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Date Night, Playing and a New Baby!

This weekend my mom came to stay with us for a night so that meant Luke and I FINALLY got to go on a date night.

We hadn't been on an actual, time-alone-eat-alone-see-a-movie-pig-out-on-popcorn-date since December. That is waaaaaaay toooooo long!!

Excited for our date night!

Eli crawled over so we of course had to include him in the picture.

We had a gift card to use at a restaurant so we enjoyed a free meal and then we went and saw The Hunger games. We saw a 9:25 movie so we didn't get home until after midnight. It was like we were in college all over again.

I had read The Hunger Games and honestly didn't enjoy it all that much. Just not my kinda book, but we both really liked the movie.

The next day Luke fixed us all a  yummy breakfast of waffles, bacon and eggs, and then my mom and I left to go get fabric. She brought her sewing machine and I had a few items I wanted her to make (including Eli's bow tie that he wore on Mother's Day).

She sewed the rest of the afternoon while we all played. It was such a beautiful day so we spent a lot of time outside. My nephew came with my mom so he and Eli got to spend lots of time together.

Playing in the yard:

As my mom was on the way out the door one of my best friends Tambra and her husband stopped by to visit for awhile. They live in Houston and were in town for the weekend. I'm so glad they got to see Eli and play with him, and we got to catch up more than just a quick chat on the phone. It was nice.

Sunday was Mother's Day which I talked about here.

Later in the afternoon I ventured to the hospital to see my friend Sarah and meet her sweet girl Maeva. I was with Sarah on Friday and she was having some pretty bad contractions. I figured she would give birth that night and I wasn't too far off!

I left the hospital with TOTAL baby fever and thought, maybe just maybe it was time to have the convo with Luke about our timeline for the next one.

And then that night I slept the whole night with no interruptions, I gave Eli his food in the morning where he fed himself while I got ready and I fit into all my clothes with no problem.

It was then that I decided I'm most definitely not ready for a new baby. I've still got baby Eli, I don't need another one yet!

It was another, busy, but fun weekend!


  1. I saw the title of this post and had a heart attack. I must say, you DO look pretty darn cute with a baby girl in that picture!! :)

  2. You look so amazing and skinny !! Waaaaaaah my boy is almost 7 months and I feel like throwing away all my old clothes that taunt me every time I get dressed. I'll never be skinny again ! Sounds super stupid but this difficult weight loss ( and other reasons that make sense) have me thinking one and done as far as children go

  3. Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Also, love your outfits. You always look so stylish.

  4. Fun weekend! Yay for a date night :)

  5. Love your date night outfit! You guys are the cutest. And I think I can thank you for helping me finally go in to labor. That or Manny's crazy antics. Ha! Thanks for coming to see us...can't wait to do the same when you're in the hospital with your NEXT BABY. :)

  6. Yes, your title had me going too...I totally thought you were about to say you were preggo!


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