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Eli's Birthday Details - Part 2

Because so many people have been emailing me with questions about Eli's birthday I figured I better update you soon.

Really only one person asked this time, but isn't that what us bloggers say to make us feel important?


Just kidding.

Anyways, when I finally decided to do the birthday party, I knew I wanted to go with the rockstar theme and I knew I wanted our invitation to say "Our Little Rockstar is One!"

I sought out my friend Kelsey to help me with all things print because she's pretty much a graphic genius when it comes to these things.

And she didn't even ask me to say that.

I simply told her what phrase I wanted it on it, what colors and that I wanted some sort of "guitar" and she went from there.

OH and I also wanted a picture of my precious baby on there.

This is what she came up with, I loved it from first sight.

She also had the brilliant idea to make the back of the invitation look like a concert ticket. So cool!

My absolute FAVORITE detail from the party were the monthly pics.

Kelsey and I can't remember whose initial idea it was, but one of us has the great idea to make Eli's monthly pics into magazine covers similar to Rolling Stone Magazine (with less sex and drugs).

I DO remember that it was Kelsey's idea to put Eli's weight and some monthly highlights on the picture. I remember this because at first I thought it was a weird idea, but knowing that I'm a visual person she made a mock up of what it would look like and I fell in love!

I had never seen anything like it before and it quickly became my favorite piece of the party.

I hung these up in the living room with tiny clothes pins.

She also did all the food, favor labels, and cupcake toppers:

And the table signs:

And the door sign:

She was basically a life-saver when it came to party planning!

Thank you Kelsey for all you did and for being so talented.

I now have a new rule, if you want to be friends with me you have to be insanely talented. It's only fair. It helps to even out my lack of talent.


  1. Ok, his party was so INSANELY CUTE. She is a rockstar.

  2. I love the monthly pics! It is so creative! And I'm not sure how it is possible, but he gets cuter and cuter each month!

  3. I agree! My favorite detail was the magazine cover monthly pictures! How clever and super creative! I wish I had thought of the official monthly pics but, now my little guy is 5 months old. Oops :)

  4. Love everything! My husband is a musician so we may have to steal a few of those ideas ;) Eli is such a handsome boy!

  5. What a cute party. I love the marshmallows and mag. pictures! I'll have to remember this for one my son's little parties.

    (feel free to stop by my little blog sometime.)


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