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A little catch up

I took a little "spring break" from blogging. So here is a bit of a catch up as to what we've been up to:

1. I'm still highly addicted to One Tree Hill and might need to seek therapy once I'm all caught up. Not looking up spoilers online has been the best self control I've ever exhibited. I'm going to miss the characters so much. Like a little too much.

2. I was pulled over by two cops in the span of two weeks. I'm now going to driving school. Wish me luck.

3. I'm finally getting my hair done this week for the first time since August. AUGUST. That is a record for me. My hair is now pretty much my natural color. All I can say is praise the Lord that ombre hair is in style. And if I continue to get speeding tickets I won't be able to get my hair done again until next August.

4. Last week Luke, Eli and I went to Colorado with Luke's family. It was a wonderful and relaxing time. Eli is such a good traveler. I will put together a post about traveling with a baby since I'm pretty much an expert now. Duh.

5. I finally took down most of the decorations from Eli's birthday party, but I have to admit some are still up. It was like the longest preparation for a birthday party ever, I can't take them all down just yet.

6. I became more and more addicted to Easter candy. I'm not proud of this. But I am candy satisfied.

7. I committed to blogging every single day and then failed and failed.

8. I committed to giving up Coke and I failed and failed.

9. I decided to quit committing to things.

10. I do have lots of things to blog about (nothing exciting) so I hope to be back to writing this week.


  1. You always crack me up. Love it!

  2. Eli looks so cute in his Colorado gear, glad you guys had a fun trip. We love Colorado. ;)

  3. I love Colorado! I have a meeting in San Diego like the week after I return from maternity leave. I can say no, but it is important for me to attend. I'm trying to convince Ty and baby to come along. He will only be 3 months old then. I'm sure I'm being naive about it all. Is that crazy?!

  4. Really great pictures! Eli is such a cutie. I committed to stop reading CNN and MSN online because it took over my life. (Weird habit I know) It's been a month now, yeah!


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