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Random Thursday

Lets do this....

1. I want to cut my hair. But then I remember that awful feeling after growing it out for so long and it's gone with one snip. So I'm going to try and put that thought on the back burner for now.

2. I hate pumping gas. It is my least favorite thing in the world to do, ESPECIALLY when it's cold outside. If it's cold I just pump about $10 worth and then hop in my car, which makes it worse cause then I have to get gas again 2 days later.

3. In looking over my menus to post on the blog I realized we eat A LOT of Italian and Mexican food. Probably more than the normal human should eat. I guess it's the easiest to cook?

4. I have become completely hooked on the show One Tree Hill. I never had an interest in it before but due to some conversations between friends lately I realized maybe I was missing out on a good show, so I started watching on Netflix. I only watch at night after Eli is asleep (and usually Luke also) which means I've been staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching this show. It's a good thing I'm a night owl.

5. I really want a snow day. I love being locked up in the house with my sweet family, eating chili and watching the snow fall outside. There is something so peaceful about a snow day.

6. Scentsy products are 10% off right now. If you've been wanting to try it now is the perfect time to buy yourself something!! If you order through my website the order is sent directly to you.

7. My life suffers when I don't spend consistent in the Word. Seems like I would learn to do that everyday. Seems like it....

8. Eli is starting to turn his nose up to baby food which is STRESSING ME OUT. Table food makes me sooo nervous.

9. Every time I clean my house I think "I'm never going to let it get dirty again" and then surely enough it gets dirty again, fast. I set myself up for failure every week.

10. Yesterday somebody asked me for an email regarding information about selling Scentsy. I wrote her to let her know I had sent the email and I said "email scent". I might embarrass myself if I tell you just how funny and clever I thought that was. I'm a nerd. Always and forever.


  1. Haha I know what you mean about cleaning the house, I always tell my husband "dont get it dirty again this time" but it never works since I'm also to blame.

    Also, I have been saying the same thing about a snow day. I despise how dirty everything is after it snows but for that one day, locked up inside the house, I can totally deal with the dirty.

    Do you have The Bible ap from Life Church on your phone? They have a 365 day program and I like that every day I can read a little of the Word even if I haven't taken the time to sit down and study.

  2. Love love love One Tree Hill!! I'm a bit obsessive about it!!

  3. Megan, you make me chuckle. You don't have to stand outside the car while the gas is pumping. :-)

    On Eli's eating, do you have a food mill? I have the OXO Tot, it's fantastic. You can get one with multiple discs which gives you the ability to choose the chunkiness of the food. You can just grind up the table food that you're eating and he can have it too... worry-free!

  4. hahahah. I do the gas thing too. In fact, if my husband drives my car ever within any CLOSE range of needing gas and he doesn't GET me gas? I kind of get...annoyed. I just HATE getting gas so much.

  5. Conversation with me & Hubby in my car...

    Hubby: are out of gas again, why are you always out of gas when I drive?

    Me: Out of gas, what?!? I honestly don't ever look at the gage until the warning light comes on...(LYING THROUGH MY TEETH!)

    I can totally relate to the gas thing, and the hair thing as well! But a pony tail is just way too easy with an 8 wk old!

  6. One Tree Hill is one of my favorite shows!

    We eat a LOT of Mexican and Italian food too. It's just too good!

  7. My 11 month old has also decided he wants nothing to do with baby food. Table food is SO messy and hard to do in public! Oh well, another step to our babies getting older! :(

  8. Don't stress over the baby food. Switching to table food was the greatest thing! No more buying baby food and you just sit down to eat and they eat what you eat. Just cut it up real tiny or mash it up. Beware of their diapers. There will probably be some constipation.

  9. Italian and Mexican are pretty delicious! Why would you need to eat another type of food?? :)

  10. I make Mexican at least once a week...but could eat it much more.

    I am a huge OTH fan too :)

    Did you know that Peyton on OTH, has a baby with Denny (Izzy's husband who died) from Grey's Anatomy?

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