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Project 356 Week 4

Sunday January 22nd
Eli and I in our NY Giants colors headed to church. Just a normal Sunday for us.

Monday January 23rd
Eli loves to play with his blocks. He has a set of small blocks and bigger blocks and he loves them so much. He loves when we stack the blocks and he will rush over to knock down the tower that we built. Luke has started this new thing where he tries to balance a block on Eli's head. I'm not really sure what we did for entertainment before Eli was born...

Tuesday January 24th

Hanging out with my sweet boy before bed.

Wednesday January 25th

Every morning while I"m getting ready Eli stands at this window and looks out and screams lots of happy gibberish. He is going to be an outdoor boy for sure.

Thursday January 26th

While doing the dishes Thursday afternoon I looked up and saw that Eli had propped his toy on the fireplace and was using it to climb on top of the fireplace. He never made it up all the way, but I bet he will soon!

Friday January 27th
On Friday Eli and I went to Sarah and Manny's house for a little play date. We had a lot of fun!

Saturday January 28th

All day Saturday I was at a Spring Scentsy event. I am SO excited about the new Spring catalog. There are so many new products that I am way excited about! It is going to be a great season!


  1. Eli looks like such a happy boy!!! I LOVE your hair, so much!

  2. Can't wait for the Scentsy fondue!

    Eli is adorable....looks like he is going to be a climber! Uh oh!

  3. Eli is so precious! I love that pic of him looking out the window...and while I don't want to wish the time away, I can't wait for the days of adorable happy gibberish!


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