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Flashback Friday #1

For the summer months of June and July I decided to do a "Flashback Friday" every Friday. I've been blogging since 2007 and I've had a lot of random posts in that time, so I decided to go back and re-post some of my favorite and popular (according to stats) posts.

I will also probably give some of my thoughts before the post, but I will leave the posts exactly as they were entered into blogger. Typos and all! :-)

Here it is, Flashback Friday #1:

This post is neither a favorite nor popular post but it is my very first post so I decided to start with it. I will never EVER understand why I chose a picture of myself holding a stick as my entry picture into the world of blogging other than the fact that I thought only friends and family would read this thing. But makes no sense. I guess it does fit into my weird/random personality though. I had no idea how many thoughts, emotions and memories I would spill onto these blank blogger pages. I also had no idea that I would actually form real friendships through blogging. It all began with a  stick:


Well I did it! I entered the world of Blogging!
I knew it would happen eventually - I'm such a sucker for these things!
Now, You may be wondering why exactly I have done this:
Let me explain - I don't really have a reason for doing it - I just though it would be something fun to do.
I have graduated college and I am now at the age where my friends and family are spread out in various cities. So I thought this would be a good way to keep in touch!
My hope is that you will go up to the upper right hand corner and click 'create blog' and start your own blog - that way I can keep up with your life.
Now I know that not all of you will do this (Jodi) but I am counting on some of my friends to join me in this adventure (Jayma - I know I can count on you)

In the mission statement of many church's they state something along the lines of 'Sharing Life with Others' Well that is what I want to accomplish through this blog - I want to share my life with you - and I hope you will do the same for me.
Even if you don't want to create a blog - you can check back here and leave me comments -
Believe me! This is just the beginning of all the fun! I am excited!


Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend Luke's brother got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony on land at his parent's house.

I always wanted to have an outdoor wedding, but the possibility of having mother nature screw everything up always scared me too much to take the outdoor wedding plunge. Thankfully the weather cooperated 100% for this wedding and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.

We spent all weekend outside getting everything ready for the wedding. From hanging lights, to hanging grapevine and

Torre, the bride (and my new sister-in-law) went with an outdoor/rustic theme for the wedding and everything came together beautifully. I can not wait to see the professional pictures, but for now here are some pics I've rounded up (see also: stole off Facebook)

The setting was the pasture next to my in-laws house. My father in law built the arbor that they stood under (pictured below). The day before the wedding they wrapped grapevine around it and waited until about an hour before the wedding to add the hydrangeas.

Pictures after the ceremony:

 Reception setting

The cake. Her dress was amazing!

 The candy "barrel" (bar):

 This is the head table: The centerpieces were logs with squares cut out and then filled with hydrangeas.

The beautiful cake (you can see the wedding setting in the background)

I was looking forward to the wedding, but I was SO NERVOUS about how Eli would act during the wedding. We were sitting outside on the very front row and I knew once he saw Luke he would want to go straight to him, which was not possible since Luke was a groomsman standing at the front.

I had packed a bag full of food, which entertained him for about 2 minutes and then Eli melted down. Which is obviously NOT COOL during an outdoor wedding. I took off as fast as I could while maintaing my I'm-a-calm-mom-I've-got-it-under-control look on the outside while inside I really wanted to die of embarrassment. I ran inside got him a bottle and came back out just in time to listen to Luke sing.

I know he shouldn't have a bottle anymore but I couldn't find a sippy cup quick enough and he easy lying on the floor screaming. IT WAS A DO OR DIE MOMENT.

Luke with Eli and his mom after the ceremony, this pic completely cracks me up because Eli looooooves his bottle:
I spent the first half of the reception enjoying time with my husband and visiting with friends and family that I haven't seen in a long time.

And then I spent the second part of the reception inside with a tired, worn out, DONE baby boy:

It was such a fun weekend, filled with a beautiful wedding and welcoming a new member to our family! 


