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A New Relationship

A couple of months ago I received a letter in the mail that changed the course of my life for the time being.

It was a letter from my hair stylist telling me and Luke that she had decided to quit doing hair and was pursing another career.

I had many emotions going through my mind but most of all I felt like I had just gotten dumped by my long time serious boyfriend who had marriage potential.

How was I supposed to move forward from here?

I had invested so many years, time, hair colors, and my deepest secrets while sitting in that chair for hours upon hours. I was just supposed to accept that it was all over??

Throughout the next couple of days I went through the various levels of grief. At first I was in denial and kept thinking she would change her mind, then I was just angry.

Angry. Mad. How could she do this to me? How DARE she pursue her own desires and goals for life. WHAT ABOUT MY HAIR?!?!

And not only was I upset but Luke was equally upset. Well maybe not equally but have you seen the man's hair?? It took years to find someone who could tame that mane and NOW SHE ABANDONED US.

I mentioned that I haven't had my hair cut or colored since August and part of the reason is because I had no clue where to go. I was sort of frozen, I asked around and people were either too far away or too expensive. Plus I just wanted my old girl back.

It was too soon to go to anybody else, my heart was still healing.

But today for the first time since August I finally went and tried somebody new.

It was awkward at first as we got to know each other.

Plus I was totally sizing her up. Do you judge your hair stylist by their own hair? How unfair is that? But I totally do it. She had cute hair so she passed my test.

And by the end of a successful hair cut and color I told her "I'll see you next time" which was code for "I think this relationship is going to work"

I'm relieved that I finally found a hair stylist. And yes I have bigger problems than finding a hair stylist but this is my current focus. I get fixated on things and dwell on them forever. It's a healthy way to live.

So here's to hopefully many happy years with my new hair friend. My hair is ready.


  1. It's so true - it can be so traumatic. I went to a new lady to wax my eyebrows yesterday and fell so madly in love with her that I had a brief moment of panic at one point after I got home that something could one day happen to her. I want to make her move in with us so I can protect her and make sure she stays here always.

    Clearly my priorities are totally normal ;)

  2. So glad you had a good experience with your new stylist!! Wish you lived in NWA and came to see me! :)

  3. Haha!! You crack me up! I feel the same way about my hair! I HATE shopping for a hair stylist!! I have had several hair stylist move away and its horrible!! Glad you found someone you like!!

  4. The same woman has done my hair since BIRTH. She can never retire.

  5. Thank goodness my sister is a hair stylist. I think everyone needs a doctor and a hair stylist in their family.

  6. oh honey, I'm just like you! I recently broke up with my long-time stylist because she made me look like David Spade's twin when I brought in a picture of Kristin Cavallari. Not to mention the fact that she started twisting chunks of my hair and scraping the blade of the scissors down the chunks, resulting in random 2-inch chunks of hair in the middle of my head! This all happened in October and I'm JUST now to the point where I don't cry when I do my hair in the morning. HATED it. I'm still having major trust issues and haven't found a stylist I love yet. Also, I judge by their hair. I went to a girl that was recommended to me by a friend. When I saw a scrunchie on her wrist, I was OUTTA THERE!

  7. I cannot relate at all. I've never gone to the same hair stylist more than once ever! Each time is someone new. I've also never dyed my hair or gotten highlights or anything like that. I get a trim a few times a year - and shop and wait around for the best sales wherever I am. I cut my husbands hair at home since I've figured out how and it's free.

  8. I can totally relate! I am so strangely attached to my hair stylist.

    These comments got me thinking... we need to have a comment-a-thon about WORST HAIR STORIES EVER. I do believe there are many a good laughs to be had in this arena!

  9. I havent found a stylist since I've moved. It is very depressing :(

  10. My hairdresser left me 6 months ago....I really really REALLY need a new cut....

    Thank you for inspiring me to get it sorted!

  11. You are stinkin hilarious, I'm pretty sure we would be friends in real life..ha!! Love your blog girl!

  12. OH my word, you're hilar! But, I totally understand.

  13. You have my sympathies on the loss of your hairdresser. You know that I'm as serious as a heart-attack when I say that too.

    Hope the new girl works out and you don't have to shop around too long.

  14. You should totally judge a hairstylist by their hair, it's not cool if your hairstylists hair is wack. I can say that. ;) Glad you found a new friend and a good hair person, they are hard to come by!

  15. Ha! Ha! That totally cracked me up and I can so relate to your pain. A good hair stylist is like a best friend.. you don't want to let them go! =) Thankfully my sister in law is mine! Post a pic of your hair.. glad you had a good experience.

  16. Don't feel mad there's a lot of a great hairstylist waiting for you. Let them work with you. Everybody have their own minds that sometimes they want to change their career path to try other career that waits for them.


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