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1. I have been craving blueberry muffins something awful. Like I need some NOW.

2. Yesterday my biggest decision was whether to get Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs or Starburst jelly beans at Target, both were 50% off but I'm trying to get better about spending unnecessary money so I couldn't justify both. I went with the Reeses Eggs.

3. I started following this "Titanic in real time" twitter account where they tweet details of the Titanic voyage as if it was happening RIGHT NOW. Yes I am a nerd. Yes I love it.

4. My Scentsy paycheck has been so important to our family lately. If you are looking for a way to earn extra money ask me about my Scentsy experience. It might just be the thing for you!!

5. For the first time in several months I craved Diet Coke this week. I was at work and there they were sitting so pretty in the fridge. I entertained the thought of grabbing one and guzzling down it's sweetness but decided it wasn't worth it. Consider it a moment of weakness.

6. Eli finally started walking in front of me and Luke yesterday. It's so funny to see him walking, and honestly makes me sad (I'm one of those moms) I want him to crawl a bit longer.

7. My 10 year reunion is coming up and I had a nightmare about it last night. I really don't want to go. What is the point in reunions anyways? I already have "reunions" with the people I want to see, plus now with Facebook they seem a bit outdated.

8. I organized my Scentsy closet this week. I LOVE getting something organized, once I get it organized I just keep going back to look at it and admire it in all of it's organization glory. This is one of my most favorite organization projects (even further proof I'm a nerd).

9. Eli has fallen in love with his little lovey bear and takes him everywhere. He calls him bubba and needs him by his side at all times, including while eating. And he randomly gives him kisses all the time. I can't get Eli to give me a kiss to save my life! My mom told me I need to go buy a backup "bubba" in case anything ever happens to Bubba #1.

10. I still want a blueberry muffin.


  1. You have an adorable family!!

  2. I feel the same way about reunions now. A co-worker and I were talking about it today. My 15th is this summer and I really have no interest. I already know what most people are doing because of Facebook & even then I don't really care. My friends never attend so I really have no interest. I did the 5 year, but my 10 year was the weekend we got engaged & it was my birthday. Not really how I wanted to celebrate either of those.

  3. Completely agree with #7 :)

  4. Oh yes, backups are very necessary! My daughter has a blanket she takes everywhere--including a moms day out thing at FSBC. One week, the teachers accidentally sent the blanket home with another kid. The blanket is pink with flowers....they sent it home with a boy! I'll never understand how that happened. Anyway, it was two weeks before I got it back. Most awful two weeks ever. She could NOT sleep without it. It's a few years old so target of course didn't have another one. I promptly found one on eBay and it's safely tucked away for emergencies. :)

  5. I am interested in learning more about Scentsy! Some extra income would be wonderful! Should I email you directly?

  6. Yep, skipped my 10 year reunion. Maybe the 25 will be more appealing. We'll all be old and wrinkled by then. Good choice on the Reese's Eggs. I made myself sick on the Starburst jelly beans. Call it a moment of weakness. For real.

  7. Want to know one of the best parts of getting pregnant? I no longer have to attend my 10 year reunion! It's scheduled for 2 weeks before my due date. DARN!


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