Last Day of School

Today is Luke's last day of school for his first year of teaching, and I am SO proud of him.

Luke never intended to be a teacher, he got his teachers certification on a whim and we both thought he would never really use it, it was just something "nice to have" and then one day he got a call and without pursuing a job we both watched as all the right doors opened up and in some weird way he became an English teacher.

To be honest I was a bit nervous for Luke as he headed into this new job, he came from a job where he had a lot of free range to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and could wear what he wanted, and now he was at the beck and a call of over a hundred students, and had a set schedule of when to eat and when not to eat. It was a big change.

And, since I'm being honest it was a big adjustment for not only Luke but also for me. In the past we would eat lunch together several times during the week, and that was no longer an option. We would also talk several times during the day and this was no longer an option. There have been times this year where it has been frustrating for me because I want to reach him THAT MINUTE and I can't. I could call the school and reach him, but for some reason I don't think he would find "do you want enchiladas or poppy seed chicken for dinner" to be a question worthy of interrupting his day.

As much as an adjustment as it has been, it has also been a joy to watch Luke grow. We know that this job was God-sent at just the right moment for various reasons. He had no idea, but he needed it.

It has been fun to watch him transition into "teacher mode" although I wish he would leave his disciplinary acts at the school. I've never been told "stop acting like my students" or "wow you are acting like a 7th grader right now" so many times in my life. Sometimes he even disciplines me like a teacher would a class. He needs to reign it in a bit at home and get out of teacher mode!

Aside from the crazy teacher mode at home it is fun being married to a teacher, hearing all the crazy, funny and exhausting stories that take place during his day.

A couple of weeks ago Luke told me that he remembers standing in front of his class the first week of school thinking, "there is no way I can do this, I am not ready for this" but he did it and he thrived. I've heard from numerous people about what a good teacher he is, and I'm so proud of him!

Not only did he learn a new job this year, but he maintained his role as worship pastor at our church as well as doing other jobs here and there. He works so hard for our family and I am so thankful for a hard working husband.

Luke's students wrote down some words that describeLuke and I thought it was so cute and funny.

My very favorite description is "legit singer" mainly because he has never even sung for his students. Cracks me up.

I try not to do mushy, gushy posts around here becauseI feel like my blog (and Facebook if we are getting technical) is not the appropriate place to tell my husband how proud of him I am and how much I love him when I could just tell him in person, but I did want to share his success in his new job.

Everyday I thank God that he directed my path to meet Luke's path. There are many reasons why I love him, and his dedication to his work is one of those reasons!


Another Creature?

By now we all know that the Tree house recently had an intruder. A slithering, hissing, disgusting intruder.

If you are keeping record I STILL have SPTSD (snake post traumatic stress disorder), there are times where I feel like I'm about to overcome SPTSD and then I will see a lamp cord out of the corner of my eye and lose all will to live.

And knowing that Luke isn't exactly a skilled snake-catcher doesn't help matters.

Thankfully we haven't seen a snake since Alfred made his way into our home. And believe me I have looked nonstop. Going into a dark room in my house is the scariest thing ever, and I always pull back the shower curtain when entering the bathroom, not for fear that there is an masked man back there but for fear that a snake has taken up residence in our tub.
Ya know, normal.

That was a whole lot of lead into a a story that isn't near as exciting as the snake story but a long the same lines.....

Last night Luke and I were lying in bed watching our Thunder boys beat some Laker butt (shamless plug for our awesome OKC team). As I was watching the game I kept hearing something scurrying around, but being the smart detective that I am I figured it was a piece of paper blowing around in our room.

Because that makes sense.

After several minutes of a piece of paper blowing around our room from the invisible wind, Luke muted the TV and said "what's that noise?" which is further proof that he is always FIVE MINUTES LATE TO EVERYTHING even hearing the piece of paper blowing around.

