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Project 365 - Weeks 1, 2 and 3

For the past two years I have attempted Project 365 (taking a picture for every day of the year) but somewhere around May I quit.

This is my attempt at making it through a full year. My goal is to complete this project. I'm thinking I will do it this year!

I wasn't going to blog all my pictures but then I went back and looked at my Project 365's from previous years and decided it was important for me to have them on the blog.

So now I'm catching up on the past three weeks:

Sunday January 1stWe went to church as usual and then went to Katie's house to watch the NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys game. Lots of fun!

Monday January 2ndThis was our last full day in our Christmas break. We just hung out at home and I did a bit of redecorating and we hung up some pictures.

Tuesday January 3rdI honestly forgot a picture this day and this is the only picture I have. My legs are awful and look like a 10 year old boy's legs. It is gross.

Wednesday January 4thI usually only work till noon on Wednesday but occasionally if I need to pick up extra hours I will work all day. This particular Wednesday I worked all day. Once we got home for the evening my sweet Eli fell asleep on me like this. I didn't even care about messing up his bedtime I just let him sleep away on me. Such a sweet moment.

Thursday January 5thEli's new trick!

Friday January 6th
Eli loves his scooter that he got for Christmas. I couldn't get him to look at me because he was too busy watching Barney. He loves that purple dinosaur.

Saturday January 7th This is Scout. Eli got him for Christmas and loves him so much. He talks and says Eli's name, favorite color and favorite food.

Sunday January 8thChurch and then hanging out at home watching football. Love our family time.

Monday January 9thWe spent some time face-timing with my family. Eli LOVES my youngest sister. I think she may be his favorite person in the whole family.

Tuesday January 10th Girl's night!! I went out with some of my favorite girls for some pizza and chatting. It was perfect!

Wednesday January 11thJust a day playing at home!

Thursday January 12th Every morning while I'm getting ready Eli loves to play with my mirror. He loves to look at himself! On this day we were headed to the mall to pick up some stuff and meet a friend for lunch.

Friday January 13th
I have no recollection of this day but I'm sure it was a normal, fun day.

Saturday January 14th My family came to visit us and spent the day with us. We had a great time and the boys got to play together.

Sunday January 15thCheering on the NY Giants! (and playing with mom's Scentsy)

Monday January 16th My cuddle-bug.

Tuesday January 17thThis boy LOVES music. He got this guitar for Christmas and he picks it up and holds it like a guitar and plays it. He is our musical prodigy :-)

Wednesday January 18thLuke watched concerts on TV a lot and Eli will stand at the TV and just watch and listen. I'm serious he LOVES music!

Thursday January 19thI had a Scentsy meeting Thursday night and then afterwards I stopped by the hospital to get a breathing test. Ya know just a normal night (everything was normal with my breathing, says the boy who cried wolf)

Friday January 20thJust a day of running errands with my side-kick. Cutest side-kick ever!

Saturday January 21stBelieve it or not Eli had been SCREAMING at me 2 minutes prior to this picture. Getting this boy dressed is hard work. But he also likes to cheese it up for the camera.


  1. The last pic is my favorite. That belly kills me.

  2. He's such a cutie! He seems so active and engaged and he's not even a year!

  3. Omgosh the picture of him playing guitar!!!!! Your baby is seriously adorable.

  4. I LOVE the picture of him playing the guitar! He has been watching his Daddy! I bet he will be very musical. He can't help it, it's in his blood! He is so adorable!!

  5. OH MY-LANTA!!! He is such a doll and I love how he sucks his precious!

  6. 1/21--I can totally relate! When my youngest was 18 months old I told my husband that it would be easier to dress a greased pig than it is to get the baby dressed. That baby is now 2.5...and undresses himself. Most of the pictures I have of him thus far are partially naked. Par for the course.

  7. this is a great idea!! He's so stinkin' cute!!!

  8. I'm pretty sure you are the one who inspired me to do this in the first place. So glad to see you're back on board! ;)

    That last picture with that belly KILLS me. I love it!!!

  9. Thank you for taking the time to write on this topic.


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