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Thursday in Pictures

This is our Thursday in pictures and words.

I do realize it is Tuesday, but last Thursday Eli and I had a busy and fun day, and I wanted to document it.

Thursday morning Eli and I woke up bright and early to get ready for the day. We had several stops to make and it was going to be back to back!

It was been really warm here lately, well not just warm, it has been hot, so I broke out Eli's summer clothes. Umm who is this little boy AND WHERE IS MY BABY?????????

I can't handle it.
For our first stop we had to go to a doctor so Eli could get an x-ray of his hip. Around 6 months our pediatrician wanted us to get an x-ray done because he thought maybe Eli was showing signs of hip dysplasia.

His first x-ray came back completely normal but they wanted us to do a follow up.

I honestly wanted to cancel the appointment because Eli shows no signs of hip dysplasia but I knew it was best to keep the appointment just in case.

So we went to a local Children's hospital and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited.

WHYYYYY do doctors offices make you wait inside the tiny patient room as opposed to the giant waiting room complete with toys and a TV and lots of distractions?

It is hard to contain a 12 month old in a tiny space for over an hour. I resisted for about 2 minutes and pretty soon I let him crawl all over the floor.

I have yet to figure out who a person can be both a germ-freak and a mother. They just can't go together.

Seriously, who is this big boy? On the doctors office floor covered in germs.

The x-ray came back normal again, but they still want us to come back for another follow up just to keep tracking it. I made them promise we won't have to wait in that tiny room again.

Actually I didn't. But I considered it.

My baby in his tiny hospital gown for his x-ray.
I tried to video Eli going stir crazy in the room for Luke. This was all I got and it really isn't too bad, he got much louder! I felt bad for him, he had no idea why we were trapped in there.

After Eli's appointment we went to our (my?) favorite place; Chick Fila!! We shared some nuggets and fruit. Second best date ever!
After lunch we went to my office for a goodbye party for a good friend. I didn't get any pictures but Eli was the life of the party!

Later that night I went to dinner with my good friends Sarah and Katie. I'm not sure why we didn't take a picture, I just never thought about it while I was there. Next time. I love these girls and have so much fun with them. It's nice to have people in your life that you can be completely honest with.

It was a fun day, as much as a love days at home with nothing to do, I also enjoy a few days on the go.


  1. Love these pics. Eli is such a handsome little guy!

  2. Megan, I swear he is just the cutest little thing! :)))

  3. Being a nurse has made me a germaphobe unfortunately, and going to the doctor's office put's me on high alert :) yuck! They always seem to get sick shortly after a checkup too. Good to hear Eli's hip is okay.

  4. Eli is SO cute! I love the pic of him in his little hospital gown!

  5. He makes the best faces! Looks like a fun day

  6. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen in a hospital gown!! An you're right, being a mom and a germ-phobe do not go together!

  7. Oh, that little face! So precious!

  8. My daughter was born with hip dysplasia and wore a harness for her first 3 months! I am so glad your son seems fine! Love the picture of him in the hospital gown! Too cute!

  9. He is SO cute!! Your little boy makes me want to have little boys :)

  10. Your little boy is adorable! We love chick.fil.a too. It always is a great place to stop after the doctor.



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