We sat in bed with the TV muted listening as best we could to figure out what the noise was and WHERE IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN it was coming from.
That is when Luke, my valiant hero, got up from bed went to the closet and....... put on his house shoes.
Here he was, the man I pledged to love with all my heart, sneaking around our house in his underwear and house shoes. When I inquired as to why he needed house shoes he said "so I can kick it".
Oh, just like you did the snake? Or so you can run faster? Which is it?

After Luke walked around for awhile trying to figure out the source of the noise, and I sat in bed checking my ever-so-important Twitter timeline, while occasionally looking up and laughing at my husband and the fact that we ONCE AGAIN had some creature in our house, Luke concluded that the noise was indeed coming from inside the wall.

Which was probably the most NON-COMFORTING thing I had ever heard in my life.

We sat in bed and listened to the noise a awhile longer. Luke then concluded that the noise was indeed a possum and it was going to have babies in our wall and we would have a possum infestation.

And people think I'm the dramatic one.

I was 99% sure it wasn't an opossum, and was just worried that it was Alfred the snake's friends coming back for revenge for accidentally killing his friend (I promise it was an accident, please don't turn me in to the animal rights people).

I could just see it in my mind, us being played by two much better looking people on a show on TLC about how we had snakes in our walls coming to avenge the death of their friend.

Maybe I am the dramatic one?

We finally fell asleep to the tune of a creature in our wall trying to claw itself out - such sweet sounds at night.

I'm pretty positive it was a mouse. Which in my mind is better than a snake, but only by a teeny tiny fraction of a percent better. 

And I feel that I need to clarify: I promise, I really do promise our house is clean despite our recent visitors.

Hopefully all creatures of shapes and sizes leave our property sooner rather than later. As much as I would like to be depicted on a TLC reality show I would much rather be on one like "I didn't know I was pregnant" as opposed to "My house had mysterious creatures in our walls".

A girl can dream.


{Review} New Blue Glasses ~ Glasses USA

When I was in 8th grade I realized that I had a slight eye problem. I knew I probably needed glasses, but first I had to convince my parents that this was not some elaborate scheme just to get some cool glasses. I do recognize that I am a bit of a hypochondriac and from the time I could talk I would try and convince my parents something was wrong with me - I used to dream of the day I could wear a retainer or pray that I would need a cast one my arm, so the notion that I would pretend to need glasses didn't seem so far-fethced.

But, indeed, I did need glasses. I had horrible vision and at 14 years old I became a full time contacts and glasses wearing person!

It has been a couple of years since I got a new pair of stylish glasses and here lately I've been thinking of how badly I needed new glasses. My current glasses are not very nice looking and would not be suitable for public. It is beyond time for a new pair.

So when Glasses USA contacted me to review a pair of glasses from their site I jumped at the chance!

Considering my last glasses purchase was several years ago I had never purchased any glasses through the Internet. After my experience with Glasses USA I can say that I would definitely use them again in the future.

They have SO many options, styles, and colors in very affordable prices. The website was user friendly and I was able to navigate through it easily, choose various frames to compare to each other and even try on some glasses!

They have this super cool virtual mirror that allows you to upload a picture or take a pic using your computer and then "try on" any glasses that you want. I had SO much fun with this.

Trying on several different pairs.

You can even try the virtual mirror yourself!

I eventually decided on a pretty pair of blue prescription glasses. After entering in all my information, I received my tracking number and anxiously watched my package as it made its way to me!

They arrived and as soon as I opened my box I knew they were perfect. They were stylish, fun and very durable. I am going to have so much fun with these glasses!

If you are in need of some new eyeglasses, or maybe you just want to add a pair to your collection you should definitely check out Glasses USA and buy glasses for yourself!
You can find all current sales and coupons here to make their amazing prices even lower AND you can take 10% off any order using the code BLOG10.

Don't miss these good deals with a site that offers you excellent customer service, they have a 110% lowest price guarantee and 100% customer satisfaction!

Place your order at today!!


Pinterest Party

On Friday night the women in our church got together for a fun Pinterest party!

