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It's been awhile since I've done a good ole fashioned "confessions" post.

And since I'm hardly ever an open book on here (ahem, cough cough) I decided to do a little confessing today:

In confess......

- I dont like massages. This could have something to do with the fact that I don't like touching people. it's a big joke between me and my friends that I am NOT a hugger. High fiver? Yes. Fist Bump? Why not. Our bodies coming together in an awkwrd hug? Hellllz no.

- Luke and I have what you might call "black thumbs". Unforuntaely we are the very first house you see when youe nter our neighborhood and we are afraid the whole neighborhood is ashamed of what should be a flower garden but is instead a weed garden. I wish I caerd about our curb appeal. Maybe if I was a full time stay at home mom I would, but for now, no.

- I didn't wash my Toms after Eli threw them in the toliet. Touch my shoes at your own risk.

- I cried an abnormal amount of tears on the last episode of Desperate Housewives.

- I always cry on series finales. When the series finale of Saved by the Bell aired I recroded it on our VCR and watched it one million times and would bawl my eyes out each and every time. I can still visualize the Zach and Kelly montage at the end with the cheesy love song.

- I'm going to the beach next month and I have NO summer clothes. All my clothes from last summer are way too big and all my clothes from the years before I got rid of last summer because I thought I would never fit into them again. If you think I'm an idiot, it's because I am. My husband (and numerous friends) told me NOT to get rid of my pre pregnancy clothes. Oh how I wish I had listened.

- I regret quitting piano lessons after five years

- The song I'm most proud of learning during piano lessons was "My Heart Will Go On"

- I'm completely scared to wear a bathing suit next month. It's been a loooong time since I've had one of those on

- Giving my child a bath isn't my favorite thing to do. I usually try and pass that one off to Luke when I can

Do you have any confessions?


  1. Desperate Housewives made me bawl too!! Series finales are SO SO sad.

  2. Yes, I cried HARD as well! I'm SO going to miss those girls!

    I also got rid of ALL of my pre-preg clothes right after having my first. So dumb.

    I quit piano as a kid, too. My mom recently told me that I could have her piano when we move next month so I can start J in lessons. Secret: I'm going to take lessons, too! I will be like Yiruma... I promise! My proudest song: Theme from Cheers :o)

    I absolutely HATE giving my girls a bath. I'll often try to bribe my husband with $50 to do it. He never takes me up on it because, "It all comes from the same account anyway!" Loser.

    A confession all of my own: My husband is going away on a 4-day golf retreat today and as much as I will miss him, I am SO looking forward to having the bed to myself!! xoxo

  3. This is so funny to me. I'm the same way about touching, series finales, and giving my son a bath. And I also did the same thing after I had my son, only I got rid of all my winter clothes. I don't listen either. :)

  4. I hate massages! Everyone thinks I am insane. I don't like back rubs, people touching me either. The thought of a stranger doing it? Blech.

    Honestly, obviously I love my baby touching me, but after being touched all day by her, I have reached my quota!

  5. I don't mind massages but I hate pedicures. Something about people touching my feet. I think it tickles and when they dig at your toenails I think it hurts! No thanks!

  6. thankfully I listened to my momma and kept most all of my pre-preggo clothes...of course I've been tempted more than once to get rid of all of them in an attempt to get a completely new wardrobe.

    I'm not thinking that Hubby would buy that excuse!

  7. I cry like a big baby at series finales as well. I used to watch Reba and I cried like I was losing my family when that show ended. Do you cry at commercials? If you cry at commercials than you're a true

    Another confession we have in common...bathing my children. I hate it because I have a bad back and bending over to clean their stinky booties just wears me out. That and trying to bath a one year old and a two year old at the same time has it's own challenges.

  8. My confession: I just ate a bowl full of tater tots and enjoyed every second of it.

    Great post!

  9. I love massages but I dont do hugs. No sir. I think the massage thing doesnt bother me cause its a paid service. The whole awkward hug thing just aint my style.

  10. I cried during Desperate Housewives too! It was time for the show to end, but it was still so sad! I also dislike hugs, and bathing my children. I pass the job off to my husband as well. hehehe ;)

  11. One of the kiddos asked me if I was going to wear a 2-piece at camp this summer and I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously, never again I'm guessing :-) and I'm very sorry because I probably hugged you when I saw you. I'm a hugger, hope you can forgive me! Love you friend!

  12. It's a big joke with my cousins and my sisters, because a guy came through the receiving line at my aunt's funeral and high-fived me and my sister. They all thought it was completely inappropriate. I, on the other hand, LOVED it. I hate hugging, especially random people. I think funeral high-fiving should become a regular thing.

    Yes, I cried at Desperate Housewives, too. Full House did me in, as did One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights. You get attached to these folks!

  13. jeffrey gave me a gift certificate for a massage on my first mother's day. that was three years ago...and it's still sitting in my nightstand drawer.

    also, i have TONS of pre-preg clothes you're welcome to. i'm sure that's the way it goes....those of you that get rid of them, inevitably need them again. those of us that don't get rid of them, look at them in spite every time we walk into our closet and dream of just getting my big toe into one of the pant legs....sigh

  14. Are we the same person?

    I hate massages so much. I work at a school where I can get an hour massage for $10 as an employee. But I HATE THEM. Nobody understands why the idea of someone rubbing me down skeeves me out. It is pretty weird though that otherwise, I'll get all up in someone's personal space.

    I love finales. Always tears. Always. I don't think I'll ever produce the kind of tears I did for the Dawson's Creek finale.

    Bathing my kids? worst. chore. ever.


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