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Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter this year, just the three of us.

The week leading up to Easter is always crazy for Luke because he has lots of things to get ready for our big Easter service. This was his first year balancing both working full time as a teacher and working part time as the worship pastor at our church, and although Eil and I didn't get to see him a lot during the week he did a beautiful job of balancing both jobs this past week.

If you would have asked me a couple of months ago if Luke, Eli and I were going to wear coordinating outfits I would have said 'well duh" but as Easter approached at an insanely fast pace I never got around to getting us coordinating outfits. Plus there is the whole factor of spending money on outfits for just one day that in the past seemed like a give-in but this year didn't seem as important.

Not to mention the fact that I was working in the kids classroom that day, so I didn't want to look cute for just kids. Priorities people. And can I just get a "PRAISE JESUS" that I was recently moved to the big kids classroom. For the past year I've been in the toddler room and with the exception of my darling Eli I am NOT a toddler fan. Give me the big kids any day, keep me away from those toddlers that require way too many tissues and diapers that I just don't care to deal with.

Luke said our Easter service went wonderfully and we had a great turnout, which I'm sure is true because our kids classroom was packed full of kids. Some quiet, some loud and some mischievous. It was the perfect Easter Sunday.

We of course went through the Easter story with our main points being: 1. Jesus Died 2. Jesus was buried. 3. Jesus ROSE

And you hope and pray that somewhere between the "shhh listen", "please keep your chair on the floor", "do we talk that way" and "are you listening???" that something they heard sunk in.

Although at times it seems like a lost cause working with kids who are rebellious it is still an amazing feeling to know you are sharing something with them that probably nobody else in their life would share with them - because they do not know it themselves.

After church there was an egg hunt, but since Eli refuses to walk for me and I didn't even have an Easter basket for him we just watched. Next year will be our year.

It was also around the time that Eli started melting down. Sundays are ALWAYS hard because he misses his morning nap and by the time we get home its about an hour after he normally eats, plus when he sees Luke he only wants his DADADA (I'm seriously chopped liver) and obviously Luke can't hold him, so Eli FAREAKS out.

It's our Sunday ritual.

After church we went home, Luke gave Eli a bath while I cleaned up around the house, then Eli ate his lunch, took a nap (not so wilingly) and then Luke and I enjoyed our Easter lunch.
Later we gave Eli an Easter present which was a stuffed dog. Have I mentioned Eli is scared of dogs? Like deathly afraid. I had no idea his fear transferred into stuffed dogs also. He screamed and threw it down.

We're working on love of animals and proper reaction towards gifts.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Easter was a little bit more "real" this year as I thought about how Jesus died for not only my sins, but also my baby boy's sins. What an unexplainable gift.

My favorite part of the day was when I overheard Luke telling Eli the story of Easter it was such a sweet moment that came to a screeching halt when I overheard Luke say "And some people doubt that Jesus really did rise from the grave, just like people doubted that the Giants could make it to the Super Bowl, but it's true".

How's that for an Easter story?

Happy Easter 2012 from The Trees!


  1. love love love your outfit! You skinny thing, you look fab! Glad you all had a wonderful Easter!!

  2. Sundays are so hard for us without that morning nap! He normally crashes on the ride home and has a hard time (read: cries) eating lunch.

    So glad that your Easter was lovely for the 3 of you!

  3. I love your take on things.... I seriously got the biggest chuckle out of your recounting of your day.

    Glad you had a nice Easter!!

  4. That last family pic of you guys.... with Eli giggling. I DIE. Too cute!

  5. You guys crack me up! The Giants and Jesus- rising again! :) also, my daughter is a total toy/baby thrower too. It doesn't get easier to stomach, believe me. She'll cuddle a baby doll then SMACK, she's hurled her on the ground. Good times.

  6. He is so cute - love all the pictures!

  7. I literally laughed out loud at Luke's comment. Woke my husband up. Oops.. :-)


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