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It's Wednesday

I have all these thoughts going through my head that I want to write about and I was trying to figure out how to get them to all lump together in one beautiful blog post, but it's just not happening, so I will do a random list, which proves that I am just about the least creative person ever.

1. Today I learned what happens when I'm in a public place with Eli with no stroller or other person to hold him and I have to use the restroom. I'm pretty impressed with my mad skillz. I will not elaborate though.

2. Today I bought paint to use for a couple of things for Eli's birthday (while still keeping a no expectations goal in mind). I spent a good chunk of time painting an object for the party only to realize I bought the wrong paint. I wanted a cherry red paint and I got PIMENTO. Why is PIMENTO even a paint color?!?!? I was so concerned with whether to get satin or gloss finish that I neglected to pay attention to the actual color. I will have to repaint. And just for the record PIMENTO is not cute.

3. While painting today I thought of the 8 pairs of jeans that I have at the top of my closet saved to paint in, yet here I stood painting in my black sweat pants. I need to get rid of those jeans.

4. Sometimes I'm afraid I truly am a hoarder.

5. When I logged into blogger today I saw that I was right at 1000 followers, thats pretty cool! I try not to become consumed with followers or hits. There have been times where I've allowed myself to think about that stuff and it is a SLIPPERY SLOPE downhill. It is dumb to be consumed with it. But I like that its right at 1000 right now.

6. While picking up laundry today I walked into the bathroom to find that Eli can now reach the toilet paper. We are definitely going to use all that toilet paper even though it was on the floor, we are too cheap to just throw it all away, now it's on the counter next to the toilet. This reminded me of a story from the Ramona books where she squirts all the toothpaste out of a tube and her mom makes her put it in a plastic bag and use it so it doesn't go to waste. It always grossed me out.

7. I need food help again. What are ideas for food for a baby Eli's age? He absolutely will not eat baby food anymore but I'm afraid he's not getting enough "real" food. What do/did you feed your kid at this age? (11 months)

I'm too tired to come up with 10 things. Goodnight!


  1. my son, also 11 months, is such a picky eater. He stopped letting me feed him purees about a month ago, so we've switched over to pretty much all finger foods. His favorites are string cheese, avocado, any kind of bread product, pasta, bits of potatoe/sweet potato ,cut up clementines. He refuses to eat vegetables- he will actually just sit there with his mouth open until all the veggie pieces fall out. So to get him to eat veggies, I get those puree pouches that are fruit and veggie mix and he likes to suck on them like a capri sun. But I still always offer a cut up veggie hoping that maybe one day he will change his mind. Hope that helped a little. I'll be following the comments to get some tips too!

  2. Hi Megan!
    I have a ten month old named Ford who is the same way! Some big hits are:

    --meatballs! I made beef ones and turkey ones and hid veggies in each concoction! I can send you the recipes if you like? Then I just freeze them and grab three or four for part of his meals, cut them up and walah!

    --whole wheat waffles ( then use your baby food fruit as a spread!). Cut it up into bite size pieces. Sneaky, sneaky!

    -- noodles galore! I've got rice noodles, wheat noodles, flax seed noodles etc. He'll eat the whole thing if I let him!

    Hope that helps and let me know if you want the recipe for meatballs

  3. At 11 months old Ellie ate anything we ate just cut up in small pieces! It was an easy transition for us because the girl has always had an appetite. Some of her favorites were pasta, meatballs, green beans, carrots, mandarin oranges and apples.

  4. My baby girl, Delaney, has the same exact birthday as Eli. She pretty much eats what we do, as long as it's not too spicy. I started off with table food by giving her steamed green beans, bananas, avacado, and other soft foods. She did great and really enjoys feeding herself!!

    Good luck!

  5. I bet he was so proud of himself for getting all that tp off the roll! Is it weird that I keep looking at the fridge picture from last night?! He is just so cute!

  6. Oh, the toilet paper roll is so FUN, though, mom! :)

    Yay for 1000!

  7. we just did the SAME thing. saved an entire roll of toilet paper after libbi unraveled it. (she's 2.5 and it's STILL fun for her - oh joy).
    when she was eli's age she loved nutrigrain bars (and still does). nutrigrain bars and yogurt were always good "go-to's" for us

  8. I really wouldn't worry that he isn't getting enough food. Table food has a LOT more calories and is sometimes more filling than purees. I mean, think about. So while he may not appear to be eating as much, he is still getting a sufficient number of calories if not more! I like all the food suggestions so far, they are what we are eating!

  9. Annabel Karmel has the BEST cookbooks for toddlers and she always have really simple ideas for meals and snacks. She also includes nutrition info and you would be shocked by how little the kids really need at this age. Oh and P.S...when did Eli get SO BIG?!! 11 months? I can't believe it.

  10. My little ones stopped eating purees at about 11 months too. I make sandwiches for my now 13 month olds. You can hide a lot of things between two pieces of bread or even just on a piece of bread. They love refried beans and avacado, shredded apples and peanut butter, cream cheese and shredded carrots and sometimes I even hide the chicken baby food puree that I never could get them to eat before with it. I got the ideas out of The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet book.

  11. i cannot keep my little ones out of the toilet paper. between the dog and the toddler i may never have a full roll of paper again

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