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Secret Walker

For a couple of months now people have been asking me if Eli is walking yet. It seems like a normal thing that people start asking around nine or ten months.

And everytime somebody asks me I tell them the same thing, nope, he has no interest in walking, he doesn't even act like he's about to start walking.

The question doesn't bother me at all, I haven't been in a rush for him to start walking, I know it will happen eventually... so why rush it?

He does cruise around furniture in the house, and likes to walk with us holding his hands above his head, but if we let go he falls instantly, or if we try and get him to stand on his own or take steps he acts like he has no idea how to do it on his own and just wants us to pick him up.

So imagine my surprise when the babysitter sent me a video at work the other day of Eli taking steps.

WHAT?!?! I thought he wasn't even close.

She then sent me another one of him taking more steps. I was in shock.

The first video she sent me was actually his very first steps. She could tell he was getting ready to take a step so she started her video. I've had some people ask me if it makes me sad that I wasn't there to see it but it honestly doesn't.

Obviously there are going to be things I miss being away from Eli for 20 hours a week. I can either dwell on it and sulk that I miss things or just be ok and be thankful that we found such a good babysitter that takes the time to document his life for us.

ANYWAYS.....that was several days ago, and oddly enough he has been walking more and more at the babysitter's house.

And guess what? He still hasn't taken one step at home. Luke and I try and get him take steps and he acts like he doesn't even know what walking means.

Master Manipulator at age 1.

I've tried to explain to him that we are in on his little secret and know that he can walk. But actually I'm ok with him not walking. Now that I know he can do it, I'm just going to go along with his shenanigans and pretend like I don't know.

Here is the video of him taking his very first steps. I love how proud he looks!

I can't wait for him to take his "very first steps" for me and Luke!


  1. Even brought tears to my eyes because I can't imagine how proud you must be that he's hit such an important milestone! Just thinking about my little guy (4 months) doing that soon makes me so excited! Way to go, Eli!

  2. what a sweetie!! i love the little clip!! cullen took his first step last night, for my brother! i saw it but was still jealous ;) tonight he took another two steps for me but i can't wait until he is walking back and forth from me and billy. it's so exciting and fun!! :)

  3. How cute that the babysitter and other kids all cheered for him! What a great babysitter you have!

  4. so cute! i love his little wobbly legs as he steps!!!

  5. So cute!! Love the first steps so great, and that is so awesome that you have such a fabulous babysitter that thinks to pull that out I totally forget to half the time when I am watching :)Great blog!

  6. Oh my gosh, what a sweet boy!!! Yay Eli!!

    Love that the babysitter got it on video, that's amazing.

  7. What a cutie! And way to go babysitter for taking the video! Too funny that he won't do it at home, though. Maybe he wants y'all to enjoy him not walking/staying young for as long as possible.

    So not a manipulater, just a sensative sweetheart :)

  8. that video is so stinkin' sweet, and makes my heart swell thinking about seeing my baby girl take her first steps!

    yay for the babysitter being on top of things and capturing such a precious moment!

  9. Yep, he's a closet walker :)

    I actually had to answer the "Is he walking yet?" questions until my oldest was 16 months old. Took him forever :)

    Our daycare would always try to ask something carefully, like, "Has he rolled over yet?" Which I knew meant he had already rolled over at daycare. I didn't mind either, but they were super sweet about it.

  10. Big boy! What a great babysitter! I need to give mine a little video phone tutorial.. She is a little know older...great lady, but not tech savvy.


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