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What I'm Loving Right Now.....

Here is what I'm loving right now.....

1. This "week at a glance printable" from Kelsey's blog. Seriously it is SO perfect. I know I will be using this every week. I've placed it on the front of our fridge (and for the record I have NEVER hung anything on there but this deserves the front spot....maybe I will get creative and make some kind of bulletin board off of Pinterest to put it on. Probably not.)

2. The pile of toys in the corner of our living room. Even though Eli would rather play with our DVD's than the million of toys. I still love seeing (and hearing) them over there.

3. My mini devotional for moms. I read it every morning to Eli while we eat breakfast and then again before I go to sleep.

4. Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

5. Eli in a hoodie

6. My "I love you because" printable from Sarah's blog. It is so fun to write on and see what Luke writes on it! Although it is awkward when you're in a fight. One time I was tempted to write "Can't think of a reason today!!!" Which ironically enough is one of the reasons why Luke does love me (thank goodness somebody does).

7. Seeing Eli's chart from his babysitter and how it ALWAYS comes back with "happy" and "playful" circled and sometimes even "excited"

8. Every morning when Luke gets Eli out of bed and brings him back to me in bed and Eli plays in our bed laughing and screaming.

9. My ghetto scripture memory book. I didn't want to make a whole new scripture memory book this year, so I ghetto-fied my book from last year by crossing out the 1 in 2011 and writing a 2 with my pen. I'm so prim and proper.

10. Girl Scout cookie season!!!!


  1. Mmm...Girl Scout cookies! So far I have resisted the temptation to buy any this year, but I don't know how much longer I can hold out. :)

  2. Hi!

    I was wondering how you picked the Scriptures to memorize. I am looking for some of His words to keep close to my heart, but my "Verse a Day" calendar has me overwhelmed!

    Thanks so much. And I adore your blog.

  3. I have not seen a single girl scout and I NEED some cookies!

  4. Thanks for sharing these! I so needed a weekly printable! and Love the "I love you because" frame! Great idea!

  5. Great post!!! I gotta get that printable stat :) And I would totally write: Can't think of a dang thing, on there ocasionaly! haha. Your blog is one of my faves!!! Seriously!

  6. I LOVE that printable idea! I may have to steal it from you =)

  7. I need both of these printables! So fun. I also think I need Girl Scout cookies... Maybe I should evaluate the difference between wants and needs :)

  8. love the "i love you" printable sooo sweet!

  9. LOL I just love you. The "Why I love you" printable comment made me laugh. I would have to fight not writing something like that during an argument as well. I'm going to have to make one of those...I saw it on Niki's blog too and just love it.

    I just ordered my Girl Scout Cookies yesterday - I'm so excited to gain 10 lbs when they arrive.

    And I think God appreciates your Ghetto Scripture Memory Book. ;)

  10. I cannot wait for my cookies!! the "i love you because" frame...wondering if I can convince J to do this with me.

  11. I'm still mad at myself for having a moment of self control and turning down the girl scout that came to my door selling cookies earlier this week... It was a bad decision.

  12. Hey! I am new to your blog and have never commented but I just wanted to say that the I Love You frame and the free printables are such great ideas! Thanks for posting :)

  13. p.s. I love that you are memorizing scripture. I am trying to memorize more this year. I used to do it on a little spiral book too. : )


  14. Thanks for the links to the printables!!! I printed both of them and now follow both blogs!! Great finds!!

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