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New Products

I've been wanting to do a post about all the new awesome Scentsy products for awhile. With Eli's birthday party, getting ready to go out of today, and then going out of town I never had time to do it, but this morning when I woke up I decided, today is the day!

If you AREN'T familiar with Scentsy check out my website and look at the awesome products. I started selling Scentsy because I fell in love with the products and I still stand behind that love, in fact it has grown. I know I'm a little biased but I don't understand how anybody could not have Scentsy in their house. It just makes sense!

If you ARE familiar with Scentsy you know of their awesome scents and warmers, but now they have expanded their product line and have included shower gels, creams, body lotions, creams, body spray and more! Check it out here! These products are so great and bring some of your favorite Scentsy fragrances to a whole new level! My favorite right now is coconut lemongrass!

Also, I wanted to show you this adorable guy Wellington the Duck.
He is only $22.50 this month and that includes the scent pak that makes him smell so good! Or check out any of the other buddies. Eli is getting one in his Easter basket!

**I do have a special incentive for anybody who places an order before the end of the month (within in the next two days!!!!) I can't share on here what it is but email me at MeganTree84{at}gmail{dot}com for details.

And as always if you ever have Scentsy questions just email me! I can go on and on about how Scentsy has been such a blessing for our family. My team has grown a lot over the past year and it is so neat to see people plug into Scentsy and watch as their own business grows.

Don't miss out on these great products!!!


  1. I think this Scentsy products are products that we are looking for. It is almost complete. They are known for their awesome scent and warmers. And now expanding their product line.

  2. Thanks for sharing the details here. Looking forward for more new products


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