Everybody that attended brought a recipe that they found on Pinterst and they we made a craft that was originally found on Pinterest.

It was so fun. I love this group of women and being surrounded by people that you can just be REAL with.

The Food:

This is what I brought, a Monster Cookie Dough Ball (it isn't really cookie dough i.e. no raw eggs) it was DELICIOUS. I will make this again soon:

Waffle cone fruit cups. I can't find this recipe anywhere but trust, they were good.

Chicken Roll Ups:

Pizza Dip:

Black Bean Dip:

Artichoke Dip:

The craft we chose were letters wrapped in yarn. It was fun, but was further evidence that I have NO craft skills within my body. When I brought my unfinished craft home Luke LAUGHED at it. 

Here I am concentrating hard:

Others in the room really working hard. Everybody's letters turned out really cute, except mine:

It was so fun and I can't wait to do it again soon! I have an idea for our next night that I need to find on pinterest!


Ten Years

On this day ten years ago I walked across a stage in front of thousands of people wearing a red robe and some ugly clunky white shoes and received my diploma.

Well actually it was an empty diploma holder. We still had a week of school left before we were officially done. Talk about an anticlimactic graduation. We still had to go back to school! What's that all about?!?

Honestly I didn't realize it was this day ten years ago that I graduated until I saw a fellow classmate mention it on Facebook.

I find it weird that I read that status update of a person I graduated with, but haven't talked to since graduation but I still know the every move their children make and what they had for lunch yesterday. Isn't that weird???

Sorry I got off on a tangent, I've been forming a dissertation in my mind of how Facebook has ruined our lives. More to come at a later date.

Anyways, all day I thought about what I was doing this day ten years ago. I don't remember a lot about it. I remember going to the event center where graduation was held to do a run-through. And I remember our lives being threatened if we blew up beach balls and threw them around during the ceremony, and I vaguely remember going to a friends house for lunch with a group of other "friends". And I of course remember the ceremony, and my mom bawling as I walked down the stairs past her to take my seat in the sea of chairs full of classmates.

Ten years.

In one way it seems like yesterday and in another way it seems like forever ago.

In those ten years.....

I've grown, I've matured, I've learned what is truly important and what is not. I fell in love with a boy and PRAISED THE GOOD LORD that I didn't waste any time with a boy in high school. I got jobs and lost jobs. I went to college, got a degree and never left that university again - I still work there.

I bought a house, bought a car, made new friendships, lost friendships and learned how valuable true friendship are.  I grew spiritually and became a member of a church where I would spend the next seven years (and counting).

I became a mom and learned that my love has no bounds. I never thought I could sit and watch somebody sleep and think that my heart just might explode.

I'm sure all those years ago as I prepared to move into the next chapter of my life I wondered what my life would look like in ten years.

I wish I could remember my exact thoughts. But I can't. I'm sure as I pondered my future, I hoped I would be married and probably thought I would have a kid or two. But in reality I had no clue what the future held.

I had no clue how life would change. And nothing even drastic or dramatic. Just growing and becoming me. Learning from who I was and growing into something better. Learning that it actually IS ok to repeat an outfit in a month and learning to just say not to tanning beds.

So here I am ten years later. Sitting in my home thinking about that girl, who was scared, unsure, and much more confident and braver than she ever thought.

If that girl at that ceremony could see a glimpse into her life ten years from that moment she would see  the same girl, just a little older, a little wider, a lot more confident and full of a lot more peace and joy.

She would see a girl who isn't doing anything earth-shattering, but instead she would see herself on the floor in her bedroom, wearing yoga pants and wet hair, snapping pictures on her phone as her son crawls under a dresser and and gets stuck.

And I know she would have smiled, because to us, that girl then and the girl that I am now, this is the perfect life. One full of joy, peace, and confidence.

Me ten years ago: I cropped my sisters out so it made the photo long and skinny, the most important factor is you get a glimpse of those awesome shoes.

