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Dress Fits

I had a couple of people ask me about my dress that I wore to Lindsey's shower. I got it at Ross for $9.99!

Before the shower I made a vow to myself that I WOULD NOT buy a new outfit. I have plenty of clothes in my closet and I need to get out of the awful habit of purchasing a new outfit for every small, medium and large event in my life.

Does anybody else do this? You are invited to some event of some sort and you think "oh I need a new outfit for that!"

I want to get out of this mind set so I've started shopping my closet and I was determined to do this for the shower on Saturday. And then Friday I walked into Ross looking for a laundry basket and this dress was hanging right in front of me. I reminded myself that I DID NOT need to buy a new dress.

But it was then and there that I made a deal with myself. If it was under $12.00 I would allow myself to get it.

Imagine my delight when I looked at the tag with a big $9.99 in beautiful black ink.

It was meant to be.

And my super fun necklace is from Bridier Baubles. 

Switching knew it would happen, but the moment I blogged about enjoying Eli's fits he had several ginormous fits in a row today. I'm not so sure I enjoyed them.

Wednesday's are always hard because we have church which means we don't get home until late and so  Eli gets in bed late.

Normally it's not terribly bad but today he wouldn't take a nap. I tried all afternoon to get him to nap and it just wasn't happening. I knew the end result would mean a grumpy Eli. And really he is such a good baby, but if he doesn't get a nap he tends to meltdown - which seems normal.

But instead of melt -downing he kinda went a little delirious.

For example:


After dinner we went to church. Eli still cries when I drop him off in the nursery but I've spied on him and he quits crying about 2.5 seconds after I walk off.

We do our church thing and get home around 9:00, which is well after Eli's bedtime and usually results in this happening:

Which leads to this:

And yes my 14 month old still takes a bottle. If you can break him of it I will give you a $10.00 gift card to Ross.

Now Eli is in bed, but he keeps coughing, I hope he isn't getting sick!


  1. I think that was around the age my daughter started having more flip out sessions. The good news is your not alone, and you got a great deal on that cute dress, the bad news is those tantrums will go on for many more years.

  2. oh tantrums! My two year old has them mastered. Though sometimes they are so hilariously bad or so darn cute when they are naughty that you just can't help but laugh and enjoy their deviousness (is that a word?) Is he drinking regular milk? You could try a sippy cup without a stopper in it. We used a Nalgene Grip N Gulp without the stopper in it (at first) and my boy loved it, and switched from bottle to cup really quickly. Love your blog!

  3. My son is just a month older than Eli and he's started the meltdown tantrum fit thingy's too. At first we were trying not to laugh because we thought it was kind of funny to see his personality come out. Now...not so much. When I try and change his diaper he screams like a banshee and we had an incident in the library the other day. I couldn't get him strapped back into his stroller because he was kicking and screaming so much he kept sliding out. All eyes on me. I think I might have died a little bit.

    My son was 14 months when I finally got him off the bottle. It was driving me crazy!! I finally just didn't give him a bottle all day long but would still give him one at night. By the end of the week he was drinking milk/water from his sippy cup during the day and then I decided to alternate (every other day) at night. Ended up not having to do it, just gave him a sippy of milk at dinner and BAM. DONE. It was like magic. I won't question the bottle gods. I'm just thankful.

  4. Ross is the best place to buy dresses!!! Love te selection and prices!!

    Sorry about the tantrums. I have a 19 month old girl...oh.the.drama!!! Eli sure is cute though! :)

  5. Megan, you give me such hope for when I become a parent! Your kids do not have to be perfect and you do not have to put on a perfect front to the world as a mom...but you can handle each day with humor! :)

    And I buy clothes for every new event as well. Trying to get better at it...I wore the same dress to a work function and a wedding that were three weeks apart. No one noticed, but it still felt a little weird. :)

  6. My son is only 10 months old and already throws fits!

    I love the joke about breaking him of the bottle and the Ross gift card! You have such a great sense of humor!

  7. Take the bottle away. Just do it. I packed all Emmy's up and went cold turkey. And you know what? She learned how to drink her milk out of a sippy because she had no other choice. And now, it's like she's forgotten about it. It's easier the younger they are (according to my ped) :) ... and yes, I cried.

  8. Oh the tantrums! I am very familiar with them unfortunately. They started around the same age as Eli and have gotten worse. Actually he throws them so often now that I am a pro at ignoring them :) I like how he is tipping his bottle back with his head way back! Haha, he clearly loves his bottle :)

  9. My son (now 2 1/2) had a bottle until he was 2. I totally understand a baby not wanting to give it up. In the end the "Baba Fairy" came and took them all away and left him a toy. Maybe it was casue he was old enough to understand but the tranisiton from the bottle went so smooth.

  10. Those tantrum pictures are hilarious!


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