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The Party That Almost Wasn't

Today was Eli's birthday party and it was a great time. I get super uber weird in party planning situations which is exactly why I almost didn't even have a party, but I knew I would regret it if I didn't do it.

It was a fun time and so many friends and family came to celebrate Eli's first year of life!

But the party almost didn't happen.

All week Eli was sort of not acting like himself. Not enough to make me think he was sick, but enough to make me think he was teething. He acted more tired than usual and a tiny bit cranky but nothing horrible.

Fast forward to Wednesday. My best friend and her son drove up from another town to come help me get ready for the party. We decorated, prepared food and got almost everything ready. She noticed Eli was cranky but we both decided it was simply teething. He was getting three new teeth this week so it made sense.

That night when he went to bed I took his temp and he had a fever. Again, teething was the culprit in our minds.

The next morning Eli had his one year appointment. I mentioned all the symptoms to the doctor he thought it was maybe his ears, so we checked his ears and no infections. He then suggested we give him a flu swab to see if he had the flu. He thought he absolutely did not have it by how normal he was acting, and I thought there was NO WAY he had it but it was better to check.

And wouldn't you know. His flu test came back positive. Eli had the flu.

Here I was sitting in my fully decorated house, looking at all the food that was ready and watching my baby who was acting completely normal and knowing I needed to cancel the party. I was so upset. A little too upset. Kind of ridiculous now looking back. But I had put so much effort into making this day special for Eli and our guests and I was so sad to think about canceling it.

Plus I felt like the word mom EVER that my child had the flu and I had no idea. Zero.

Anyways, to make a really long and dramatic story short, Eli's last fever was onWednesday night and the nurse and doctor told me as long as he hasn't had a fever in 24 hours we were good to go. I continued to monitor him and he never got a fever again after Wednesday night.

So after LOTS of disinfecting our home and calls to invitees I moved the party to Sunday. Just to give Eli one more day between the flu and the party (even though he was perfectly normal by this point).

I'm fairly positive he had the flu all week and we caught it on one of the last days (if not the last day). Worst. Mom. Ever.

Friday afternoon we were back in party mode after 24 hours of thinking it was going to be canceled.

Sunday morning arrived, and we were ready to go. The last hting to do was to get the cupcakes and Eli's smash cake.

And then it happened. As Luke was carrying the amazing smash cake he dropped it in the parking lot.



Dirty. Nasty. Parking Lot.

For the first time in my life I was speechless. I had no words. It was like slow motion as I watched the cake fall and then watched my husband TRY AND PUT IT BACK TOGETHER.
My amazing cake-maker was able to whip something up for us just in time for the party. Luke was so thankful.

Forever our children will wonder why dad isn't allowed to touch their birthday cake. FOREVER.

So we ended up having our party a full day later and with a revised cake but it was amazing. We had over 31 people in our home, loving on Eli, visiting, and eating the goodies. We are blessed with family and friends that love our son.

I can't wait to show all the pictures from the party, here are some sneak peaks: Happy first birthday to our son Eli. Fastest year of our lives.


  1. Megan, things look absolutely wonderful. He looks so cute. You and Luke should be so proud of yourselves. Seriously. Love to y'all from Michigan.

  2. The pictures are great! This will make you feel so much better about the flu thing: I sent my daughter to school and PT for TWO weeks telling her that her leg hurting was more than likely a muscle. It was fractured I found out from a random X-ray! You are SO nOt the worst mom ever. Looking forward to reading about the party :) looks like it was lots of fun!

  3. Does anyone else find it funny that the cake was called smash cake? And it got smashed on the concrete? Hmmm...... So gla the party happened and it sounds like it was awesome!!


  4. My nephew had a reaction to penicillin, but my sister was determined to have the birthday party. Poor kid looked horrible, splotchy, red, bumpy, but party we did. She just probably won't want to poster size any of the pictures! Great pictures!

  5. Happy Birthday to Eli!!! Sorry it was such a rough week leading up to the party, that STINKS!!

    But I'm glad things eventually went off without a hitch. Whew!

    You look so hot in your red skinnies!

  6. Between my two children we have had 3 cases of flu, and 2 of pneumonia. Every time the doctor suggested testing, I thought she was gouging us for cash. I'm pretty sure I'm the worst mom ever. My kids are such happy sick kids, it's just hard to know sometimes.

  7. I'm glad you were still able to have the party! Can't wait to see more pictures. Everything looked great!!

  8. So glad everything turned out well..those photos are fabulous, can't wait to see more!

  9. Oh my goodness! I would never have caught the flu thing either! It's so tough to decipher these things when they're so little. Glad the party went well!! It looks perfect! Love the highchair banner! Happy Birthday to Eli!

  10. So happy he is feeling better!! Sneak peeks are darling!!! Love the picture of you and luke! Cant wait to see the rest! Happy first birthday sweet Eli!!! Way to go Megan on your first year of motherhood!!!! U did it and did it well:) Go you:)

  11. So glad you guys had a great time despite all the setbacks!

  12. I'm glad Eli is feeling better! The party looked wonderful and I'm sure everyone had fun!!

  13. i'm sitting here open mouthed over that dropped cake. you are a better woman than me ;)

    so glad things worked out so you guys could celebrate your little man. happy birthday eli!!

  14. Way to keep calm and carry on! :)


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