That girl is so cute. It's a pity she chose WHITE PLATFORM SHOES to wear on that day.



It's been awhile since I've done a good ole fashioned "confessions" post.

And since I'm hardly ever an open book on here (ahem, cough cough) I decided to do a little confessing today:

In confess......

- I dont like massages. This could have something to do with the fact that I don't like touching people. it's a big joke between me and my friends that I am NOT a hugger. High fiver? Yes. Fist Bump? Why not. Our bodies coming together in an awkwrd hug? Hellllz no.

- Luke and I have what you might call "black thumbs". Unforuntaely we are the very first house you see when youe nter our neighborhood and we are afraid the whole neighborhood is ashamed of what should be a flower garden but is instead a weed garden. I wish I caerd about our curb appeal. Maybe if I was a full time stay at home mom I would, but for now, no.

- I didn't wash my Toms after Eli threw them in the toliet. Touch my shoes at your own risk.

- I cried an abnormal amount of tears on the last episode of Desperate Housewives.

- I always cry on series finales. When the series finale of Saved by the Bell aired I recroded it on our VCR and watched it one million times and would bawl my eyes out each and every time. I can still visualize the Zach and Kelly montage at the end with the cheesy love song.

- I'm going to the beach next month and I have NO summer clothes. All my clothes from last summer are way too big and all my clothes from the years before I got rid of last summer because I thought I would never fit into them again. If you think I'm an idiot, it's because I am. My husband (and numerous friends) told me NOT to get rid of my pre pregnancy clothes. Oh how I wish I had listened.

- I regret quitting piano lessons after five years

- The song I'm most proud of learning during piano lessons was "My Heart Will Go On"

- I'm completely scared to wear a bathing suit next month. It's been a loooong time since I've had one of those on

- Giving my child a bath isn't my favorite thing to do. I usually try and pass that one off to Luke when I can

Do you have any confessions?


Date Night, Playing and a New Baby!

This weekend my mom came to stay with us for a night so that meant Luke and I FINALLY got to go on a date night.

We hadn't been on an actual, time-alone-eat-alone-see-a-movie-pig-out-on-popcorn-date since December. That is waaaaaaay toooooo long!!

Excited for our date night!

Eli crawled over so we of course had to include him in the picture.

We had a gift card to use at a restaurant so we enjoyed a free meal and then we went and saw The Hunger games. We saw a 9:25 movie so we didn't get home until after midnight. It was like we were in college all over again.

I had read The Hunger Games and honestly didn't enjoy it all that much. Just not my kinda book, but we both really liked the movie.

The next day Luke fixed us all a  yummy breakfast of waffles, bacon and eggs, and then my mom and I left to go get fabric. She brought her sewing machine and I had a few items I wanted her to make (including Eli's bow tie that he wore on Mother's Day).

She sewed the rest of the afternoon while we all played. It was such a beautiful day so we spent a lot of time outside. My nephew came with my mom so he and Eli got to spend lots of time together.

Playing in the yard:

As my mom was on the way out the door one of my best friends Tambra and her husband stopped by to visit for awhile. They live in Houston and were in town for the weekend. I'm so glad they got to see Eli and play with him, and we got to catch up more than just a quick chat on the phone. It was nice.

Sunday was Mother's Day which I talked about here.

Later in the afternoon I ventured to the hospital to see my friend Sarah and meet her sweet girl Maeva. I was with Sarah on Friday and she was having some pretty bad contractions. I figured she would give birth that night and I wasn't too far off!

I left the hospital with TOTAL baby fever and thought, maybe just maybe it was time to have the convo with Luke about our timeline for the next one.

And then that night I slept the whole night with no interruptions, I gave Eli his food in the morning where he fed himself while I got ready and I fit into all my clothes with no problem.

It was then that I decided I'm most definitely not ready for a new baby. I've still got baby Eli, I don't need another one yet!

It was another, busy, but fun weekend!