn't that what life is all about?? Learning lessons a long the way.

Despite cute shoes in the toilet, dirty diapers on the floor and children carrying sharp objects I want to maintain a cheerful, happy, laughing attitude. Because if I let myself start to get grumpy or negative is a slippery slope down.

It was a wonderful day with my family and I enjoyed my 2nd Mother's day. We got a rose at church and then Luke and I got my favorite Vietnamese food for lunch and he gave me my present. He is such a good husband to me.

With my sweet little toilet loving, knife carrying, dirty diaper makin buddy:

 I wouldn't trade the CRAZIEST day with him for anything:

I hate that this picture is blurry, but as I'm sure all moms can testify, getting a fast moving child to slow down long enough for a picture is pretty near impossible. 

Happy Mother's Day 2012!


  1. so funny!

    and he looks so grown up! stop it, Eli!

  2. Too funny! Sunday mornings ALWAYS turn bananas around here. I came across your blog through twitter recently. Eli is precious! What a blessed mama you are. Have a good week :)

  3. That bow tie. Those shoes. That baby boy. STOP. Makes it all worth it somehow!!! CUTENESS!

  4. At least you were able to see the humor in it all! haha! Your hair looks amazing and Eli is too cute!

  5. The bowtie KILLS me.... Too cute!

    So glad you were able to find the humor, so that you could share it with us and we could find the humor, too, lol.

  6. oh my, we have learned many of those same lessons, hehe! You are so right about keeping a fun and positive attitude about it all, love that! ;)

    I got excited about you mentioning more babies ;-))))

    Those pics are so cute and beautiful! He is getting so big! Hope you have a fun yet less "exciting" relaxing day today ;)

  7. he's adorable...and I'm already learning that sometimes the best thing for me to is to find humor in those trying situations!

    also love your cute!

  8. man... dont you remember not that long ago when our days were so not this crazy!!

    this post made me laugh :) glad yall ended up having a good day!

  9. Sorry about the shoes, but MAN! Eli looks so stinking cute in that bowtie! I love it :)

    Happy belated Mother's Day!


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