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Random Thoughts

1. I hate that I haven't been blogging much lately. Sometimes I feel like it and sometimes I don't.

2. I don't think I've talked about this on my blog but I have completely given up Diet Coke. I have a blog post started about it but I need to finish it. This was a huge accomplishment for me!

3. I have my Macbook back and working again! I am so happy. However after not having it for a week I realize just how much I can get done if I'm not sitting on this contraption all the time.

4. I finally started reading The Hunger Games. I am liking it so far. It is hard for me to get into books like this one, but I'm enjoying it so far.

5. Today I got a letter from my hair stylist saying that she is quitting her profession as a hair stylist. I sort of freaked out and wondered HOW SHE COULD DO THIS TO ME?!?! I'm not dramatic. Or selfish.

6. Today I was at the mall in a new store called Lush. A store worked came up to me and before I knew it she was washing rubbing my hands and then threw them in some bucket of ice cold water and all I could think about was how dirty were her hands and how many other gross hands had been in that bucket? It was disgusting.

7. If you have a little girl check out this Etsy shop! Stacy makes hair bows and then uses the money she earns to send Haitian slave girls to school. Pretty stinking awesome.

8. Every year around this time I get all giddy about all the spring outfits in the stores and bathing suits on the racks. It makes me think of buying fun spring outfits for a cruise or trip to the beach. Then I remembered that I am not going anywhere anytime soon and I am never getting in a bathing suit again. Debbie Downer.

9. I have so many blog posts to do. None that will be very entertaining but more for 'upkeep" around these parts. Recaps, goals, yada yada.

10. Because of all the diaper changes, I have been washing my hands this year more so than any other year. My hands ACHE with pain because of how dried out and cracked they are.

11. I'm sort of excited for the Miss America pageant this Saturday. I have big plans for Luke and I to watch it together.......we'll see how well this goes over.

12. I went beyond 10 random facts and I feel very rebellious.

13. Which reminds me I also have a post about Birth Order in the works. I have always been very into birth order but lately as my First Born tendencies have been coming out like crazy I've been obsessed with it. Plus I realized that Eli is the first born so it makes me even more interested in it.

14. If you love Valentine's Day check out the super cute Valentines warmer on my Scentsy website

15. I'm ready for snow.


  1. I love #13 and #15! I'm from FL so wishing for snow is pretty unrealistic, but I would still love to be anywhere near it! And- I LOVE birth order too! I have read a book on it and several articles. I find it so fascinating! I'm the oldest of 4. I find it intriguing the way many different gender/number combinations of siblings can change the dynamics of the theory. Interesting stuff- can't wait to see your post on it!!

  2. One of my papers in college was about the Birth Order. I find it fascinating. I am a middle child and suffer from middle child syndrome. Seriously, hello! Doesn't anybody notice me?! My tendencies have been coming out a lot as well, my husband says I'm driving him nuts.

    The Hunger Games is AMAZING. But, you have to like dystopian novels. Did you like The Help? You should read These is My Words by Nancy Turner. Most amazing books I've ever read in my life!

  3. Miss America! Thank GOD you reminded me, I totally forgot to set my DVR. That was a close one.

  4. Ok this will cause me to be smacked, but I can't stand ANY type of pageants. Yep, even Miss America. Ha!

    I have my warmer all picked out, I think, well maybe......

    #13 whew girl you and me both! I haven't seen it in my oldest yet, but she is only 7.

    #10 Aquaphor!!! No joke.

  5. Love your random thoughts!
    Love Hunger Games, I just started the 2nd one.
    I Love Lush, it's wonderful... but ya, I wouldn't want my hands in the nasty water either!
    Ditto to 8!! Never getting in a bathing suit again!

  6. Please take a picture of you & luke watching Miss America :)

    Hunger games is AWESOME! The 2nd one is better!!! Dont read the last book... stupid

  7. I feel ya on the dry hands. I'm going to the bathroom so much and feel like I'm constantly putting on lotion, only to wash it off 20 minutes later.

  8. I had the same problem with the dry hands. It's awful. If you haven't already DEFINITELY check out Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream. That stuff is incredible!

  9. I so know what you mean about dry hands! Mine look like the African Savannah during the dry season! Life of a mom :)

  10. Oh!! The hand washing from diaper changes has killed my hands!! I found this DIY lotion on pinterest and it has changed my winter!

    It is ridiculously easy and smells amazing! I've bought all the best lotions and this beats them all!

  11. I'm a huge believer in birth order too! I really think it has so much to do with shaping your personality. I also have a theory that people marry someone that's from a different birth order(an oldest sibling marrying a youngest, etc), but have friends that are the same as them... Food for thought ;)

  12. I am getting all artificial sweeteners out of my diet as well. It's not Diet Coke for me but tea w/ sweet 'n low. Ugh. SO HARD to quit it!

  13. I wish I could stop drinking Diet Coke. It's so hard! If I stop drinking it, then I drink Iced Tea with Splenda. Still not good.

  14. I love Lush products, but sorry you were skeeved out by the dirty hand and bucket thing. Ick. I hear that.

    My hands are theee worst also. So cracked and dry. :(

  15. oh, my hands are AWFUL!!! ugly and dry.

    I'm ordering Sloane a Valentine's bow from Stacie! :)

  16. im curious what your replacement for delicious diet coke is? I need to quit!


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