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A fit, shower and basketball

It's never too late to blog about our weekend happenings is it??

Friday I had big plans to not take a shower or leave the house. I am proud to say this was halfway accomplished. I managed to not shower all day but I did leave the house to get some baskets for our laundry room which is another post for another day. I never intended to give our laundry room a makeover but it just sort of happened....

I had to snap this picture of Eli on Friday morning because he was rolling around on the floor throwing a fit because I wouldn't let him hold the remote control. He has started chunking it at the TV and if we don't have TV in our house ain't nobody gonna be happy. So he lost all remote privileges and this is the result:


I love watching him throw fits, is that weird? I know my love for his fits will pass, but just think, this time last year he was a crying, sleeping, tiny, baby and now he is throwing fits, rolling around in the floor?!? It's just so neat to watch his personality develop.

Friday night we enjoyed some BBQ Chicken Sliders (which I will blog about later), and corn and potatoes from the grill. It was delicious and a great summer meal.

We hung out at home and Eli and Luke watched their favorite band on TV. Eli is most certainly a music boy. 

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and met Katie to drive to Tulsa to help host a shower for my sweet friend Lindsey.

I met Lindsey several years ago through blogging and have maintained a close friendship through the years. I am soooo excited about her pregnancy with baby Jack!

It was a fun day and all the other hostesses did an amazing job with the shower. These are some talented gals in this picture above! I know the majority of these girls from blogging.

Doesn't Lindsey look adorable?!?! You can't even tell she is pregnant Every time I see a cute preggo I promise myself I will be a cute preggo NEXT TIME.

Remind me I said that when I'm downing my second box of Krispy Kreme.

Saturday evening Luke, Eli and I headed to my friend Sarah's house to hang out with her family for Cinco De Mayo and watch the Thunder game (THUNDER UP).

We were in charge of bringing the dessert so I decided to bring Velata. It was a hit. I got pretzels, strawberries, graham crackers and angel food. We dipped these in carmel chocolate. It was a hit!

Sunday was our normal, crazy day.

I love weekends like this. What a fun time it was!


  1. i love that you make that promise to yourself- i do the same thing! my bestie is preggo right now and she is so cute! I told her I was going to post a pic of her to my fridge when I'm pregnant again to keep me from eating everything under the sun :)

  2. I LOVE the dress in your pictures from the shower. What store is it from?


  3. 1. i want your necklace! so cute.
    2. i make that promise to myself, too. i gained SEVENTY pounds (30 of those were water, but STILL). what the what.

  4. Thank you for your sweet comments on the way I look. I don't always feel so pretty! haha. I'm so glad you and Katie made the trip for my shower!!

  5. Your dress is super cute and I think I need to look into this Velata a little more.

  6. Oh, I love weekends like that too! Just perfect!

  7. Sooo cool you get together with your blogging friends. That's awesome. I recognize Megan from In this wonderful life...I follow her blog too. :)

  8. Well you just look adorable in these pics! And I don't believe for a minute that sweet baby boy throws fits. :)

  9. Just so you know, you WERE a cute preggo :-) oh and I like your dress!

  10. I also love your dress, and I must look into this whole Velata thing a little more. I just clicked on the link. So it's like Scentsy for fondue? Hmmmm. I may have to try it.


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