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Another Creature?

By now we all know that the Tree house recently had an intruder. A slithering, hissing, disgusting intruder.

If you are keeping record I STILL have SPTSD (snake post traumatic stress disorder), there are times where I feel like I'm about to overcome SPTSD and then I will see a lamp cord out of the corner of my eye and lose all will to live.

And knowing that Luke isn't exactly a skilled snake-catcher doesn't help matters.

Thankfully we haven't seen a snake since Alfred made his way into our home. And believe me I have looked nonstop. Going into a dark room in my house is the scariest thing ever, and I always pull back the shower curtain when entering the bathroom, not for fear that there is an masked man back there but for fear that a snake has taken up residence in our tub.
Ya know, normal.

That was a whole lot of lead into a a story that isn't near as exciting as the snake story but a long the same lines.....

Last night Luke and I were lying in bed watching our Thunder boys beat some Laker butt (shamless plug for our awesome OKC team). As I was watching the game I kept hearing something scurrying around, but being the smart detective that I am I figured it was a piece of paper blowing around in our room.

Because that makes sense.

After several minutes of a piece of paper blowing around our room from the invisible wind, Luke muted the TV and said "what's that noise?" which is further proof that he is always FIVE MINUTES LATE TO EVERYTHING even hearing the piece of paper blowing around.

We sat in bed with the TV muted listening as best we could to figure out what the noise was and WHERE IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN it was coming from.
That is when Luke, my valiant hero, got up from bed went to the closet and....... put on his house shoes.
Here he was, the man I pledged to love with all my heart, sneaking around our house in his underwear and house shoes. When I inquired as to why he needed house shoes he said "so I can kick it".
Oh, just like you did the snake? Or so you can run faster? Which is it?

After Luke walked around for awhile trying to figure out the source of the noise, and I sat in bed checking my ever-so-important Twitter timeline, while occasionally looking up and laughing at my husband and the fact that we ONCE AGAIN had some creature in our house, Luke concluded that the noise was indeed coming from inside the wall.

Which was probably the most NON-COMFORTING thing I had ever heard in my life.

We sat in bed and listened to the noise a awhile longer. Luke then concluded that the noise was indeed a possum and it was going to have babies in our wall and we would have a possum infestation.

And people think I'm the dramatic one.

I was 99% sure it wasn't an opossum, and was just worried that it was Alfred the snake's friends coming back for revenge for accidentally killing his friend (I promise it was an accident, please don't turn me in to the animal rights people).

I could just see it in my mind, us being played by two much better looking people on a show on TLC about how we had snakes in our walls coming to avenge the death of their friend.

Maybe I am the dramatic one?

We finally fell asleep to the tune of a creature in our wall trying to claw itself out - such sweet sounds at night.

I'm pretty positive it was a mouse. Which in my mind is better than a snake, but only by a teeny tiny fraction of a percent better. 

And I feel that I need to clarify: I promise, I really do promise our house is clean despite our recent visitors.

Hopefully all creatures of shapes and sizes leave our property sooner rather than later. As much as I would like to be depicted on a TLC reality show I would much rather be on one like "I didn't know I was pregnant" as opposed to "My house had mysterious creatures in our walls".

A girl can dream.


  1. Ugh I hate snakes! You wouldn't want to come to my house! We've had a snake, a mouse, a few rabbits, lots of wolf spiders...maybe I should hire an exterminator...
    Why, oh why did God create wolf spiders?? I know the bigger they are, the more harmless they are, but they are unbelievably creepy. And don't even get me started about the one I stomped on that was pregnant. Baby. Spiders. Everywhere.

  2. We've all had a mouse or two in our homes, but still never fun to have any animal inside. Your story certainly made me laugh. :)

  3. We've had mice in our walls before. Well, not mice like as in an infestation, but mice like one here and another there. I hate the way they scratch. It's creepy. We finally had to put mummifying poison in the attic, and they died.

  4. Ok I have to comment on this one! I have never before but we had a snake in the house last spring and I STILL worry about finding another one! We we first moved in we had mice but since we have a cat he seems to catch them all BEFORE they come in which is awesome if you ask me! Honestly I don't know which is worse mice or snakes! ha! This long comment to say you may never get over your SPTSD!
    Btw love your blog!

  5. Oh my, you crack me up! I totally feel for you :o) STILL laughing out loud at Luke, "So I can kick it!" Haha!

  6. oh my gosh....I can't stand snakes...or bugs...or anything of that nature. If I ever see a bug in the house, I always holler for my husband to come and get it. I never want him to kill it...I want him to put it outside. A snake....well...that might be a different story!

  7. We had a mouse in our wall once. It died and I was the only one who could smell it. Until 3 years later when we opened the wall and then someone found the dried up mouse.

    At which point I non-calmly yelled VICTORY IS MINE.

    I hope your mouse goes away asap.

  8. I had a similar issue in my apt but it turned out to be a squirrel that made it's way into the ceiling and fell behind the wall and couldn't get out. Maintenance had to cut a hole in my closet to get it. It happened two more times. 3 more squirrels. One was dead and left an awful smell in my apt that I can never get out of my nose.

  9. ugh i hate snakes too! and really any creatures! i freak out when moths get in our house!


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